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    posted a message on I want to ride the Choo-Choo!
    I feel that a train would need to require more materials than a minecart and have an issue of only being able to go forward, requiring a switching yard to make turns, or just a circular/looping track. Of course, it would be able to pull minecarts, the chest and furnace carts being the major ones to note, but I think it should be limited to hauling maybe 2-3 carts behind it at max. It would be a 2 to 2 1/2 block tall vehicle due to smoke stack and cabin (cabin is open at rear to enter), so that would also need to be accounted for in designing rail paths to accommodate trains.

    I was fearing it would overshadow powered rail, but then I realized that powered rail could still be used to mark intervals to keep the train up to speed while you feed in more coal, or in the event you run out of coal to feed it, or just want the train to move without coal, rigging up a detector rail to stop the train at your desired station/stop post (using an inactive powered rail for brake). Carts in tow would not react to powered rails to prevent them from affecting the movements/momentum of the train.

    I would have pessimistically thought that the coal would be the big limiting issue behind a rain's practicality, but by furnace logic in minecraft you could instead use lava buckets to power the train long distances and coal for shorter trips. There is so much coal in the game right now that I doubt the quantities of coal would likely become a serious issue for most who would want to operate a train, and if you have enough power rail, you could use that as an alternative means to move a trail down a track, saving you from needing coal for shorter distance trips.

    For those who say it would be useless, well, you need to stop being such a Negative Nancy. Yes, I'm aware that you could just shoot a few carts down a track, but because mine carts can bounce off and head back down the line in reverse, a train is far more suited for the task of transporting a few carts a distance, without unwanted issues.

    Constructive criticism? Would you be alright with this possibly being included in the game as described at all, or possibly have a different take on it by chance?
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    I would prefer this actually.

    I hate having to spend time smelting cobble into stone. It has never felt right to me. There are times I want to build in stone rather than cobble, such as for stone floors.

    Chisel should allow you to remove any stone block, ore block, ice, and stone brick, without damaging the block and in the case of stone brick, without disturbing silverfish to cause you a living hell.

    However, this tool should take 3-5 times longer than each of its pick axe counterparts (yeah, why not have chisels in all current materials?) to achieve this goal. Precision jobs take more time so it makes sense.

    Then, pickaxes need to be fixed so they smash ore blocks into pieces. You should always get gold nuggets/iron nuggets from mining gold ore/iron ore. Lapis makes dye drops, Redstone ore makes redstone, and diamond ore gives you the diamond, so why not have the same for iron and gold ore blocks?
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    posted a message on Dyes require bowls!
    Inspired by this topic.

    Bowls appear to not really have much use.

    When you make dyes right now, they kind of just clump there freely.

    I've already seen texture packs that depict dyes clumped on paper, in bottles, or placed in bowls (not getting into the jars, as they are not even an item we have in the game).

    So, simply, why not modify the dye crafting to require bowls and fix the images to show all dyes in bowls so there is more reason for crafting them besides just for the mushroom soup?
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    posted a message on A new Ranged Weapon
    Oh cool, we could play laser tag!
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    posted a message on BEER!!
    I tweeted my suggestion to Notch.

    I hope he agrees that those ugly trees should be able to make my favorite soda.
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    posted a message on The potions system is stupid!
    Quote from assassin10

    Fermented Spider Eyes use brown mushrooms.

    Yeah, but that's not using the mushrooms directly.
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    posted a message on Different sized melons
    quite a suggestive suggestion you have there. I like it simply for humor sake. Fits nicely with the other innuendo in the game.
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    posted a message on The potions system is stupid!
    Quote from razourik

    Okay. o.O But I don't see why they need to add so many combinations. I would think its like crafting, you just use the specific ingredients in the brew stand/cauldron.

    Also, I wonder why mushrooms aren't used at all in potions :sad.gif:

    Because instead of having to drink two different potions to stack the effects, you drink just one potion that combines all the effects you want.

    And yeah, your guess is as good as mine on why when they implemented potions at first they limited it entirely to mob drops and sugar cane/nether wart. If it does not expand to include mushrooms, wheat, pumpkin, melon, cactus, and milk, I'll be surprised.
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    posted a message on Redstonable Chests
    This only fits for use in adventure maps, otherwise players will just cheat and either break the chest or place a redstone torch/line and voila, unlocked.

    The idea of having remote access to the chest also irks me as I feel it will overshadow the use of minecarts to transfer goods from point to point. Though, I do see use of redstone chests if wiring two together would allow item transfer between both. You place item in chest A and close it and it transfers to chest B. You Open again to find nothing. If you walk back to chest B, place an item in, close, and open, it will not be in chest B, as it transfers to chest A.

    I'd just sooner have a chest that unless you enter the stored password/code (a GUI menu popup), the chest can neither be accessed nor destroyed. This way nobody is getting the contents without the password, not even through brute force.

    Otherwise, the ideas just seem impractical to me.

    Edit: Except the idea of the chest triggering a trap when opened. That is awesome. Come home to find a would be thief trapped and pissed to be fooled by an empty chest.
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    posted a message on Recent updates have been requirering a new map?
    You don't have to leave things behind. We have MCedit which is a program that allows you to cut and paste your builds from one save to another save, regardless of the version of the game the word was generated in.

    Yes, if you want the new biomes, NPCs in villages, among other similar changes, you will need to generate a new map, otherwise any map chunks that you've yet to explore will load under the new generation and could result in a horrendously misshapen and ugly world at the merger between the new and old generated chunks.

    Yes, it sucks, but apparently Jeb or Notch have stated at some point in the beta that we should not get too attached to our world files as significant changes were likely. I joined in at 1.7 so I really have no idea how much the game may have changed since Indev to tell if old maps have had similar issues of needing to generate a new map to get all the new goodness.
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    posted a message on Vivid Colored Lighting/Shooting Stars
    Well, you can modify the light map image and through trial & error tint the torches and glowstone differently.

    It would be cool for the mushroom biomes to have bioluminescent mushrooms for lighting.

    For water to sparkle at night from the moon, I'm thinking the water shader mod would likely be the one to give you that, by reflecting twinkling stars at night. The game has limitations to how well it can simulate a real world, being that it is a game. I doubt they'll try to integrate the water shader mod in vanilla, as they don't want to make the creators of such works seem useless. The Sky Realm was due to IGN demand, rather than original plans, and Notch really doesn't want to make The Aether seem obsolete/over shadowed/pointless because of the decision.

    The underwater sparkle seems strange, unless copper/gold/diamond ores would spawn and sparkle if generated in rivers/sea, but because they don't both changes would need to take effect.

    The stars flickering or changing each having unique hues shouldn't be too difficult an idea to implement.

    The ocean should have jellyfish that glow, however the issue is with water not being segregated by fresh and salt water types. It is awkward enough that squids spawn in underground flows, so you find a beached squid exploring underground. Until they figure out and manage to segregate water types properly, that just isn't likely without it causing strange issues.

    Oops, forgot to say I like the ideas! (well, somewhat anyway, lol :wink.gif: )
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    posted a message on Ideas for games?


    that game where two players drop/stack two color tokens to try to make a line? was it "Connect Four"?
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    posted a message on [ADV/PAR] The Pyramid of Illuminati
    I never expected someone to make a map in honor of a bunch of trolls.

    Oh, and is this your friend/brother? He seems to have liked your map so much that he claimed it is his own. Unless he just isn't good at English grammar and meant his latest downloaded and played map? So confusing and ambiguous language is at times.
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    posted a message on Dirt island gets front page?
    I don't see how it insults other map makers, but how you are technically insulting those who do in fact enjoy survival islands.

    If you don't want to show your map because of it, that is your choice, feel free to make it how you want it.

    I'm sure you'll cave in after you realize you want the attention and appreciation for what you've made.

    I'm sure the community will forget you posted this topic by the time you do cave in.

    It is not like there is not enough time for the maps you mentioned to be featured later on.

    Chill, you be stressin'.
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    posted a message on New Tnt
    So Nether has Napalm?

    Hmm... I see we have something against trees and all things wood?
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