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    Quote from CrimsonWolf

    Puts me in a swamp in the exact same spot I thought i messed up but i retryed 4 times and ended up in the exact same place im using 1.9 Pre-3
    was hopin to see a stronghold I have yet to see one so far :sad.gif:

    You probably did it wrong.

    Hit F3 in world and make sure the seed ID matches the one you entered.

    I learned that if you resize the window it clears the NAME & SEED ID fields. I've had to switch back and forth between the name and entered ID to be sure it was still there, then being on the enter SEED ID menu options to be sure that it was there when I hit to generate.

    I had one not generate the world I wanted and give me a random seed. Sure enough, it was a similar seed to this one.

    A seemingly never ending snow biome with the glass marker pillars Jeb forgot to remove (and good thing too, as I wanted to check out the new features without needing to X-Ray or cheat mod).

    My snow one was SEED: 35214687. Ended up going in peaceful to explore for no silverfish hell. However, the strongholds have the same issue as the abandon mines with impartial floors/walls/ceilings. Mine at least had gold in the mines around it, and I even found 5 diamonds with minimal exploring, just had to mine other ores obscuring them to find them.

    I'll give this one a try too I suppose.
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    posted a message on Bone Tools and Wool Armor!
    There are mods that do bone tools and such. Consider looking to them for inspiration to expand upon your suggestion. Y'know, durability and such.

    I don't recall wool armors being suggested, however, I have to say I just don't see a point of it. I mean yeah, it fits the tundra, but it is not like being in the cold does anything to Steve, currently anyway. I'd say he must be some kind of robot, but he's apparently learned to eat as of 1.8, so that reasoning is a no.

    If each color wool would craft into a set of clothes of that color that you could mix and match, I'd see it as a rather interesting idea for the immersion, instead of only having white wool coat/pants/shoes/hat, which likely wouldn't do much, granted they would have to follow a wool trend and pretty much break the minute anything attacks you, gone in no time. It needs to be thought out about how it would be implemented and why it would make sense to be implemented that way, let alone at all. Otherwise, it wouldn't likely see implementation until after far more interesting ideas or if one of those more interesting ideas encompasses your idea as a smaller element of its bigger picture.

    Also, most fur coats are brown, not white. Wool coats, different story. (EDIT: Unless you are talking brown with white fur accenting, like some kind of winter medieval/viking/warrior armor, though still, that stuff would end up mostly for looks in Minecraft, ripped up and battered easily in combat.)
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    Quote from HurricaneKing

    what cant we do with water

    Quote from MachinaSoul




    Quote from HurricaneKing

    minecraft water no mods

    :huh.gif: , you started the topic for what we can/can't/want to do, y'know? (those fit in the can't list)
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    posted a message on Teleporter block from Ender Pearls
    You are not the first one to have the idea to use enderpearls for teleporters of some sort. :sad.gif:

    However, that crafting, maybe.
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    posted a message on Best way to attract, trap and kill monsters
    The best Mob trap, IMO, was the one that MrsBrisby made.

    It is just a platform under a cap, with enough space for mobs to spawn, but to not destroy the cap nor the pad. There is enough distance that they will die when they fall, and you can still hit them with arrows if you want them to give EXP when they fall.

    Now, if you just make a tower with the idea, you should have an active enough mob-dropper to not worry about items.

    I did have an idea I tried in 1.7.3 to have a floor drop out into a lava pit with signs keeping the lava up, hoping they would fall through. It doesn't seem to work, as mobs die before they fall through and swim on the lava, so without pushing them through the lava, the items are lost to the lava, making the sign level and water conveyer to push dropped items to a pickup spot entirely useless and impractical. I could just have a floor drop them into lava, but I lose the ability to get the items. I really have to just have the floor drop them far enough, then just walk into the pit and pick it all up, or have water push the items to a spot once the floor goes back.
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    posted a message on no dungeon loot
    Really, the no chests is a bummer, but I've had it happen in my 1.8.1 world as well.

    Personally, I like to rig up a steel door to a button, then rig a redstone path to the other side of the dungeon where I have another button. The path has 5 repeaters set to max delay. This makes the dungeon an interesting place to be, as I can just walk in, slay the critters, hit the button, wait for the door to open, then walk out, if I'm not being overwhelmed of course. However, it gives a nice feeling of challenge and I can increase the delay for even more of a challenge, or even think up more creative ways to play with the spawner.

    However, I'm now on the 1.9 pre-release 2, so I've put that map in storage now.
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    posted a message on the worlds aren't that cool anymore
    Random stuff still generates, you just have to have to find the right seed.

    Also, worlds biomes are so expansive now that you can overlook where the little oddities are. Sometimes, the oddities are not on the surface of the map, but in the mines themselves.

    I have seen map seeds that spawn you in boring places to then explore and find that the most amazing area was hundreds to thousands of blocks from the spawn. There is a lot to explore before ditching a map as boring.
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    posted a message on I hate the peacefull mode option. Edited.
    The Peaceful <<>> Easy <<>> Normal <<>> Hard

    features are so you can change your experience on the fly at your whim.

    You don't have to play on those easier settings, but you have the freedom to do so if you want to.

    This game is great as it gives you freedom to dictate your play experiences.

    Creative =/= Peaceful:

    - Can one hit break every block VS Have to accumulate resources at tool rates
    - Have every major block unlimited VS Have to seek and find resources
    - Able to fly VS Have to walk or climb everywhere

    What needs to happen, that a good amount of players (not all) agreed with (when the topic came up), is that in peaceful you should still be able to starve to death, just that the world itself is peaceful as there are no enemy mobs as usual. So you can drown, fall, burn to death, and starve in peaceful and it won't feel like it is simply a freebie mode. (It was suggested to prevent players going on hard to save their butts from starvation by going to peaceful, yet to also make the line between Survival Peaceful and Creative that much more pronounced. It cuts a freedom in exchange for clarifying the modes.)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Minute: Skyblock Challenge Accepted
    nm, she annotated that 4 string = 1 wool. :slapself: ;)
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    The drop spawner has a pad inside, 4x4 wide, jagged edged, with the center 4 squares cut out. There is a 3 block gap from the outer edge of the pad to the 'cap' over it.

    Mobs spawn on top of the cap and inside on the platform.

    If you are clever, you can steal a log from the bedroom, collect three string, make a bow, hit the mobs, and then when they fall you will get EXP orbs.

    My question, is how she got the wool. That is the one material I don't understand how she acquired so much of, let alone any of.

    I know animals still spawn, but it takes hours upon hours and only on grass.
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    posted a message on Mysterious sounds in Mineshafts?!
    It will randomly sneak up from nowhere, punch you, you will turn around, and nothing will be there!

    Because it's the ghost!

    It's the ghost of the miner 49er!


    But seriously, I haven't heard these sounds yet. However, I do keep hearing that weird sound clip that has been in the game forever when you generally explore caves, like some sort of cave chimes or something. I'm half tempted to delete the sound file as it irritates me to have to hear it as I'm digging out a solid mountain and there isn't a dungeon for hundreds of blocks away.
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    posted a message on Steve Jobs is dead
    Quote from Rochambo

    How did he die?

    He had pancreatic cancer, been diagnosed for a while.

    He gave up his position on the 24th. When your job was your life, and you are in that situation, that typically suggests you sense your time is nearing its close.

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    Quote from Cpt. Coño

    I can't wait to start breathing animals :biggrin.gif:... but I'll wait until the full 1.9 release, I dislike the prereleases... Nice compact design you have!

    Woe! Don't cough up a fur-ball dude! :ohmy.gif:


    But yeah, that one by Bee_ is just gorgeous. Her entire build topic is just too darn inspiring. I've been in a dry spell for creativity and may be able to start building again thanks to her. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on I want to ride the Choo-Choo!
    Quote from Bldsquirrel

    Okay, uh...

    You realize that powered minecarts are already in the game, right? Sure, they don't actually work right now, but they're in the game. Notch has said that he wants to make them better, since they suck compared to powered rail.

    Instead of running on a limited resource such as redstone, a train would have plentiful resources available to power it, and because it needs something to power it, and those sources only provide limited fueling, the train will not overshadow the currently implemented powered rail, and keeps the carts controlled through linking up.

    Edit: And he did have them working once, then something went wrong.

    Edit 2: Though if crafting a powered minecart (or minecart with furnace) and then attaching to a normal cart would cause it to transform into a choo-choo that would be amazing.

    Quote from _br0seph

    I'm sure you can download a decent mod like this.

    You have a habit of suggesting that mods should be the solution to every single suggestion. It isn't a favorable one, not always what people need to hear. devilquak even pointed out one, and that it has issues.

    Quote from _br0seph

    Yeah but seriously just put a furnace in a minecart, boom, you have a train.

    Yes, they already have a Minecart with Furnace. But that's also a pushing cart, and again, overshadows powered rail, and gets weird when you want to stop without carts ricocheting back the opposite way.

    The issue is that neither propulsion minecart drag nor link up with the other carts. That's a big difference.

    @devilquak, I may try that mod. Stinks to hear it causes some issues though.

    @Mulan15262, powered rail is the closest I got to a train powered by redstone. Tis way you can shut down the powered rail via detector rail to halt the train.
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