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    posted a message on [32x, 16x] Coterie Craft - Default Revamped
    I want to download, but I'm going to hold off.

    Why? I want the tools available in their alternative colors, and to see the wood/iron furnishings in the alt tones/colors as well.

    I'm loving the blood diamond armor/tools though, and the dark iron stuff, as well as darker wood options, but doors and such are not currently, fully matchable to the new alts.

    I'll keep tabs for when I see a complete red diamond, dark iron, and mid-dark wood sets of stuff. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on HDCraft - 32x32 - [V5.6] - Compitable with Minecraft 1.5 and 1.6
    Sorry that I didn't reply back to you yesterday(profile comment). Had to go to lunch, then got caught up in stuff.

    Tried it out. I like it, and it is currently the pack I am actively using.

    I only have an issue with the Work Bench mostly. I'm not big on the drawers on two sides and nothing on the other ones. I like when it looks the same on all sides.

    The other thing I would nitpick is doors and trap doors not having enough windows. But the door is unique, and I'm always nitpicking trapdoors of any pack. I can never settle on with or without windows. I sometimes wish I could have both in the game. :laugh.gif:

    I noticed dry savannah grass as well, or what I believe was arid biome coloring. Strangely enough I found that grass in a snow biome island, where I picked up some pumpkins. Not sure it fits, but eh, wasn't a big deal. (I'd be nitpicking the placement of it in the biomes rather than the color being there at all).

    The wheat is perfect. Not confusing at all, and can always tell when it is ready to be farmed.

    I guess that's it. It's a nice pack, with only the few details I felt iffy on.
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    posted a message on HDCraft - 32x32 - [V5.6] - Compitable with Minecraft 1.5 and 1.6
    Quote from Kris Eike

    Sorry, i just forgot to re-name the thread =P
    I fixed it now, thanks for reminding me! Have a good day ^^

    Thanks for clarifying or me! :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on HDCraft - 32x32 - [V5.6] - Compitable with Minecraft 1.5 and 1.6
    I see no thread on your host for the 1.9 PR3 update, unlesss you forgot to rename your 1.9 PR2 thread title to show it was updated to 1.9 PR3?

    If you are suggesting the PR2 is fully compatible with PR3, that is not the case. PR2 textures are not fully compatible with PR3, as you will be missing the Eye of Ender, Cauldron, Untitled (Portal Block), and Untitled (Portal Block 2), if not a few other things I'm probably forgetting too. (Most of it will be, then you will hit the missing textures eventually and either get a solid color block or it will revert to 16 bit default, but the prior is more likely. Icons in specific for anything new will be missing.)

    Could you clarify the situation, please?
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    posted a message on sprinting in mines
    What the heck is the 3x3 technique? :mellow.gif: I do spiral staircases down, starting with a 3x3 space, if that it what you are doing.

    I was also messing around to find a solid floor to land this one staircase. I died hitting a lava pool on the last step. Lost 4 blocks of redstone, being the only thing aside some iron ore that can not technically be replaced once lost (finite sources). It was pretty harsh. My fault for not being cautious and going back up to store all that stuff before proceeding.

    As for the running, it may seem faster to you, but really it is only because you can focus on the walls while running. Optical illusion that relates to an impaired vision effect that is aptly named tunnel vision.

    Because you notice the passing of the blocks in close proximity it appears faster than it actually is.

    Edit: And what MineCith said. Jumping takes more of your stamina/hunger bar. You may be tricking the character to doing a series of sprint jumps in series, which would be faster than regular sprinting, as they made it so you can clear certain jumps. He seems to suggest that is the case.
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    posted a message on Savannah Biome..i miss you
    If you miss it so much, there is a Texture Pack that you might love, if your PC can handle it. :wink.gif:

    I could be wrong, I'm just thinking you mean a dry plains landscape kind of savannah.
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    posted a message on why does everyone think air portals are for ender and not skylands?
    It seems evident as of today that the blue crystal portals we see in [1.9 PR3] are being changed in textures.

    It has not yet been confirmed that the [Ender/The End/Enderverse/Ender Dimension] is in fact what the idea for "Sky Dimension/Realm" has evolved into.

    However, it is probable, based on speculation and the "Sky Dimension" title that [Ender/The End/Enderverse/Ender Dimension] is in fact what has evolved from the concept.

    Why would Notch scrap/change the idea? Pretty simple:

    1) He didn't really put much thought into it until the 1.8/1.9 phase of the game, as it was only a rough idea, suddenly hyped and desired.

    2) He likes what the community does, and is why he has debated things to come in regards to the coding of the game and allowing freedom for mod makers to inspire such amazing ideas. This ties into the next reasoning.

    3) The AEther is what it is. It is doubtable that Notch would create a "Sky Dimension" that would possibly kill off such an expansive mod that the team behind it put so much effort into making.

    If the portals were made with water, it would cause a conflict in the mod. If the portals would bring you to a place very similar to AEther, that would make new players out of the loop potentially knock a great mod as being a rip off, when in reality, it would be Notch caving in to demands to make an AEther dimension clone.

    4) Notch never gave explicit details when he commented that he would make a "Sky Realm/Dimension", thus, he never promised what the content of such a realm would be, giving him the freedom to make a twist on the idea.

    Essentially, all he agreed to was to make another place that you must access by a new portal. He never said the name would stay the same, nor that it would be an AEther clone. He left himself enough gaps in his promise to figure out what he was going to do.

    5) The [Ender/The End/Enderverse/Ender Dimension] could be just another realm in addition to the "Sky Realm/Dimension", but the reason it is unlikely that we are so close to his desired code/update freeze before they tuck away for official release of the game that it is too highly probable that [Ender/The End/Enderverse/Ender Dimension] is in fact what the "Sky Realm/Dimension" evolved into.

    Speculation within consideration of what has transpired so far and what is planned to transpire.

    6) It looks like The Ender of 1.9 features to me. Pun-tastic!

    EDIT: Thank you nebetsu for posting a tweet from Jeb concluding the issue/debate.
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    posted a message on HELP i need a really small cobble generator

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    posted a message on Twitter?
    I started one just to keep tabs on Jeb, Notch, and C418. I've tweeted a few suggestions/bugs here and there as well.

    I don't feel like I have to be on it, as if it's some over hyped band wagon, *cough*facebook*cough*.

    It just seems relaxing and enjoyable to read their communications back and forth.

    I'm not currently someone who would have a fan base, nor do I have friends on twitter (that I know of), so I'm incapable of seeing the use in it otherwise.

    I used to bash it, but now that I have one, I feel it isn't that bad.

    I find facebook and myspace to be crap. I thought the point of social networks was to talk to people, not play games and tax the server to all hell while your identity/personal information gets farmed by all the malicious programmers data-mining it.

    It just seems, reasonable.
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    posted a message on If you could make a new mob, how mob would you make?




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    posted a message on Ender, Stronghold Locators & More
    That my boy, is what we call Enderpdragon!
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    posted a message on Does Notch know how to make a video game?
    Quote from NinjaCatStudios

    If he was "going with the flow" then he'd have made flyable dragons, obsidian armour, guns and ******** like that.

    I think you spoke too soon.

    What say you about the Enderverse and your thoughts of Notch now?

    But really, he's played tons of games throughout his lifetime. I'm sure he has some idea of how to make a decent game. However, is minecraft not his first game of this kind? To say he is not learning as he goes, and going as he whims, would be to ignore reality to delusions. Also, he's not doing everything by himself, so where does the current state and evolving direction of the game all fall on Notch?
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    posted a message on Short story, odd happening
    So, I have a story to tell that happened just a few minutes ago. Normally, I'd keep it to myself and move on, but I'm a little creeped out right now.

    Let the suspense build:

    I'm playing on a fresh 1.9 PR3 seed, progressing on this island I that someone was nice enough to share.

    I have my torches all over the island, and there are a few gaps, such as water, for enemy mobs to spawn.

    I'm playing on easy because I typically play on Normal, but wanted to notice the differences first hand.

    I'm building a 7x8 wood structure building that is indented 1 block in the dirt of the island, so the inner edge of this short pit is outlined with wood, there is then a block of space above and around, and the third is the wood ceiling.

    Spiders could get in, but nothing taller, this way I can just attack the creepers from my open windows and not get an explosion to the face.

    I notice a spider floating in the water, and decide to ignore it, knowing it could get in if it wanted to, and I was actually hoping it would notice and come in so I could have more string to make wool.

    Next thing I know, I'm playing at my workbench menu, and it has done exactly what I hoped and noticed me somehow, a little bit quicker than I desired.

    It starts screaming, getting closer, I'm trying to turn towards the sound, and I'm like "EH, come get so-... WHAT THE SH--!!" as I turn and see it was right next to me!

    It wasn't just a spider either! It was a once in a blue moon SPIDER JOCKY! :ohmy.gif:

    I almost die, and groan that I failed to screen cap it. I was just too shocked and in a hurry to kill it without being killed. :sad.gif:

    I mean, I killed the :Spider: first, then thought it was OK, to only realize the :Skeleton: was still alive.

    Weird that it got into the house as I'd have thought being 2 blocks high would have prevented it from getting in. :blink.gif:

    So, suspenseful or what? Seriously, that shouldn't have been able to happen, should it?

    I'd say it was a glitch that needs fixing but it sure did give me a surprise!

    I thought I was safe in my little pit den! :laugh.gif:

    I kinda wish there was a random story section, but this was the most appropriate section for this story that I could find. I'm kind of sad that I didn't get to record/capture the moment, aside from just the story. This is my 2nd or 3rd time seeing one of those in all my playing of Minecraft, so this was quite an event for me.

    Thank you for reading.
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    posted a message on Cool Seed
    Quote from CrimsonWolf

    I donno.... but I put in your number -1343545453043389496 but i changed it to 98 at the end and it spawned me near some realy huge mountains with holes in em along with a SINGLE glass piller...
    funny how seeds work :blink.gif:

    I'll correct my negligence/ignorance, I had not tried the seed prior to assuming. I gather a list and generate one after the other, in case you wonder what caused the gap between assuming and realizing I was wrong.

    I too spawned in a swamp when I got around to trying it. I copy and pasted the seed, and did the F3 check.

    The seed ID string must have been mistyped, a number could be missing or switched. Unless he comes back and confirms it, we won't know for sure what the correct ID is, or if it is correct and something fishy is going on.
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    posted a message on [IDEA] replace the nether completely!
    My first point is that The Nether is no longer just a place that is made of 4 materials.

    Secondly, you can do most anything with a mod, but this one has typical holes in the ideas.

    You have to seek something as rare as diamonds and spend 8 redstone to craft it, and simply to give you a 60 radius protection and only when you place it. This means depending how far I'd want to walk into this new world, I need to mine the living hell in the overworld to find a crystal as rare as diamonds to only protect me for 60 blocks range when I place it? I'm going to be spending quite the time in the overworld then to accumulate these stones.

    Why don't I just use a diamond? This way these power stones are not competing for the locations of where diamonds would generate?

    After that part, I strain to read your run on sentences of clearly rushed ideas. Please, cleanup your sentences, read it back to yourself, and streamline your ideas. Right now it's all pretty messy to try to read and hope to understand.

    Oh, and not to kneecap you, the ideas have hints at possibly being interesting, just please, clean this stuff up for clarity.
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