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    Quote from Lullbaby_Shit

    Who's that Pokemon!?

    It's Gensus!
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    Honestly, I'm fine playing in 1.9, and was having an OK time in 1.8...

    ...but, the updates and having to drop old worlds to have new stuff included was the only real issue the entire time through my entry in at 1.7.3 to now.

    I am happy that most of the changes did not force me into too many changes in gameplay. Hunger is acceptable to me, and the EXP bar I'm not concerned with. I don't need to touch potions, so they aren't vital, and I don't need stuff from The Nether, it would just be nice to eventually get some materials from there one day and build something in over world, without cheats.

    There was also the mod issues, falling behind because of the sudden gambit of updates.

    I hope the code freeze resolves the issue of needing to create new worlds to enjoy new features, or I'm going to be upset by that. It is the only focal point I would see rational to scrutinize them on if they do not come through with a solution by release or shortly after. I'm tired of the debate between scrapping worlds to enjoy the updates or sticking with old and missing out on nice new features/the full experience.
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    Stay away from soda in general if you can, and make sure to read the sugar type (they sometimes use alternate names for certain sugar types or claim 0 calories, which is total BS, meaning you are drinking what your body can not consume; drinking liquid plastic your body can not dissolve/burn = 0 calories as you did not consume a fuel/nutrient) and volume, and understand that the percentages are per serving, so you need to do simple multiplication to understand that each serving has so much calories and sugar. You starve your body for glucose by feeding it these excessive processed sugars, which your body takes longer to break down, and will end up putting you in a diabetic shock without you noticing, nor any signs of you being diabetic if tested. Do enough, you are looking at potential gastrointestinal failure. Two of my friends put themselves in the hospital.

    Switch to water, cold turkey, for about two weeks. You should notice a drop in your heart rate, less sweating, bloating, enjoy your meals more, etc. In 2007 there was an extensive push on enlightening the masses about High Fructose Corn Syrup and all processed sugar supplements came under the gun as health hazards. You probably remember the "In Moderation" commercials. You can't moderate when its in your white breads, your drinks, your foods, and your condiments (ketchup/flavored sauces/etc).

    Soda companies then started looking to bring back cane sugar sodas to see how it would fair in the market, but you'll notice Gatorade has abandoned HFCS for sucrolose, which isn't really any better for you. You shouldn't mix sugars either, that can cause issues later on as well. (They receded, as sugar is too costly, back to HFCS as big business is about shaving pennies off production costs. Ice cream cartons shrunk again, and stayed the same ridiculous price, or you get air fluffed ice cream that if you let it melt is far less than what you expected, but sugars from unnatural sources are not good for you, so its moot if you quit.)

    You do need sugars, but find them from fruits and natural sources, when you body will get the glucose naturally from them, which is easier for your body to break down.

    Water also helps the lactose intolerant with bloating issues.

    Learn proper breathing techniques. Every day you can be put into various states of stress and it is ridiculous easy to forget to breath properly. Shallow breathing can cause significant health issues, and improper breathing during exercises will fail to properly build the muscles you are trying to exercise.

    Do not over-strain your body exercising. If you ever see a person with stretch marks on their arms, they are retarded and did their exercises poorly, trying to push their limits without slowly increasing to a point, and slowly building over time (impatient).

    You must eat at the proper times if you wish to be healthy. Eat only once a day and your body will store food as fat to use for later. This also effects your sleep cycles. Instead, eat small portions spaced out over the day when you need the energy boost. If what you eat is too complicated it can slow you down. You need to digest fully before you exercise.

    I think that's all I'd have to add.
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    posted a message on OMFG CHECK OUT THIS DUNGEON!
    Quote from Tulwean

    seed and cords, if not then your a troll


    Truth is, he thought he was funny, thinking he could fool at least someone with an obviously fake non-legit story/picture.
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    post seed and coordinates
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    what version?

    1.8.1? 1.9 PR[1/2/3/4]?
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    Quote from Sgt. Traveler

    I'd rather think capes should've been just for the employees. If it were for normal users they'd apparently look 'special' and that's a problem.

    Think of it like Twitter's 'Verified Account' badge or something.

    Apparently if you are going to Minecon you are special, and getting a red creeper cape to prove it. (He's being generous an giving people an incentive to go)

    But yeah, with all the back and forth about them, there should just be simple default solid colored capes, no ability to edit them, no designs, just solid wool colors, and make them customizable in texture packs so you are the only one who can see if you want your cape modified (this way texture pack creators can make capes o pride for those who love their work).

    Those who have authentic ones can still feel special, and everyone else can at least have a plain solid color cape if they want one, or be stuck as the only person who sees their custom texturepack cape due to texture packs being how they are (only you can see your texture pack changes).

    Edit: PS - I'm not interested in capes. I think they are stupid. Have The Incredibles taught this world nothing about how dangerous and impractical capes are?
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    I live in a rather rural spot in my state fortunately, so I get to enjoy solitude and quite.

    I have a few things I enjoy.

    As of this year I started listening to a chillout radio channel, as I read it helps relieve anxiety and tensions. I had troubles where my mind would flare up just as I was trying to sleep, causing me to be up for hours at times. This fixed that.

    The station is one of several stations by a host that deals in various genres of electronic music tastes, including D&B, Liquid D&B, chiptune, and such. I love to lay back and just listen to music, but I don't always do so. I've gone to sleep a few times imagining a sort of Halo 1 menu music chanting song. Was very relaxing. Only every so often do i need to.

    I also enjoy Jersey Cotton bed sheets. I typically have the one sheet and a comforter on top of that, and if left alone, the sheets have a nice breezy cool temperature between them, yet still just warm enough, and I will spend hours oversleeping and just letting the whatever dreams that want to flow, flow. Its typically hard for me to find them, and sets run about $20~$30, 3-piece. Worth it.

    Used to enjoy a futon, but if it is not supported by a flat, firm surface, you typically feel the bars supporting it. Got rid of it after a few years. I had trouble getting out of it, as in I'd wake up, hit my alarms, crawl back into bed, and be back asleep within a minute. Too much comfort at times.

    I've also had the pleasure of birds at my windows a few times. Very interesting to be sleeping eyes closed and hear everything for miles, and notice how the clock and time has slowed to a crawl.

    Otherwise, I weened off soda/caffeine as best I could, started trying to keep up with proper breathing (you would be surprised how hard stress and anxiety can make it to keep up with breathing properly), and trying to focus off negativity/pessimism/down thoughts/over thinking. Helped a lot. So does simple stretching, not sitting in chairs all the time (bad for blood flow in your legs; office workers find out the hard way), and simply walking (though getting cardio and full exercise is far better for you, even if it is once a week, better than nothing).
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    Do you have to sleep in the bed?

    I picked mine up and moved it to where I was working and could possibly fall and die, but when I fell I did not spawn next to the bed, and there was plenty of unobstructed area to spawn.

    Why I make sure to store anything, that I'm not going to use in building, in a chest nearby before I build. I will go out of my way to get more wood and prepare before I build anything anymore, and use only stone tools as wood and cobble I can generate infinite amounts of. No big deal if I lose/break them.
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    posted a message on Notch Jeb i have just lost a lot of respect for you
    You create an entire topic that went into 13 pages, in denial of every bit of evidence/commenting posted within reasonable speculation that "The End" is "Sky Realm" and now you want to spend another topic crying that you don't like it.


    (Edit: And they could still decide later on after official release to make it an expansion more like what you expected. He said it was rebranded, he did not say the idea died completely, nor there is not a possibility for it to be implemented later when they have the time. You jump to a "World is going to End!" pessimism reaction and ignore the gaps in what he said vs what he has not said.)
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    Quote from wraithtguardian

    If holding torch would happen coal would barely be needed

    You can generate infinite amount of charcoal smelting logs into charcoal, so as it is you barely need coal if you have plenty of charcoal.


    I like this idea as long as it would not be to replace current Jack-o-Lanterns, just adding a new recipe & block.

    I would otherwise see the handle being awkward in certain builds that utilized current Jack-o-Lanterns.

    It would be a smaller pumpkin as well to fit the handle as you depict.

    I'd opt for a wood handle. :wink.gif:
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    Quote from logo11

    no still not i am using a program that i am not much familiar to it but i am gonna try that mcedit
    also there are rules but i forgot to post them thank you for reminding me!

    also there are more trees than planned i am gonna make a new version right away!


    Make sure you don't run MCedit and minecraft at the same time. It warns you in the directions.
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    The thing I see in this map, based on the pictures provided, is that it is not apparent if you hid anything under/inside the island.

    In Survival Island, you had to seek stuff out, had limited room to be on the Island, and were given limited resources, with rules restricting what you could do.

    I'd cut the trees, get the wood, get the saplings, plant more trees, make a bench, make a wood pickaxe, dig with my hands until I hit stone, get 8 cobble, come up, craft a furnace, use wood to turn 1 log into 1 charcoal, then use that to turn 8 logs into charcoal, then I have enough to turn a full stack of logs into charcoal, make some sticks, make some torches, set up a small house, and once the island is polluted with torches I'm officially done and bored, as I am just building the island up as usual from that point. No longer survival if you catch my drift.

    Is there anything special hidden within or is this more of a map setup for building on the island? I'm assuming not as there are no goals, no rules, etc. Unless that's the mystery?
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    I live on an island.

    I put torches everywhere on the ground.

    Somehow I found a creeper on my island.

    Later found a zombie in the same area.

    Repositioned torches.

    I think they are spawning in the trees, as if there is enough of a gap caused by the branches/leaves for them to occasionally spawn in the canopy.

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