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    i've never been able to get this mod to properly work so i can't really help in this situation

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    Quote from F4llenTroy»

    Minecraft In-game Name: F4llenTroy
    Location & Timezone: Brazil GMT -3
    How old are you, and do you consider yourself mature?: I am 20 years old, I consider myself pretty mature, I enjoy talking about sensitive topics, but try not to trigger anybody, if I do most of the time is unintentionally.
    Previous Bans from other Servers (If Yes, explain where/when): No.
    Any friends that play or are interested in joining?: No
    Reasons you should be accepted: I plan on makin some big builds, implemeting the enviormeant to make it more appealing to the eye, and I plan on having fun xD.
    What do you enjoy doing in Minecraft: I enjoy building, getting my head around redstone, exploring peoples builds and brainstorming Ideas.
    Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm into Calisthenics (bodyweighy training), read articles about nutrition, love minecraft videos about buildings, am pretty chill but try to make the best of what I got.
    Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?: Yes
    Are you aware (and agree to) that we're a smaller community-driven semi-vanilla survival server, where griefing or any toxic behaviour isn't tolerated?: Yes
    Discord name#tag: F4llenTroy #3464
    Questions?: Nope

    Don't listen to him, this guy came on a server i was on 1.5 years ago and stole all my melons and pumpkins and destroyed my farm

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    they haven’t announced everything in 1.16 yet. Also, 1.14 was horrible performance wise. If it takes a few months to improve that, then so be it. A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad, like the old saying goes.

    there are other things you can do in the mean time anyways. Try out some mods, theres some pretty good ones out there. Alot of them have feature bloat and power creep, which i feel you’d be a fan of.

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    1.15 is mostly going to be focused on fixing bugs and performance, I don't expect too many huge features, i have a strong feeling they'll use 1.15 as polishing and preparation for 1.16, which will probably be the long awaited cave update. The bees are an unexpected but nice addition, they're way too huge though... obese, even. The best thing about them is the honey you can get from them- restores saturation and gets rid of poisoning. It would be cool if they added more bug mobs, like the bee to fit in with the theme of the update. Maybe they'll add the termites from last years biome vote since it would go along with the bees, since savannah was second place in the vote.

    On the topic of the biome vote, I'm pretty dead set on voting for swamp for this years one. Swamps are somewhat bland and no one seems to like traversing or building in them on my server, it seems. I already like badlands as it is, and its already a rare biome, so it can wait. I like the tumble weeds and vultures though. I'm not sure what they're adding for mountains yet, so I might change my mind if they announce good features.

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    Hello, i've been building an adventure map for three years or more, I think, its been a very long time. I first started building the map on xbox 360, and most of it was built block by block. I converted the map to java edition about 7 months ago when I got a laptop, and since the map was built on xbox, I had to redo some things to make them better suited for PC. I have started using mods to assist me build, and started to learn how to use command blocks. the map was maybe 65% done, and now I think its getting closer to 70%, as i've built some more, and made a custom resource pack with custom sounds, textures, and some custom block models.

    some examples of what has been built in the map are in the attachments. There is much more than just these screenshots that I have built.

    This map has been through so many changes. I had to removed the premium currency from the map, i've had to redo an entire section of the map, I have to recreate sign messages in /tellraw command, and much much more. I a way, it has been a learning process. Since i've become much better with how to make a map over the years, i've naturally become unhappy with some parts of the map. Since i was younger, in the early stages of this map it was wasn't very good, but I built a lot of it. I have rebuilt some bad parts, but some are too big to bother with. I've put so much into this, that I just want to finish it to get on with the sequel and make something better. I had actually made another map for xbox when I was younger, it was my first one, and it was really bad, and I almost finished it. the save got corrupted though, and a big sky city (actually, it was too small to be a sky city) and jungle area were lost, but I had a backup. Might post it if anyone wants to see my old crappy map.

    anyways, monster control is an adventure map going to post soon. You are in the role of an agent that works for an agency that exterminates monsters (kinda reminds me of scooby doo now that I think of it lol). There are multiple missions that you can play, in different varied locations. The map has a dated (but functional) currency and paying system, where you can buy items and weapons that can aid you in your adventures. The game has end bosses for some of the missions (the first half of the bosses are kinda bad- I made them early on, but the later bosses are better). I also plan on making special gadgets you can use. These will work with command blocks, and I took some inspiration from the heist by cubehamster (Its an excellent map- a little lacking in story, but amazing in gameplay, one of the best maps i've ever played). These gadgets will do different things, from allowing you to break specific blocks, to allowing you to use a grappling hook, revealing invisible objects, and much more.

    I will update this thread with big milestones i've made in the map (getting a gadget to work, massive build parts, etc).

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    Its a good start! You have good use of depth, and details. The town houses look kinda simple, but that castle (or church?) with the crosses is looking good! I think the things you really should of done is use more than just stone bricks! Things are looking kinda bland, you could have used some andesite, cobble stone, or other blocks that look good with the stone brick. Still good tho! :)

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