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    posted a message on Looking to start a MC hosting company

    Yeah, if you are to start a real hosting company, you need to get proper business registration, website, billing system, servers and all that. At a minimum I would suggest $1500 to start.

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    posted a message on [SEEKING] Dedicated Server - 32GB

    You can check us out, all dedicated servers are company owned and colocated in two different locations, we also offer close to 24/7 Skype support for instant help! Skype: MPGServers


    I can offer you this server for a low price.


    240GB Samsung SSD

    32GB DDR3 RAM

    100Mbps burstable to 1Gbps.

    Normal price $105 but I can discount it to be $80/Month

    If you are interested in this offer please hit us up on Skype: MPGServers

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    posted a message on Cheep server wanted!

    You can check us out and use code "2016" that brings it down to $5/GB/Month and we offer all the requirements above other then a voice server (though we will offer that soon). You can also add us on out support Skype: MPGServers for fast support, just like this reply ;).


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    posted a message on Looking For a Free Host

    Agreed, at the least you could start with 1.5GB and upgrade as donations come in, I have seen many customers do that on their faction servers.

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    posted a message on Server Sponsor - 2GB Decent Server - More details in post!

    And your server locations are in france anyway :/

    If you are asking for a sponsorship, you really should not be so picky on the location.

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    posted a message on FlyHosting - Looking for Technical and General Support Staff
    Quote from FlyHosting»

    Nothing to do with the fact i acted professional or not, I'd rather no have a kid come and slate my on a online forum over the fact i gave him a sponsorship or not. The fact being yes that message is correct and i'm not going to deny that, I never setup a server for you and for sure i never gave you the sponsorship you left after i said that message and i've never heard from you since....

    Your idea was plain and boring and i doubt it'll work.


    Just dropping my thoughts here, but did you ever proof read your post before commenting. You are a new start-up company in a field where new "kiddie" hosts open every week, I would assume you would want to stand out and want to show you are a professional looking company. If you were not already being judged for being unprofessional this post blew it over the top, when using "I" its proper to capitalize it, and it also is recommend to proof read a post before posting. Also even if the other person (not saying he/she did) act immature, or childish, you should not allow yourself to drop to the level of being rude, immature, or unprofessional. It's best to reply back professionally and move on, if the person keeps it up it only makes them look immature.

    Above is just my opinion, but it's your company run it how you feel fit.

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    posted a message on I would like to have server!

    Remember nothing is free in life, us hosts have bills to pay that's why we charge for servers. You can check out https://triangle.gs/ but they can have a waiting list.

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    posted a message on Who should I use to host my server
    Some things to think about when choosing a host.

    1) Location of the server compared to where you or your players will mostly be located. The closer to the server the better the latency (in most cases)

    2) The support you need, will you need 24/7 support, plugin support or basic support.

    3) Are they a reputable host, have they been around for a while?

    4) Are they in your price range. Remember sometimes cheaper means less quality.

    5) What control panel do they use? Most people prefer Multicraft as it is fairly simple to use.

    Also another note when choosing a host is if they care enough to put time into the client, you will find some hosts read your username then copy and paste their ad and move on. You can find hosts in these two forums.



    If you are interested in us, you can check us out at www.MPGServers.com or you can add us on Skype: MPGServers

    We hope you find the server host that will fit your needs!
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    posted a message on Cheap Hosting!
    I love it when people just copy and paste an ad without even reading and I love that no one can ever read the forum rules.
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    posted a message on [FREE] server hosting - help required!
    Quote from Kingsword267»
    Well I am making a server hosting company that is FREE but I will need some help.

    I will need help with things like:

    1. Advertising (I will need this most to help me make the money back)
    2. A controll panel (I will need a FREE one, NOT multicraft)
    3. Ram (I will need someone to help me with this)
    4. How to store data (the actual world data)
    5. A website (I will need help with my website)
    Thank you for reading just comment below😀

    Honestly, anyone that is looking to join the hosting market needs to have a business plan and some knowledge of servers. If you do not know how to store data or need help with ram, then I honestly feel you should not open. This is what you should do. Go learn how to fully run the OS you will be using, learn how your control panel of choice works, make a business plan, and after all of that if you need financial help you at least will have some knowledge and a business plan. You may even want to apply to work for a hosting company to learn the inside and outs of the industry.
    Whatever your choice is, I wish you the best of luck.
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