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    posted a message on The ocelots are ****
    Quote from TYTHERDGOON
    Monkeys are a terrible idea, they would serve no purpose and just ****ing irritating.

    Maybe because you have a lack of imagination, aren't a developer and obviously easily irritable.

    Anything can have purpose if implemented correctly - It's Minecraft for Pete's sake or have we forgotten what we've been playing for the past couple of years? Just how you mentioned positive attributes for your defense of felines, someone can do the same for monkeys or whatever ridiculous mobs people might realize (Look at Mooshrooms for instance).

    Your thinking is limited.
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    posted a message on Skeletons running away from sunlight
    Quote from OmegaDez

    The mere idea of skeletons not burning up in the morning really annoys me.
    Now we're gonna be FORCED to fight even if we don't want to if we ever want to get close to those buildings with overhangs. As if dealing with morning creepers wasn't irritating enough.

    Two words: Drama Queen
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    posted a message on I'm scared of the new AI.
    Quote from Aurora-

    As long as the better AI is limited to hard more and up, we'll be alright. Hard mode players get what they want, and easy / normal players won't have to flood the forums with complaints...

    So you're implying that players will not come to the forums to complain?

    What is this sorcery you speak of?

    On a serious note, the AI is being tweaked currently and it will fit the game naturally. Players will learn to adapt and it won't be impossibly hard on normal settings. The AI needed a huge overhaul considering there was barely any proper AI to begin with before jonkagstrom was hired.
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    posted a message on I guess it's an Ocelot?
    That mystery mob is definitely not an Ocelot, not even close... :rolleyes:

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    posted a message on Milking Mooshrooms
    Quote from varnado2013

    I've just found that if you milk a mooshroom with a bowl you get stew

    Oh, not just any stew, my friend. :iapprove:


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    posted a message on Notch exits, hands Minecraft development to Jens Bergensten (@jeb_)
    Quote from rampragej

    *Starts pseudo-cult conspiracy saying Notch is working secretly and using jeb_ as an actually useless face of the game*

    This was the best part of the thread, made me giggle a bit.

    As far as the thread is concerned I'm sure Notch will be in and out of Minecraft's post release development just like he was in the prior months. There is no definitive answer unless it came from Notch himself, merely wordplay and speculation. He is going to do as he wants, he'll wake up one day and tweet about some great feature idea he has and all of a sudden he'll be developing on Minecraft again in the future. Notch can be spontaneous like that.

    I do favor Jens when it comes to Minecraft development so it's great news to hear he is taking the lead again for awhile.
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    posted a message on A new red mob?
    Or it looks like an over analyzed chest Notch placed down when deciding what angle to take the shot to include the sun and it's new lighting effect when setting... :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Why the snouts?
    The opening post is over dramatic and over analyzing.

    It's a pig, it has a snout... move along.
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    posted a message on Why do people care about the snouts?
    Little details like these will creep into Minecraft more often as it moves along to become more defined.

    I like it, don't see what's the problem of giving a pig a snout... it's a pig.
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    posted a message on The truth behind adventure mode.
    Another thing I didn't like was how the News update on the front page worded it like this...

    Since the Adventure mode will be replacing Survival

    It's not replacing Survival either.

    Constant confusion of calling "Adventure Update" the future feature called "Adventure Mode".
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