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    Hi, I will be starting a series with this mod soon but before all that I will post I guess a bug report!
    1. Can't place the egg on the ground or make dino's. I need to use spawn eggs.
    2. Crashes with the mod Forge essentials I don't know if its just compatible or it's a mod problem. If needed I will post the data in a pastebin when requested for it ok?
    3. Missing textures.
    4. Unable to tame.
    Finally last but not least 5. Missing dino's?
    Ok let's go onto the next piece of suggestions.
    1. More fluid movements, I know these animations are excellent or should I say the best but some of the motions seem rather low FPS like it could be a bug but some dino's don't have this problem.
    2. Improve AI, for instance, you can have a instance where you have all the Jurassic World dino's in one place like, Blue, Charlie, Echo and Delta, you could have them all work together like in the movie and make it so the dino's fight over a kill like the dinos get killed but stay there as carcass sorta like its dead but still there to eat. I will draw a basic drawing (Took me less than a min) so it dies leaves a mob that gets eaten by carnivours like raptors and the raptors will defend against a T-Rex. And maybe a animation where the raptors will jump into the air and grap on to trees or mobs.
    3. Taming a dino like a "alpha raptor"(Possible) will make the pack of raptors follow the alpha sorta like you just tamed 2 instead of one and is harder to tame.
    4. New amazing feature, stop dino's heads from sticking through walls as a feature.
    My YouTube where I will be starting the series soon.

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