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    posted a message on Shuttlecraft - Vanilla(ish) Small Community-Based Survival Server (World will be ported to 1.17, un-used chunks reset)

    Minecraft Username: Scyonix_17
    Age (18+): 19
    Country: Pakistan
    Why would you like to join?: I have always liked to play vanilla, but single player isnt really my thing. I also want to join a small community where I can learn new playstyles and maybe teach others a thing or two all while making new friends to play with. And this seems like a chill server.
    What is your playstyle?: I like to build and terraform. Im also trying out Redstone engineering as well, but im pretty new to that for now.
    How would you describe your build style?:Im decent at building but i wanted to get better. I usually like to build medieval structures and and sometimes horror builds. I also like map making which are usually escape rooms xD
    Favourite colour? (for ign): Orange
    Discord Username (if you have it): Scyonix_17

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