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    posted a message on How do I disable an specific feature on a shaderpack? (specifically, water waving)
    Title says it all. I want to use a shader pack but without the waving water feature so I can get some more frames per second. I tried a shaders configurator, but it doesn't give me this option:

    Currently I'm using Sildur's Vibrant shaders for Intel. I also tried Paolo's Lagless shaders, but despite giving a good framerate the lighting is glitched and "follows" me around. But that's not important. Back to the subject, to turn off the water waving is all I want if anyoen can help me I'll be really happy.

    Thanks in advance
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    posted a message on What Was Your First Time Playing Minecraft Like?
    I spent hours building a ridiculous house over a big wood pole next to the ocean, and right after that i got lost when trying to find a wolf(which was rare as f).
    Then i built another house and got into an "adventure" to find redstone in order to make a compass. As i got the compass i went on a journey to find home. It was less than one minute next to me, beyond the forest i used to get wood.

    I guess it was in 2011 Feb/March
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]hotrods20's mods
    I neeed a mod in which you can tame pigs, and they behave like tamed wolves(follow you, teleport to you if you're too far, stay, and atack what you attack).
    I know there's the Pig Companiom Mod, but the pigs only follow you if you hold wheat, and they don't "obey" you very well
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    posted a message on [REQ]Simple pet pig
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    posted a message on [idea]H2O: moar then water
    Quote from Xacero

    I'm confused as to how someone would effeciently do this though...

    the 1st option, would be adding a state to water.
    Similar to how wool colors are [item]:[id]
    it could be water:[ph]

    The 2nd (which wouldn't be as effecient, but easier to do)
    is some arrays containing the block location, and ph.

    then the calculations could be done based on the height of the block....
    and if its above ground, that much is easy.

    the problems i see, is the immense amount of processing needed for this.

    I'm very tired at the moment... and can't really explain this, maybe i'm way off.
    but the way i see it, this seems either really hard to effeciently add, or really
    memory intensive.

    [excuse spelling - eyes hurt from lack of sleep]

    I really didn't think about the making process when i had the idea :/ however, that's an just an idea if someone is sick enough, feel free :P
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    It's awesome *-* But, as crafting is harder and everthing gives you items, the inventory should have more slots, or there could be a backpack as a starter item with the player
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    posted a message on [idea]H2O: moar then water
    Well, t's a really crazy idea, but, here it is!!
    It adds ph to water

    PH= potential of hydrogen, it's the "acidness" of a substance. It's measured by the concentration of H+ inos in the liquid, on a scale from 0 up to 14, where 0 is the more acid, 7 is neutral and 14 is alkaline(basic) as hell

    • every naturaly generated(spawned) water receives a random ph level;
    • surface pools' ph is always 7(neutral), except on swamps and mushrooms biomes(do they still exist? never found one), with a lower or higher level(but not much);
    • The deeper you dig, lower is the ph(more acid is the water);
    • The higher you climb(moutains) higher is the chance of alkaline whater spawn
    • Each man-made outdoor contruction incrases in- for exemple- 2% the chances of acid rain
    • Water color changes according to it's ph
    • If somehow surface water becomes acid or basic, normal rain, the player himself can turn it normal. As time passes it naturally becomes normal again
    Effects in life:
    • ph variations are proportional to "chemical poison" effects, which are: fall damage increased, the player can't sprint, hunger goes faster and demands more food to be supplied, health takes longer to restore, and, when ph lower then 2 or higher then 12, there's a chance of normal poison damage(like when eating a spider eye)
    • Well, once acid and basic water can be identified by it's color, the player must look for an oposite ph to neutralize his body. Swimming on normal water also works, but it takes longer, and there's a chance of poisoning that water(wich will increase the possibility of acid rain)
    • "PH up" and "PH down" bottles crafted with sandstone and bucket of water(oh, yea if the water ph is 5, the bucket name would be bucket of water 5"; they can be applied to the pool with the right mouse button
    • Splash potions made with them!! BURN CREEPER BUUUURRRNNN

    I also have some ideas like adding thirst, and naturally spawned water would have a chance of being spawned "dirty". Drinking dirty water would be like eating zombie meat, it would deal some damage to player, and poison him for a while; water could be cleaned when put in the furnace :)

    It's a really crazy and useless idea, but if someone is trying to make a realistic mod it's not trash u.u
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    posted a message on Mod Idea - Advanced Zombie Behavior
    Of course skeletons are useful!! The best way to get arrows is killing them(looking for flint and killing chikcens takes too long), and how else would we get bones to tame wolves??
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    posted a message on [REQ]Simple pet pig
    Quote from coryman125

    If you're in desperate need of this, you could always reskin wolves to look like pigs XD
    Seeing as I'm not a coder, the best I can do is suggest you give this suggestion to one of the request topics out there.

    I had that idea too, but that would be wierd if you give a bone o a wolf and it becomes a pig :/

    Quote from sanhome_ui

    i guess i could attempt it but i garantee nothing ok? it is quite simple but the movements and animations portion of minecraft im not very familar with.

    yay \o/
    Only folowing and atacking is enough if you can't make them sit. Thank you btw
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    posted a message on [REQ]Simple pet pig
    I've already seen the Pig Companiom Mod, but i wanted the pigs to follow you, sit, and all the stuff wolves can do. In the companiom one they only follow you when you're holding weat, and they also don't teleport.
    This seems to be a very simple mod, if someone is capable to do this, DO IT PLEASE!!! :)
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