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    posted a message on MFM Looking for STAFF, Alot of custome plugins
    Ip :
    Join our Website. www.fmfserver.spruz.com
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    Welcome to MFM's server's forum page.
    We run a very friendly community based survival server, with a fairly strong focus on economy. Using many plugins to improve your experience on the server, we are always looking for new players and new staff to improve our already great community base. We like to reward kind and talented players with lots of perks and ranks, and are open to suggestions for ways to take the server forward.

    The Rules! Become a member!

    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: What kind of server is MFM? :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:

    - Iconomy
    The Economy! Our currency, you have the ability to purchase items from shops, from other players, and basically trade to your hearts content. If you fancy mining all day, and then selling your goods, head to the main city to sell your wares to the shop keepers, who will offer you a good price, or perhaps undercut their prices and make your own shops and make a fortune. The possiblities are endless, and there are many ways to make money, and buy services to aid you in game. Perhaps you would like to hire someone to do some work for you? Or maybe you just want that extra bit of land for your town. The economy drives all of this.

    LWC Also protects all of your assests automatically when you place them in chests. This means everything you own is protected as long as you are sensible.

    :mossystone: :mossystone: :mossystone: The Rules and how we enforce them :mossystone: :mossystone: :mossystone:

    No one likes to be constrained by rules! So we keep them minimal and enforce them strongly, so that you will have the best time possible on FMF. There are a few simple rules that we ask (kindly :) ) everyone to abide by.
    1. The most important rule. NO MODS! If we see anyone with Fly mods, speed mods, X-ray, anything that gives you an unfair advantage, you will be put in jail on the spot.Then you will be banned. We have a 0 tolerance policy to people that use mods on FMF. We have ways to detect any hacks, so don't run the risk of getting banned!
    2. Don't be a jerk! (Straight forward, I hope no explation should be needed)
    3. Pvp is on in certain areas, and that is fine if you kill others, however if you keep killing the same person over and over again or expect to be punished and if continued banned(This rule is a follow on from the one above).
    4. No Capslocks/Swearing/spam, We have a fairly old community, but the younger players are just as welcome as anyone else, we all swear sometimes but we ask to keep this to a minimum due to the younger players. The Capslocks rule is enforced by me (maxmax9_9) very strongly :P .
    5. Respect everyone. From a Builder to a Super Admin, respect everyone! It doesn't matter what rank it is, you might need to know this by the way, because everyone deserves to be respected!
    :GP: :GP: :GP: Enforcing the rules :GP: :GP: :GP:

    How do we see that the rules are enforced and act as more than guidelines? Easy, Jail, kick and Ban. All the members of staff are armed with the ability to do all of the above, and will do so if there are rules breaks. Depending on the severity of the rule break, one of the above will be used. The jail serves as a warning, and not only will some of your time in game will have to be spent in the damp cells of the jail, where other players are free to torture you, but your money will be reduced, and respect on the server slightly lowered :P . After your warning, you are very prone to being banned if rule breaks continue.

    Become a Staff

    Go to our website and fill these things in

    Why you would be a good staff:
    How long you have been playing minecraft:
    What can you bring to the server:

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