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    posted a message on Custom World Presets on a Vanilla Server snapshot.
    Umm can I do this with another server world? For example, how do I transfer my 1.7.10 world to the new snapshot
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    posted a message on Upgrading to Snapshot Servers without losing world
    So I wanted to update to the most recent snpashot 14w32d? and I wanted to upgrade from 1.7.10.

    How do I do this without losing my world? I tried making a seperate server and dragged the world file in but it just regenerated a new world.

    Any help?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Crashing when joining certain servers
    Ok so the problem is pretty straightforward, I join a server (only happens on some servers) and its fine for a couple of seconds, then my minecraft freezes and crashes. It sends me back to the launcher (where you click to play). It stopped happening onto 1 server because I guess I got used to it or I loaded the chunks or whatever, but when I join a vanilla DayZ server, I don't have enough time to open my inventory :/

    I run a Mac Osx 10.5.8
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    posted a message on Josh's simple skin shop
    Could a mod please Close this thread?
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    posted a message on Most stupid or glitchy deaths
    I encountered 3 creepers coming from 3 different directions, i ran the other way to try avoid any mishaps, and I came to a dead end. Luckily I had an efficiency 4 pickaxe and I powered through the dead end. I went started mining STRAIGHT down (never do that) because I thought I lost them at that point. I entered a new cave and guess what, 2 creepers dropped down from an entrance above me, blew me up and threw me to lava where I died slowly.

    I didn't retrieve my items
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    posted a message on Why is my monster farm failing?
    What biome are you in?
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    posted a message on UHC Mob strategies?
    For slimes, just make a small bunker and hit it through the 1x1 gap.

    I don't really see the point in taking the slimes at all unless you make some sort of trap which isn't very effective in UHC, though I'd like to see it happen. Maybe like a slime block trap of some sort. I suggest avoiding slimes really.
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    posted a message on Are Lv. 30 Enchantments worth it?
    As Mac pointed out, books are the best. They do give random enchants, which is a bit of a downside if you're trying to get a specific enchant for a tool but it can save you materials for your diamond items so you don't waste diamonds on bad enchantments.
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    posted a message on New Full Vanilla Minecraft Server [Accepting Applications!]
    Application Format:

    Age: 14

    Tell me something interesting about yourself: I play Minecraft regularly and I enjoy it very much. I live in New Zealand and I have to say, it is a beautiful place. I also enjoy food (Who doesn't).

    Have you ever been banned?: No I have not.

    Username (for whitelist): MC_josh

    Note: If you need my Skype just ask me.
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    posted a message on Rekson Survival [Beta] - Recruiting Staff
    Whats the server version?
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    posted a message on New server looking for world editors,mods,admins,head-admin,spawn builders,builders,ops,play

    Minecraft user:MC_josh
    Name:Josh Posadas
    Do you have Skype:Yes
    Will you be dedicated to the server: I play Minecraft everyday for at least 2-3 hours. Even if I have schoolwork
    Will you be kind to every one: Yes I will.
    Will you listen to the rules: Well if im a moderator, I try to prevent rule-breaking so thats a yes!
    Will you listen to ranks higher than you: Definitely, if an admin or head admin tells me what to do I do it right away and make it my priority.
    Have you ever been a mod: Yes, on 2 servers.
    Will you take care of the server: Yes. Whatever it takes.
    Will you help the builders: If im not busy helping the server. The server and the players come first but I will help the builders if they require it.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] tesla coil minimod
    Update to 1.1 :D?
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    posted a message on Free Skin Commisions!
    Could you make some sort of cool top and pants for this skin?
    Nothing casual please
    Something like a superhero would wear
    Anything original

    Don't rub off the poisonous hands
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    posted a message on Skyrim Armour/Robes skins
    Guy without jerkin looks like the guy from sparta
    Nice skins
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