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    We are creating a server with the help of a very experienced developer at the lead of the frontier in the development of the
    server that is being created. The server will be a gen server designed to accommodate large quantity of players without interrupting
    the experience of the players themselves.

    » Skript Developers (Developers will be working along side our experienced developer towards the development of the server) [OPEN]

    » Managers (Managers will be required to look over the moderation and build team to ensure the success of our server) [OPEN]

    » Moderators (Help moderate the server from disruptive players and help with handling internal disputes) [OPEN]

    » Builders (Create the servers spawn and any other builds that are needed for the server) [OPEN]

    » Discord Moderators (Moderates the discord server and engages in the community) [OPEN]

    If you are interested please contact LunarDuckyMC 🌙#1270 on discord for further information.
    You must be 15 or over to apply
    These roles are not paid although you may earn money from your contribution in the future
    and after this server is released you may be invited onto other projects with a larger expected
    outcome resulting in being paid.

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