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    posted a message on [1.6.4][1.0.1] Ore Meter - Formerly Diamond Meter
    This is a continuation of PCChazter's Diamond Meter mod


    Ore meter is a device that, when held in your quick-bar, will indicate if there is any ore based on the fuel you placed in it is near you. Cause lets just admit it, all of us have better things to do than strip mine the bottom layers of your world, looking for diamonds.
    If you have any issues, and of course, leave comments about how you like it, improvement suggestions, bug reports, etc.

    Want to know when I post a update? follow me on Twitter


    [MC 1.6.4 Forge] Ore Meter 1.0.1-1: (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)

    Change Log:
    - Made Item IDs to be configurable
    Previous Versions:

    Change Log:
    1.0.0-1 (1.6.4 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    - Updated Diamond meter to Ore Meter
    - Added fuel corresponding to each vanilla ore

    2.2.5 (1.6.2 Forge Diamond Meter) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    2.2.4 (1.6.2 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)

    2.2.3 (1.6.1 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    -MC Version 1.6.1

    2.2.2 (1.5.2 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    -MC Version 1.5.2

    2.2.1 (1.5.1 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    -MC Version 1.5.1

    2.2 (1.5 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    -MC Version 1.5

    2.1.6 (1.4.7 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    -MC Version 1.4.7

    2.1.5 (1.4.6 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    -MC Version 1.4.6

    2.1.4 (1.4.5 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    -MC Version 1.4.5

    2.1.3 (1.4.4 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    -MC Version 1.4.4

    2.1.2 (1.4.2 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    -MC Version 1.4.2 Forge-Exclusive

    2.1.1 (1.3.2 Forge) (Adf.ly) (Bit.ly)
    -Converted the mod to Forge compatible


    For this mod to work, you will need the corresponding version of minecraft, and the correct version of Forge installed first to work.

    To install, once you have installed Forge, simply copy the "oremeter X.X.X.zip" file (replacing X.X.X with the version number) into the mods folder. On a windows machine, it is found at "%appdata%\.minecraft\mods\" (without quotes) by default.

    Ore Meter


    The recipe has changed since Diamond meter, it now takes a little more:

    Ore Meter:

    Empty Fuel Cell:

    Full Fuel Cell Example(Using coal) - the cell in the center is a empty fuel cell


    To use this tool, simply have it on you while walking around in the bottom layers of the overworld. It will change colors based on how close you are to diamond ore. It is best to keep it in your quick-bar, but it will update as long as it is in your inventory. To insert fuel hold right mouse button while it is in your hand and inset the fuel into the left slot (Images below)

    1 Block away (practically looking at it):

    2-3 Blocks away:

    4-5 Blocks away:

    6-8 blocks away:

    9+ Blocks away (no diamond ore close by):


    This mod has a config file that can be modified to get different effects. It is located in your MineCraft folder (%appdata%\.minecraft by default), and is named DiamondMeter.txt. In this file, you will see a few settings, in the format <setting>=<value>. If at any point you wish to restore the default value for a setting, delete the line for that setting, save the config file, and restart the game (or "use" the Diamond Meter to reload the config).

    Please keep in mind that "Diamond Meter" was designed with the default values. The config was added to allow users to customize as they please.

    The settings have these effects:

    toFind (default 56): the block id to look for.
    distanceMax (default 8): changes the maximum distance to look for the block. Setting this too high may crash your game, so keep it within reason.

    playSound (default false): tells the Diamond Meter whether or not to play a sound every time it transitions.
    soundVolume (default 1.0): changes the volume level of the Diamond Meter (if enabled).
    soundFurther (default note.bd): this is the sound that plays everytime the Diamond Meter transitions down (further away)
    soundCloser (default random.pop): this is the sound that plays everytime the Diamond Meter transitions up (closer)

    Reviews(For Ore Meter)

    This one is by WillieWest

    Reviews(Reviews for Diamond Meter)

    A bunch of people have made some helpful reviews for this mod (including one in German!)

    Heres one from Sorenus13 that talks about the amazing Diamond Meter:

    Muhtorial has made a video in German that covers how to use the Diamond Meter, and also how to install it.

    fullmetalDrake posted a video using the latest ModLoaderMP version (2.1), check it out here:

    Tormz has made a very nice showcase for this mod.

    x2robbie2x has made a useful review, showing usage of the diamond meter.

    drackiseries has a review on his channel showing the usefulness of the diamond meter.

    FeatheryNinja, showing the diamond meter in use.

    TrippyNinja posted another video, showing how this mod works in 3 dimensions.

    Some more mod reviews:





    Plus, many more on Youtube, and in the comments!

    CChazter - for creating the mod and for making the majority of the code to get ore meter going
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][1.0.2] Ore Regen - Now with hardcore mode
    What it does
    Ore Regen makes all vanilla ores regenerate over time, with a chance for the ore to not regenerateFeatures
    • cooldown: each vanilla block has a cooldown for how long it stays depleted before replenishing back to the ore it was before.
    • respawn rate: you wont always be able to rely on the ores, sometimes you will be unlucky and the ore will vanish after being mined, other times you will just deplete the ore letting you mine it again in the future.
    • compatibility: currently only vanilla ores and IC2 ores, scroll down to compatibility section to see the rest
    • prospecting: right-click a depleted ore to see what ore it will turn back into
    • hardcore mode: if you enable it in the oreregen.cfg file ores will turn into different ores when mined, so you wont always get the same ore back from a depleted ore

    Current Downloads(1.0.2 Build 1):
    Ore Regen [Adf.ly] [Direct]
    IC2 Addon [Adf.ly] [Direct]
    All-In-One [Adf.ly] [Direct] - Extract zip into mods folder

    Development (For Modders):
    if you want to add a block to the regen list add this line below to your initialization method in your mod file
    FMLInterModComms.sendMessage("oreregen", "add-ore", "blockid:metadata, timer, chance");

    metadata is optional, you can set just blockid and leave out the ":metadata" if its not needed, timer is how long it takes for the ore to regenerate in MINUTES, chance is the percentage chance for the ore to spawn a depleted ore

    Source Ore Regen (GitHub)
    Source Ore Regen IC2 (GitHub)

    made by CraftingVegeto

    Other Spotlights(don't want to make the post cluttered :P )
    by icedrake2525

    By MinecraftUniverse

    By PAaL Gaming

    Old Downloads
    MC 1.6.4
    oreregen 1.0.1 | [Direct]
    oreregen 1.0.1 + addons | [Direct]

    If you don't like Adf.ly, but still want to donate to help me keep doing this,

    1.0.2 build 1 - added hardcore mode, added support for external mod support
    1.0.1 build 2 - forgot to remove ic2 api from addon
    1.0.1 build 1- initial release

    Compatibility Addons
    MC 1.6.4
    oreregen IC2 1.0.1 | [Direct]
    BuildCraft 3 - quarry mines ores normally, no conflict with depleted ore
    Industrial-Craft 2 - miner mines ores normally, no conflict with depleted ore
    Computercraft - turtle mines ores normally, no conflict with depleted ore
    Tinkers' Construct - Hammer seems to work fine
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][1.0.2] Ore Regen - Now with hardcore mode
    Quote from CraftingVegeto
    ❤♥ ❤♥ ❤♥ ❤♥ I've Made you a Sexy Mod Showcase ! ❤♥ ❤♥ ❤♥ ❤♥ Would be cool if you feature this on the main post hope you enjoy ! Seeya :3 ~CraftingVegeto

    thanks :D I will be adding this right now

    Quote from MokahTGS
    Any chance this will get addons for Thaumcraft, Ars Magica2, and TCon?

    I plan to add more addons for the other big mods, the devs can add support if they want, they probably wont though

    Quote from Devalut
    I disagree, it looks very intricate and deserves praise Also does this work with 1.6.2?

    I dont know if it works or not, if you try to run it let me know if it doesnt :)

    Quote from icedrake2525
    I made a mod review on this fantastic mod, it is a great consent, just a few suggests, one add a book that gains more knowledge about each ore type (Ex: after every 10 emerald blocks mined it adds a cool down time in the book for the emerald blocks), and the onther is that you add an enchant that makes it more likely to not break but leave the depleted ore.

    Thats a good idea, Ill work on something like that, and definitally credit you for the idea

    Quote from bloomii
    This is a really good mod, all it needs is more add-ons. Buildcraft Dartcraft Thaumcraft Tinker's Construct etc...

    Will be adding more addons when i can
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][1.0.2] Ore Regen - Now with hardcore mode
    Quote from Yoshidude

    I honestly don't know why, but the depleted ore looks painful. Thats the only way I can explain it.

    what do you mean? lol
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][1.0.2] Ore Regen - Now with hardcore mode
    Quote from MarkOfTheBeast

    It'd be cool if the depleted ore didn't always turn into the same thing again, like if you mined a diamond ore, it turned into a depleted ore, but it wouldn't be guaranteed to turn into another diamond ore.

    I'm going to follow this thread to see how this mod develops. (I'm not downloading anything new until 1.7 comes out since I'm sick of ID conflicts ruining my worlds.)

    thats a good idea, ill have to look into that, would make mining one location interesting
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][1.0.2] Ore Regen - Now with hardcore mode
    Quote from deadbuilder1
    Good idea for a mod! Is the respawn random or is it always the same ore?

    the respawn rates are predefined for each ore

    Quote from Goldragon227
    I really like the idea. Just for balance sake have a config file with the ability to change the respawn rate and cooldown. Of course you can go the opposite way and overpower it, but that's what the user chooses.

    i thought of that, I plan to add that in a future update, should be soon though
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]DNS TechPack ~My God, Dont play this pack~ [SSP/SMP] v6.0.2 10/29/13
    Quote from Arty6842

    Oh, this is awesome. I always loved DNS because of the amount of mods it has. But i have just one question...

    Some time ago, about a week or so, the weebly official website went down with 404.

    Is it the official same but renewed version by new (?) devs, or it's some temporary version made by fans after the official site died?

    Thanks. This way or another, time to update my server!

    Though, i still want new RedPower for 1.4.5. ;_;

    we (DNS_Inc) simply changed hosts, you can find us over here
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Direwolf20's Time Watch v 1.1B - I'm not dead

    So with everything happening between minecraft updates, forge updates, and even personal matters, the mod is being put back together much slower than I expected, but the mod is not dead, I will try to get to getting a release ASAP, but it will just be a port up, I've spent a great deal on new features, but their not ready for a release yet.

    Direwolf20's Time Watch is a physical watch that gives the user the ability to control time, even stop time! The point in the watch is not to add any over the top tech features like most other mods out there, but to add a feature that has existed and give it a physical form to make people work for the ability to control time.
    in this spoiler is some spotlights that were generously made for Direwolf20's Time Watch
    • Control of What Time of the day it is
    • Ability to lock time out right
    Planned Features
    • Read news at the top of this post

    Time Watch:
    Time Dust:

    Minecraft 1.3.2:
    Want to help keep this mod alive?


    Version 1.1B Quickfix:
    - Changed Time Dust recipe to be shapeless
    - Time watch should not require fuel when in creative
    - Fixed message handle problem with watch in hand(let me know if its still there)
    Version 1.1:
    - Added Fuel system - now time lock requires fuel to function!
    - Added Time Ore and Time Dusts - Find all 4 time Dusts(Dawn, Noon, Dusk, Night) and combine them to create the Time Dust!
    - Time Ore changes based on the time of the day and drops a different time dust per time of day (no finding all the dusts from one vein)

    Version 1.0:
    - Revamped mod
    - allowed changing time while time is locked
    - Changed Watch texture
    - Changed lock text to active watch texture instead
    How to Install:
    1. Install MinecraftForge
    2. Download Direwolf20's Time Watch from above
    3. Drag n' Drop the downloaded zip into your ./minecraft/mods/ folder
    4. Launch the game and enjoy
    #minecraftforge, #direwolf20, ChickenBones - For helping me work out problems in the code
    Exphix - For help with thread graphics
    Kenny - for initial time watch graphic

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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Direwolf20's Time Watch v 1.1B - I'm not dead
    Quote from spiner007

    why direwolf20's time watch and not just the time watch

    Quote from php36

    Really? obvius for call atention... markting LOL

    Direwolf20's Time Watch was made because of a comment he made on his Singleplayer lp series, and so because it was made for him i wanted to put his name into the mod name.
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