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    posted a message on Little help with testfor command?
    Quote from tjaygibson»

    !!!!READ THIS!!!!

    I figured it all out. It's not the testfor command, it's the radius argument you are using. The radius argument is bugged. Try /testfor @p[r=!3] instead. Any time you use r=R you gotta type r=!R instead. It was reported to Mojang already, that's how I figure it out. Hope this helps!

    Holy crap that worked, you are a lifesaver
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    posted a message on Woodland mansion at spawn, village, dungeons.

    This seed contains a woodland mansion near the spawn with a village in lower right corner of the map, just north of his village in a swamp is a cave that goes down to 5 diamonds, near mouth of this underground cave system is a spider spawner, and just off that a zombie spawner.

    I haven't checked the rest of the seed so good hunting :D

    Seed: -3357851651785064580

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    posted a message on Tales of Lordric

    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently working on a Zelda - Old school RPG kind of crossover map. It'll be larger than most adventure maps out there (Both in features and area). I've learned a lot about command blocks since they came out a few weeks ago and I've already started working on a large area of the map. (See photo attachments below)

    There will be both hardmode and easymode. Besides difficulty easymode will have keep inventory, and there will be fewer mobs in dungeons. On hard mode, there will not be keep inventory, there will be a lot of mobs and boss fights will be at least three times as hard. However, there will be some quests and areas where you can only go if you selected hard mode at the beginning of the game, so you can guarantee you'll be missing out if you select easy. (It's probably wise if you have multiple friends on hardmode)

    There will be proper objective based quests, intricate level designs, a relatively good story, and I wont be skimping on the detail of my buildings or the level of insanity to the puzzles.

    There will be three towns, and one major city with large areas between them with at least one hundred quests (Mostly side quests) and dozens of distinct areas.

    And they won't just be fetch quests either.

    The build itself will take a very long time to make, but I'll release a demo when I get a decent amount of the game finished.

    Is there anything you're all looking forward to seeing feature wise?

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    posted a message on Little help with testfor command?

    Oh no, minecraft is really strict about such things.

    Here try this:

    /testfor @p[x=number,y=number,z=number,r=number]

    Took me awhile to figure it out too, it needs the xyz = or it just doesn't work, get the coordinates addon

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    posted a message on I NEED HELP!!! HELP ME PORT THIS MCPE TEXTURE PACK!!!

    Awhile ago, I ported Dekucraft pc to android with an app, for the life of me I can't remember the app name but it's out there for android, it ports texturepacks for you with hardly any issues (Most can be resolved by editing the texture pack)

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    posted a message on Need help with custom trades

    I'm trying to edit the custom trade but I'm not sure how to make a villager give a specific potion for an emerald. Mcpe has a different way to summon potions than PC, and there isn't much information about it, because it's very new. While in game, the command to summon a specific potion goes like

    /give Playername potion 1(amount) 10(potion id, 10 gives potion of leaping, unlike PC where the command is way different)

    Below is the coding for the villager trade, and I'm not sure how to make a specific potion appear. Would I try something like "item": "minecraft:potion{10}", ?

    "wants": [
    "item": "minecraft:emerald",
    "quantity": 3
    "gives": [
    "item": "minecraft:potion",
    "quantity": 1

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    posted a message on Using the new summon command for custom mobs(Armor).

    Since the command block update, they added a lot of commands. I managed to get most of them working, but every time I try to summon a zombie with armor or a weapon, I always get "Invalid syntax".

    Is summoning a custom mod not native to the game yet? Or am I doing something wrong.

    I type: /summon zombie ~ ~ ~ {equipment:[{id:iron_sword},{id:iron_boots},{id:iron_leggings},{id:iron_chestplate},{id:iron_helmet}]}

    And after that I get invalid command, I've tried it with capital letters, but mcpe only recognizes zombie, and not Zombie. I also tried it with number id's rather than the name.

    Does minecraft pe use a different syntax? A quick reply would be most helpful :(

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    posted a message on Where can I get the vanilla unmodified files?

    To make it even easier for everyone.

    Vanilla behavior files

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    posted a message on Minecraft PE 1.0 Vanilla behavior files

    The title says it all, it was nearly impossible to find out how to get them online, I had to end up backing up mcpe and de-compiling it to get them.

    Here is the link, everything should be there, good luck.


    Vanilla behavior files

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    posted a message on Survival Multiplayer (Looking for people to play with)

    The server is back up, new world, anyone wishing to join add me.

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    posted a message on Looking for people to join my survival Realm

    I added some of you, the realm will be up soon

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    posted a message on Looking for people to join my survival Realm

    Hey, I get kinda bored playing MCPE by myself, so I got a realm, anyone wanna join? Drop your gamer tag below and I'll add you.

    No griefing, stealing and be mature.

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    posted a message on Looking for creative builders to help build

    Those buildings look beautiful, I fancy myself a builder, my gamertag is PurpleDjango I can come and build every now and then :D

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    posted a message on Minecraft Pe 1.0 Portcullis (Castle gate)

    Hello everyone! This is pretty much the most loved of all redstone creations, but unfortunately on pocket edition they usually don't work. Mojang really bugged out the redstone :P Even those that do work destroy the gravel and make it useless. However! I have saved the day.

    This tutorial will show you how to make a castle gate in no time, it is resource extensive so beware, but this is the most compact I could make it. If you have any way to improve it, feel free.

    My original inspiration comes from FedXGaming, I went to build his gate, but the gravel was destroyed...

    Okay, so you will need:

    Space: A 5 deep pit going 6 deep in one spot, the pit will be 12 long and 7 wide. (In Order to make it flush to the ground, when filling in the hole, make sure you light it up and be careful of putting dirt or any other blocks on the redstone components.)


    x5 Pistons, x9 Sticky pistons, x13 Redstone repeaters, 3 comparators, 1 redstone block, x3 hoppers, x4 random items(Doesn't matter what sort of block, they will be used in the hoppers), x1 dropper, x6 gravity blocks(Gravel, redsand, sand etc), x9 fence posts, x3 blocks to go ontop of the fence posts, About a stack of redstone, x5 redstone torches, and a ton of building blocks(For the redstone circuitry to lay ontop of), x4 buttons( Wood or stone, I haven't tried stone but it should be fine), x1 lever .

    (The amount of pistons and repeaters are proportional to how long the gate is, you can expand it if you know how.)

    Step one: Refer to picture step one (a) and (b) Make sure the bottom repeaters are all set to 4 ticks.(Last setting)

    Step two: Refer to picture step two, make sure to set the top repeaters on 2 ticks delay. (Second setting)

    Step three: Refer to picture step three, have two hoppers going into each other with a redstone comparator going out both of them into a block, with redstone on the side of the blocks. Then put two pistons facing each other with a redstone block inbetween. Now put three blocks (Must be three!!) inside of the hopper next to the redstone torch. (This creates a hopper timer to assist in opening the gate.)

    Step four: Refer to picture step four, now you have to get your dropper, make sure it's facing towards the hopper in the photo, with the hopper also going into the dropper. Next have a comparator going out the back of the hopper and link the comparator as shown.(Exactly as shown) Now, put a single block into the dropper (It really doesn't matter, one block, or a stack of blocks, one block is more efficient)

    Step five: Refer to picture step five (a), (b), and (c) now you have completed most of the opening mechanism, build a redstone latter as shown in 5 - a, and add a button on both sides of that block. Now, you have to add in your gravel, your fence posts, and the blocks that go ontop of the fence posts (It doesn't have to be fence posts, you can use regular blocks like stone). Now your opening function is complete, click the button and it should open(Spam the button and it might break)

    Step six: Refer to picture step six. Now it's time to add your closing function, first build a redstone torch ladder as shown coming off your new button block(Place buttons on both sides and add a lever coming off the open side, this will be your locking mechanism), then build up 3 blocks from the top of the gate you just lifted with the pistons. Lay down a layer of your blocks of choice and put 3 sticky pistons facing downwards, then under that put 3 normal pistons facing downwards like this.

    Step seven: Refer to picture step seven (a) and (b). Now, build a bridge for your redstone coming from the top torch, place redstone ontop of the blocks that are ontop of the pistons and put a repeater going into it at 4 ticks delay. Now, this is the last part! coming down from the top torch build the blocks just like this with redstone ontop! You're all done! Now is time to decorate.

    Covering the portcullis: Refer to the final step (a) and (b). Now when covering the contraption, make sure you put an upside down staircase above your redstone ladder like so, if you don't, it will cut off the redstone signal from the button. Now you're finished, the end product should look like this.

    Link to the picture steps: Folder containing step by step photos

    (Note, currently MCPE repeaters are half the ticks of PC and console,if fixed in a future update, just set all the repeaters in this build to half what they are)

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    posted a message on Companion Craft Add-on (Updated more companions)

    Okay, it should be updated with two new UUID's and proper links.

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