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    Hello, I am currently in the process of making a minigame server that will be unique in many aspects and I am looking for any help that I can get.

    If you are interested about being a builder, coder etc. Please fill out the application down below.

    How serious will you be about helping the server 1-10:




    Proof you can build/code:

    How many hours will you help the server per day:

    Good luck! All questions will be answered trough skype.

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    I feel like ever since Dinnerbone started working on Minecraft. The updates started getting so lazy and sloppy, meaning they release an update every 4 - 8 months and half of the time they only add a couple of boring items.

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    Quote from DarkEnigma»

    1.2.3. ^^ get rekt

    Its better to ignore the troll then to feed it.

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    I started playing minecraft in the 1.2.5 update. I remember my "noob" world so clearly. I had a tree house, i lived in the jungle, had a greenhouse right next to the tree house and i had a black cat..

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    Quote from dproboy»

    spoooon me please LOLOL

    There is absolutely NO way you are 14.

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    [Disclaimer, I am looking for a FREE sponsor that I can share the profit with. No, the server does not yet exist that's why I need sponsorship. Thank you and have a great day :) ] If you have any questions please PM me, I have a lot of things that need to be said.

    My Age:


    Name Of My Server:

    [This can be decided later]

    How much RAM do I need:

    I want to start as small as possible so I can build off of that so 512 MB would be enough.

    How many player slots:


    Server idea:

    So this is where everything gets twisted. I will create a server that completely runs 1 Minigame and i will perfect it in any way I can. After we get donations we will expand it into a even bigger and better Minigame.

    Why do I want the server:

    Its always been my dream to run a successful server where players can have fun and they will have to be worry free. I also want to make a community full of nice people.

    On a scale from 1-10 how bad do I want the server:

    10 [Of course]

    How do I plan to generate money:

    Donations. Perks. The donations will give you in-game coins and premium features including prefixes and exclusive lobbies.

    Do you already have a community of players:

    No, not yet that is.

    What is going to make the server special:

    Perfection. Simplicity. Humble starting point.

    Why can I pay for my own server:

    I can't pay for my own server because 1. Tigh budget. 2. No PayPal

    How can you contact me:

    Skype: RainbowEnderman or


    What will I do for your company or for you:

    I will advertize your company in any way I can This includes The server, Minecraft forums.

    ★ Thank you so much for reading and being interested in making my dream come true. ★

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