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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Modded minecraft crashing?

    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Duplicate enchantment id!
    class twilightforest.enchantment.EnchantmentTFFireReact and class
    net.darkhax.moreswords.enchantment.EnchantmentKeenEdge Enchantment

    check the moreswords config file, you can change the keen edge id there.

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    posted a message on MGGA - Make Gems Great Again!

    Hello everyone out there!

    after years of rumbling in the minecraft universe, i finally decided to get my ass in gear and learn how to mod. my first inspiration was the discontinued bluepower and the gems introduced with it, so i decided to start there.

    and here it is: a small, vanilla-like mod based on 4 kinds of gems. this right here is still the "very basic" edition, i am looking forward to go further into the topic and eventually update to newer minecraft versions. constructive criticism and suggestions requested - enjoy!


    • 4 new gems: Amethyst, Malachite, Ruby and Sapphire
    • Gem Ores, spawning below y=32
    • Fancy Gem Blocks
    • Gem Tools & Armor: Iron stats, but much more durability
    • Emerald Tools & Armor: Diamond stats, but less durable
    • Gem Bows: More damage, less drawing time
    • full beacon support
    • more to come!



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    posted a message on 43 Tweak Mods everyone should know!

    Hey everyone,

    i once again had too much free time, and now you have to face the consequences. This is a list of all tweak mods everyone should know.

    First of all, what is a Tweak Mod? Honestly: I have no idea. I didn't find any kind of "official definition", which is a good thing, because now i can use and define the term myself. A Tweak Mod is a Mod that changes Minecraft in any way, but does not add any Items/Blocks. You will notice that, according to this definition, some Mods on my list aren't even Tweak Mods, but you get what kind of mods i will present here.

    I will structure this using the following Categories:

    • Useful Tools: basically anything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories.
    • Graphics and Performance: kind of self-explanatory. Mostly Client-Sided.
    • Game Mechanics: New Recipes and, well, Game Mechanics. Nailed it.
    • Overlays: Anything that adds Overlays.
    • World Generation: Why do i even explain this stuff? Btw, there will be no BoP.
    • Add-Ons: Any Add-On to non-Tweak Mods.

    Now that we got this, let's get started!

    1. Useful Tools

    • MouseTweaks: A Mod that improves the dragging mechanics in your Inventory and Crafting Grid. You better check it's description, it's quite complicated.
    • Inventory Tweaks: A well-known mod that stands true to its name. Praised for its Chest and Inventory sorting function.
    • ClientTweaks: All of BlayTheNinth's Minecraft Tweaks bundeld in one Mod.
    • StimmedCow: Allows you to switch between conflicting Recipes.
    • UniDict: Aims to unify everything related to the Ore Dictionary. So you don't have to mess with 3 types of Copper again.
    • OreDictionaryConverter: Same as above, but made with a Block trading Copper for Copper.
    • CraftingTweaks: Play with your Items in the Crafting Grid: Cycle, Balance etc., all with some simple buttons.
    • AromaBackup: Creates Backups in configurable Intervals - an absolute must-have mod. There is no reason why you wouldn't want this.
    • Trash Slot: Adds a Trash Slot to your Inventory. Kinda Terraria-inspired.
    • Not Enough Items (NEI) and Just Enough Items (JEI): I hope i don't need to explain this. Basically a Dictionary for all possible Crafting Recipes. JEI is the successor of NEI and has become the standart for the latest versions.
    • NotEnoughResources and Just Enough Resources (JER): Adding Mob Drops, Ore Spawns etc. to NEI/JEI. Now you know all the ways to get an Item.
    • Forever Enough Items (FEI): A JEI Add-On that aims to add the features NEI had.

    2. Graphics and Performance

    • Optifine: Major Performance Boost, Various graphics improvements and the famous zoom feature. Zooooooooooom.
    • Fastcraft: Removes Lag Spikes and speeds up world loading. Also available as Bukkit Plug-In.
    • Betterfps: Improves Minecraft Logarithms to boost your FPS. All these 3 mods are fully compatible with each other (while using Betterfps, disable Fast Math in Optifine's Performance Settings).
    • BetterFoliage: Tiny but oh-so-great graphic Improvements, while draining almost no performance at all.
    • ItemPhysics and Realistic Item Drops: Makes Items fall more realistic when you drop them. Again, almost no performance required. Realistic Item Drops is the Successor of the discontinued ItemPhysics.

    3. Game Mechanics

    • KleeSlabs: Ever been mad while trying to build with slabs? This mod makes it possible to destroy slabs that are placed on top of each other one by one.
    • TreeCapitator and TreeChopper: Chop down entire trees!
    • Fast Leaf Decay: Makes Leafs disappear faster and replants Saplings.
    • Gravestone Mod: Stores your Items on Death. There are lots of alternatives to this mod, e.g. the popular OpenBlocks.
    • VeinMiner: Mining made fast! Mine all blocks of a specific Material by holding you VeinMiner Key. You could call it the universal usable brother of the Tree Chopper mods.
    • NetherPortalFix: Fixes the common Nether Portal bug, where you warped back to an entirely wrong portal. Boom, Blay strikes again.

    4. Overlays

    • JustEnoughTooltips: A JEI Add-On that displays Recipes in an Overlay, without any need to open a GUI.
    • ArmorStatusHUD: Displays the durability of your armor and currently selected Item. Works with Jetpack fuel, too.
    • Waila, Wawla and The One Probe: Provide Information about whatever you are currently looking at. While Waila and Wawla provide their Overlay "for free", The One Probe introduced its probe as a craftable Item (configurable).
    • Waila Harvestability: Adds Harvestability information to Waila. Nothing big, but very useful.
    • JourneyMap: The biggest and most popular Minimap Mod. Other alternatives are the older Voxelmap and the very vanilla-ish Xaero's Minimap.
    • More Overlays: Brings back the Overlay features included in NEI, along with some improvements. If you are looking for specific Overlays, try Chunk Edge Indicator and Light Level Overlay Reloaded.

    5. World Generation

    • Realistic Terrain Generation: A massive World Generation improvement, only using vanilla Materials.
    • Streams: Adds naturally generating, flowing Water. Still in Beta state, but totally worth it.
    • Ruins: A mod that generates Structures from Patterns you can define yourself. While it was originally made for modpack devs, the pattern presets that come with it are more than satisfying for the average modded player.

    6. Add-Ons

    • Thaumcraft Node Tracker: Saves the location of every Node you ever scanned, along with all the node's stats. You shall never run out of aspects!
    • Thaumcraft Inventory Scanning: This Mod makes the Thaumometer usable inside of any Inventory. Great for scanning Chests and ME-Systems.

    And that's my list! I bet that i missed a couple of mods, so be sure to tell me your favorites, and i will add them to the post eventually. I hope you are happy with some of these. Have a nice day!

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    posted a message on Crash-Report unclear, need help. [MODDED 1.7.10]

    as far as i know, this

    at cpw.mods.fml.client.GuiModsMissing.func_73863_a(GuiModsMissing.java:54)

    is forge trying to show you the "the following mods are missing" window on startup. no idea why that fails, maybe a corrupted forge. so, first, try reinstalling forge.

    if that doesnt help, check if you have the correct depencies for all mods installed. and make sure you have the correct forge version - some mods require a newer version that the recommended one.

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    posted a message on Crash deleted world (and folder)

    this is really weird. the crash is caused by codechickencore, but i doubt that this caused the world deletion - or rather, that the deletion was in any way intended or a feature in a mod's code. my best guess is that for some reason, the world got corrupted in the process and couldnt be read by the file system afterwards. but in this case, you should at least find fragments with your recovery program. all in all, very odd, and probably not reproducable.

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    posted a message on Forge makes the game crash!!!! (btw even though it says 1.11 its 1.11.2 the prefix hasent come out yet

    no error here. please provide the crashlog, located in .minecraft\logs (usually named latest.log).

    ps: and please use spoilers ;)

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    posted a message on Forge Server causes Forge Client to Crash

    caused by MFR. the MFR dev stated that this was caused by a mod conflict with an unknown mod. it's your choice if you remove MFR or search for that other mod.

    sources: https://github.com/skyboy/MineFactoryReloaded/issues/551


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    posted a message on 1.10.2 self modded crash --> Exception in server tick loop

    dynamic surroundings is conflicting with agricraft. the support for agricraft is still in alpha state , so you better report this here: https://github.com/OreCruncher/DynamicSurroundings/issues

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    posted a message on 1.11.2 Optifine with .jar (winrar) HELP ME

    so, you just downloaded optifine (hopefully from optifine.net). what you now have is a file with the ending ".jar".

    This file can be executed just like any program you have. simply right click it, select open with, then select java. a new window will show up and guide you through the installation.

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