About Me

Hello and welcome to my profile.I'm MCMan132.

I am a Minecraft Enthusiast,I play Minecraft

and Minecraft PE.

I make Adventure,Parkour,Puzzle Maps.

I also remake,port and make my own mini games.

I am a part of the Sky Army,Dead Army,Frog Squad,Minecraft Universe

and the Cottage Cheese Realm.

I am also a fan of Antvenom,Cavemanfilms,BajanCanadian,


JeromeASF,Gizzy14Gazza and BODIL40!!!

I am smart in school (mostly A's).

My favourite colours are green,budder and blue.

I am a Minecraft Enthusiast so my number 1 hobby

would probably be playing minecraft.

Besides that,I like to play tennis with my real life friends and make minecraft avatars

or snapshots for my online friends.

NOTE : I only make stuff for my friends so if you're not one of my friends,I won't make an avatar for you.

As may or may have not know,

I have started a youtube channel.

I make Minecraft PE map reviews,

Minecraft PE map let's plays

and play Minecraft PE maps and minigames with my friends.

I will be making a Minecraft Survival Games Series.

My channel :

I also have a twitter account.

You guys should follow me,I will post some pics of my maps in the making and the download links to them

when they are finished.

My username is @_MCMan132_

















Below this text are the maps that I have made for Minecraft and Minecraft PE.

The ones that are RED are a hot topic

and are very fun.

The ones that are in GREY are

also really fun maps.

The ones that are in BLUE are my old maps that I made when I

just started making maps.

The Teacher Minigame

[ported and edited map] -

Non-Stop Parkour Marathon

[very fun parkour map] -

ADRENALINE [ADV/Parkour/Puzzle] -

Epic Jump Map V1

[Fun Parkour Map] -

FVDisco's Sonic The Hedgehog Minigame

[Ported Sprint Parkour Map] -

Tower Drop [Minigame] -

Epic Jump Map : April Fools [parkour] - http://www.minecraft...on-link-posted/

Parkour School [Parkour] -

Super Racing Map [minigame] -

Parkour King [Parkour] -

Parkour King 2 [Parkour] -

The 10 Trials [ADV/Parkour/Puzzle] -

Bacca King Minigame [PvP/Parkour] -

I would like to thank Noxthin for making my awesome avatars and banners, PAPERCHIPS, Wild07010, Kikistophere, Budderlicious, 999999aZ, IckyAwsomeness and LLombardo007 for helping me on the forums.I would also like to thank BestofMcpe for helping me on youtube AND on the forums.


If you enjoyed my content,give it a 5 stars rating.

A 5 stars rating would be appreciated.

Also,tell me in my profile feed which one of

my maps do you like the most.

I will be updating my profile often but

thats about it for now.

Thanks for viewing my profile.

See ya guys later.

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MCPE,RPG Games,Puzzle Games.