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    Quote from velvokay »

    Woa, this is actually the first time I've ever encountered a user asking for mobs to attack Millienare/Minecolony/Builders civilians and i congratulate you for being a man. In my personal choice I would make mobs attack Millienarians but since most other people wouldn't like that very much, the power of the people oversee my progression.

    I would like it aswell.

    What if you put it in the config file so we can turn it on or off??
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    posted a message on Notch adding Mo' Creatures ?
    Personally for my playstyle I love Mo' Creatures. Adventurer/explorer all the way!

    But the mobs clearly need some basic mechanic work to be viable. Mainly knockback making every enemy a pushover.

    Ogres get stomped fairly easily by the player, zombies bully them aswell, Often one ogre will **** a zombie off by his slam attack and the zombie will proceed to beat the living tar out of him.

    The issue with werewolves, I thought for sure you can kill them with other weapons, just takes a while...Again for my playstyle it is good, gives me something to actually work up to (golden sword). I can normally out run them anyway if I am dumb/ballsy enough to be wandering out at night. They still can be knocked back by punching them, arrows work well. It is good to have one enemy that is not a pushover.

    Wraiths are just plain fun, not hard to smack, even with a regular stone sword.

    And while the idea of ogres is awesome (they are pretty awesome) for normal play they are HIGHLY obnoxious with their defamation of the natural (and unnatural) beauty.

    Birds/bunnies/foxes/sharks/ducks/boars I could see all of them in a very similar fashion being ported over to regular play (especially birds!). Bears and lions are alright, nothing that interesting. They need some work to make them more deadly, being able to knock back anything with a punch is pretty ridiculous.
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    posted a message on I feel like Minecraft leaves much to be desired.
    Quote from Talset09 »

    Pfft, more like 95% of them got mobs off. I keep ending up in servers like that. Even some have some vote command to skip night. Crap.

    If we fixed the lag on mobs it would not be a big issue.

    On many servers there is no way to hit a zombie before it hits you thanks to its invisible chainsaw.

    Now if they had an attack animation it might make things better, dodging a laggy punch is easier than a laggy insta hit.
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    posted a message on Creepy Minecraft Moments
    This one time I was in a cave.

    And got hurt.

    And then I was almost dead.

    And I started to heard this zombie moaning.

    But I couldn't see him.

    And then a zombie jumped down off of a ledge and killed me.
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    posted a message on Lolwin world.
    From now on, when someone makes a new world, USE A SEED AND REMEMBER IT!
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    posted a message on How do you organize your quick bar?
    Sword, Flint, Bow/empty, torch, shovel/pick/empty/axe, shovel/pick/empty/axe, shovel/pick/empty/axe, ladder.

    I am an adventurer, master cave explorer, expert survivalist.
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    To protect your house from ogres couldn't you just put iron ore every other brick at head level?

    Seems like a worthy investment if you are worried about your home being busted into by ogres.

    At least you could have it for certain areas, just a fence around your house.
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    posted a message on No love for gravel?
    On my little lan server I use it to make flint for arrows.

    I am a merchant so these things are worth a bit.

    Of course I am using a rune mod to where I can dig gravel REALLY FAST or else It would be a less worth venture.
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    posted a message on Minecraft clone on XBL Arcade
    But can it be modded?

    That would be my only big grip with a clone of minecraft. Modding is where it is at for the longevity of the product.

    As it stands it does just look like an incomplete copy of minecraft. Sure it has the potential to be something different, but for now it is just "A Minecraft creative clone, that might turn into something else or maybe not!"
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    posted a message on [Mob Concept + Art] Ghoul
    Some quick ideas.

    The effects of combat and damage hamper most any suggestion for mobs.

    You hit and enemy and they get knocked back and upward. Same goes for you.

    To make th ghoul more interesting here are some suggestions/thoughts: Resistant/immune to arrows. Immune to current (can walk through water/lava currents unhindered, they still damage/weaken). Immune to knock back, makes it a swarming enemy. And finally the interesting idea.

    What if instead of knocking you back, they pulled you in? Each damage could push the character slightly to the ghoul. You could still get out of their grasp but it would require you to walk the opposite way. Obviously they would need to do little damage, but I can imaging a bunch of these shambling towards you attempting to swarm and grapple you.

    Nice thing is, these effects can be enabled/disabled depending on the difficulty!
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    I wonder if the creator is interested in changing some mechanics for combat.

    Like the one thing that really bothers me is the fact that being hit causes all mobs big and small to be pushed back and up.

    Makes some creatures that should be scarier, like ogres and werewolves, much less intimidating. Poor ogres get bullied by zombies...

    What if certain creatures resisted knock back? What if certain monsters had different types of knock back.

    I could see ogres throwing you half across the room. Arrows not knocking back most any enemy (skeles couldn't knock you back either). And zombies actually have reverse knockback, they pull you in (less damage though).

    Would make for more interesting combat situations.

    Though it is funny how the knock back works sometimes, I led a boar into the water and a shark attacked it. That freaking boar knocked the shark OUT OF THE WATER and proceeded to gore the helpless thing to death.
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    posted a message on I ****ing hate minecraft.
    You must be new to video games.

    In ANY game where you spend a great deal of time and effort you back up the god damned save.

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    posted a message on Is there a way to make a never ending fire anymore?
    Quote from loon »
    And those of us playing smp have to suck it up I guess? :tongue.gif:

    Suck it up and spawn some damn Netherrack.

    If you want to be "hardcore" then just "convert" the wood (throw the wood away and let the admin spawn you some netherrack)
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    posted a message on My favorite bug gone?!?!
    Yup I loved that option.

    I like making camp fires and pyres. For lighting my mines/buildings often I would make a pyro out of four stone stairs and a log in the middle, much more aesthetically pleasing.

    Oh well, time to hack in some netherrack.
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    posted a message on Ironman Challenge Series: 404!
    Sounds ok, I do my own underground challenge.

    Have to have Mo' Creatures to make it worth it though.

    If you are interested here are some rules: You may carry only a limited amount of items on your person at any time.

    These consist of 3 material based tools (ones made of wood/stone/iron sword/axe/shovel). 1 of either a fishing rod or a bow. 1 ladder. 3 food items. 1 torch (if using hand held torch mod) or three torches and a flint&iron without the mod. You may not carry any blocks for extended periods of time. Anything else within reason (flint, a sapling, seeds, ect ect).

    You may not place OR remove any blocks to blocks to climb/maneuver except certain situations. That is what ladders are for. Shovels may be used to dig blocks, but you cannot place them to climb/manuver or hinder mobs. You may use your fists to punch out rocks in order to climb/maneuver. You may knock down walls only if you know for certain there is something on the other side (you hear a noise through the wall).

    Special rules of wood gathering: Gathering wood depends on the level of axe. Fists/wooden axe you may only keep one plank out of every log (throw three away), stone you can keep two, iron three, diamond all of them. These rules are to ensure that axes are not seen as a trash choice for one of the three tools you are allowed.
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