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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Matt I am part of the FactionArmies Server, lately we have been experimenting with plugins for the newly built server and have come across quite a few issues with commands not responding and other technicalities. Since this is beyond are knowing we are reaching out to the community for help, in exchange for a change to earn a highly represented role, earning our trust and friendship along the servers days, you can earn this role by completing the issues at hand and showing us you are worthy of a rank.

    Thank you for your time, be sure to message me personally if you would like to take up this offer and I will give you the IP.



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    I started in 2012, back in my young days, crazy to think almost 4 years have gone by now and I still love the game, well done Marcus and Mojang for keeping it so alive!

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    hello everyone! come to my spanking hot new server! need some staff so come along. dont bug me though!!!


    if u like my facebook page and comment on it..
    u get a HUGE prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    check out, and like and comment for a HUGE prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like and post comments for HUGE prizes!!!!!
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    Looks amazing! How did you get a banner?
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    Email(so we can notify you, optional):[email protected]
    In game name(get this right):Karapoti
    Why you want to join(don't spend too long, write what you're good at and why you want to join):I love building, I have my own server and could give you heaps of advise and tips. PS: I get bored on single player all the time.
    What have you done so far(so you don't build a stone box):Massive Village 5 times, 2 spawns, 8 pvp arenas, 16 homes for me and have done a makeover to about 100 houses and homes.

    Thanks for ur time...
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