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    How about, if you don't charge a bow at least half way, the power, punch, and flame enchantments won't do anything, and if the arrow hits something it won't knock it back. I am getting sick of people running at me with bows with power 5 and then just charging them the minimum amount required to shootand spamming them at anyone who comes close, and running at people and using their bows like machine guns. You die almost instantly and if you don't, then you can never get close enough to kill them with a sword.

    I'm gonna just show this suggestion from Ouatcheur that I think would work well:

    Quote from Ouatcheur

    Personally, I'd make all those boosts lilke this:

    Fully drawn bow: 100% of the matgical boosts are added.
    Not fully drawn bow, between 50% drawn and 99% drawn: only half of the total strength of the boosts gets added.
    Not fully drawn bow, less than 50%: no magical boost.

    Also, I think knock back with bows should work in the same way, if it's fully charged you get full knock back, only half of the knock back if it's half charged and no knock back if under half charged. Maybe durability should go down faster if you don't charge a bow up. It's not very good for a bow's string to pull it back that fast.
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    Here's some:


    Iron armor with fire protection 1 on the pants, father falling on the boots, projectile protection 1 on the helmet, and blast protection 1 on the chestplate
    iron sword
    Strength potion level 2


    stone sword, bow with 128 arrows (2 stacks) and leather armor


    fire wand (blazerod with fire aspect 2 and sharpness 1)
    Death Wand (bone with sharpness 3)
    Launch wand (stick with knockback 2 sharpness 1)
    Purple cap


    Gold Chest plate
    Gold Sword with fire aspect 2, unbreaking 3, and sharpness 1
    bow with flame 1
    16 arrows
    fire resistance potion (extended)


    black leather armor (except the helmet, which is a wither skeleton head instead)
    64 cobwebs
    sharpness 3 diamond sword
    speed 2


    Diamond armor
    Iron sword with sharpness 3
    Gold apple
    Slowness 5 forever (using /effect)
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    posted a message on Into the Belly of the Beast (work in progress, ideas welcome)
    I would agree to this being a mod...
    but not in vanilla
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    posted a message on Potion Stacks
    How about a little thing made with leather that holds four of the same potin, that can be used even while in the 4-pack?
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    posted a message on Improved Hunting and some new Items
    I would like auto breeding animals. it would make farming more interesting. you wake up and BAM! baby pig!
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    posted a message on The enchanted golden apple must be more powerful!
    Some support.

    But they DO need better names.
    gold apple
    power apple
    notch apple
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    I like how bears are done. I did research and many people think bears attack on sight. the truth is, they attack when they or, if a mother, there cubs are approached scaring a bear works too. but yes, polar bears are hostile and pandas are passive (they also can take honey from bees and not get stung). Also, a fun fact is that they like plants and meat and raid ant nests for food, and fish.

    taming bears would be fun, they could fight like vanilla wolves only way stronger, and fish, and gather honey. plus, maybe you could ride them? they would be tamed with meat. any kind works.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Phineas And Ferb MOD ! [ Mod BR ] ~Perry is cute~
    perry is cute

    but agent p should do kung foo if attacked

    and perry should become agent p and vice versa
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    posted a message on Tameable foxes
    I think this makes sense. a fox would be cool and useful. and guys, Its not over powered. emeralds are so !@#!@ rare that finding a village is a worthwhile deal, something rare for something rare. and you might have to pay 2 times, if you lose it. It is fair.
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    ok! this is awesome BUT only on hardocore... or noobs shall protest.
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