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    posted a message on Post your Picture

    I can't be the first to have done this.

    probably not
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    posted a message on Who is your favorite music band?

    kent, paramore and urban cone!

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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings
    Zerafina/EvilNAngry/Ylva's goodbye

    At the first sight you'll all think this is some unimportant rubbish that I've written, and it may be that. It's a classic leaving text, a cheesy cliché. I still hope that's it worth to read.

    So. Today there has been almost one year since I first posted in the Official Chat Thread. That month the thread was called "Official Chat Thread XIV: Unshaven Edition". I thought all the people in The Chat Thread were so cool! They had so many posts and just seemed so nice and mature. I especially remember this person called WhatCreeper? who was extremely perverted, a guy called Zalvager who sounded really smart but was a bit grumpy to me, this guy Kaeetayel who's avatar had been removed because it was too hardcore, the three Pokémons - Raynbow, Sgt. and kernymi, the GTA guy funkybub and master chief Tucking_Fypo. In the beginning I felt somewhat like an outsider when everyone knew each other so well already and such. But when I kept writing in the chat, people started quoting me. Above all, EXRicky was very nice and talked to me a lot when so many other members didn't. After a while (actually pretty quick) I didn't feel like an outsider anymore, I got to know almost everyone in the thread when I was chatting with them daily. At the time, I didn't have that many friends in, or outside school. I wasn't bullied or an outsider in school but I weren't too popular and I were never with someone after school.
    I frequently posted in the thread for almost five months. It was an absolutely great time! For once I really felt that people around me liked my company and listened to what I had to say. I felt that I had a whole bunch of awesome friends and I posted in the thread all the time when I wasn't in school or sleeping. We also chatted a lot on skype which was fun but random. I could be away for only 15 minutes and the chat was spammed with 300 messages, above all links to furry pics.
    One thing that I am extremely grateful for is that you guys showed me the huge otaku world! When I started posting in Of Topic and in The Chat Thread, I saw that the majority, or almost everyone, had an avatar with an anime character. There was also a lot of talk and discussions about the different series and such. I picked up the trend with the avatars and I also started watching anime. Nowadays I watch anime everyday. I love it so much! If I never talked to you, I wouldn't have found out about anime, which would have been a great loss in my life that I wouldn't even had known.
    In the end of Mars when I got home from my ski vacation, the thread was gone. citric's explanation was that there was too much spam and "hello"'s in the thread. Instead, the chat had been moved to a website called mcft. I was there for a while, then I left and after that I came back again. I posted a little and chatted at the times but the feeling in school, that I wanted to get home and chat, was gone. I never liked that site at all. I can't really tell what was wrong with it. The magic from the old chat thread on the forums was just gone. One thing that for sure made the chat worse though was that most of all the funny people from the old thread, the members that I really enjoyed chatting with, didn't move to mcft, they just disappeared. One thing that was good with mcft though is that I got to know Tog. At first, I thought that she was a perverted airhead. I don't think I've ever told her, but she means a lot to me.
    When the new site "Official Chat" was created, I went there to check it out. I liked it because it was more like the old one on the forums with the layout and such. I posted there for a very short while but I didn't think it was any better then mcft.
    Now I haven't been posting much at all lately - I'm slowly fading away here. I feel like I don't have anything more to do here. I feel like I'm done. I'm a little sad that I didn't know about the chat thread earlier, that I only was able to be there for a few months. I'm alright with that though because the time there was great. So now I feel like I better write a proper goodbye-letter then to just get more and more inactive and then never log in again. I'm glad that you actually read all this cheesy crap that I wrote

    I may be back one day, who knows? But for now on, I'll be leaving the forums
    If you want to talk to me, you'll find my Skype on my about me.

    Some of those are really special to me, some are just really cool members that I won't forget

    MQhelper - is one of the first people I talked to, we met in the forum games before I was in OCT
    Xetron - this guy is extremely funny and nice, though we only talked on Skype in group
    Corvo - is perverted and can have a short temper but later, I started liking him better, now I think he is a great guy
    Raynbow - is only a younger version of Korv - perverted, he was very often on Skype and in the chat thread too
    KateTheAwesome - is a girl that I think I had a lot in common with, she wasn't on so often though
    EXRicky - is the member that I've chatted with the most, he's one of my best friends
    Sceptile - is a really nice guy that I got to know very fast when he joined
    Zalvager - is like I wrote above, a bit grumpy in the beginning but really cool (if you read this zalv: i listen to alice in chains now)
    Sgt. Traveler - really nice and funny, helped me to remove the background for my avatars
    Pwnguin - is the best penguin on the south pol and on the forums too
    AdduxP - is really cool and friendly. He creates great music
    Mafiadog - is an awesome guy, I think we would be great friends if I knew you irl too
    Togfan - which I met on mcft is actually a great person under the pervertedness
    Mattoa - is a very cool guy, who also gave me tips about some super good anime series
    Kernymi - is like Kyubey - a but mysterious. I really like it though
    Caroline11012 - is a girl that wasn't in the chat thread much, but we chatted a lot in our PM
    Dextrous - is a member that I somewhat lovehate. Even so, I still think of Holey as a friend
    GamerGuy12z - is a guy that I started chatting with thanks to Kate. He is really nice and great at drawing
    Samiboula - is really nice and she makes great texture packs and pixel art
    Envy - is a girl that I actually didn't chat that much with. She is really cool though, and we seem to have a lot in common
    Yarsil - is one of the coolest guys in the OCT imo. I don't know why, he was just so nice and relaxed
    Poli - is a guy that I was very sceptic about in the beginning, I know him now though and he is really nice
    RunesGuy - is like Mafiadog, a person that I would be great friends with irl. He likes Queen too which I think is awesome
    Tucking_Fypo - is our heroic and cool master chief
    Kaeetayel - is the king of furries. I don't like furries that much but I like Kaeetayel
    Funkybub - is a guy who I didn't talk to that much, though he has a lot of #swag
    SkaterSam - is just a very funny and nice guy!
    Erica_Hartmann12 - is a guy who was super funny, I had some funny role plays with him and EXRicky
    Doctapper - is a really nice guy, who is very into politics, which I think is really cool
    Exilius - is a member that I didn't talk to that much, just a little on Skype. He is really cool though
    Travis - is a really smart and nice guy. He is also great at discussing and always posts clever comments
    Randomness3333 - is a great guy, he was always so positive
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    posted a message on Post your Picture
    Quote from Winter_Mage

    In California... lol

    I've never been to the us so I think you might have been wrong... x3
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    posted a message on Post your Picture
    Quote from Ephemerii

    Yeah, but it's better now aha.

    That's good too hear! ^^
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    posted a message on Post your Picture
    Since this seems to be active again I'll post too :3

    And yes, I had a subway lunch
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    posted a message on The Thread Thread - Quail Edition
    Kawaii quail
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    posted a message on What makes you instantly cry when you see it?
    Quote from Jono1325

    Yes. Finding Nemo is a VERY touching film

    Yeah x3
    I've only cried while watching that movie once and that was when I was five, because the sharks were scary.
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    posted a message on Favourite OTter
    Yay I'm mentioned 8 times ^^

    Anyway, here's my updated list
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    posted a message on Attracting someone
    Quote from AnonymusKnight

    Awesome advice gentlemen! Now it's up to me to gather enough courage to actually do it. I'm just wondering whether or not it will be weird talking to her. Should just I speak to her, 4 eyes, or should I try to join a discussion for that feeling of being discrete and neat?
    I think it would be best to just start talking in the corridor or in the cafeteria because it can be awkward if you're alone with someone you don't know that well. But when you know each other better you can talk just the two of you.
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