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    Admin Application
    In Game Name (IGN): gz

    Age: 17

    Past experience (required):
    Over three years experience of minecraft and probably two and a half years experience of moderating. I've hosted three servers and have acquired moderator status in five or more servers. As the years gone by I've realized what people like in a server, how to create a strong community and what to do in certain situations. Moderation is no problem and, as any moderator should, I try to have no bias towards consequences. In the past I've quit being a moderator because of how the server was run; due to how the admins/mods have acted towards the player, with bias and lies. Plugins such as World Edit, Permissions and World Guard are pretty familiar to me but even though I have experience, there is still a lot I can learn and improve on. Apart from moderating in-game I've attempted to create an active, friendly community through events, contests and forum games. In the past I've built the 7 wonders of the ancient world, placed them through out the world and the task was to find them and complete the maze within. If the contestant does so successfully they get a prize. As for forums, I've created and moderated forums as well, so that's no problem.

    Reason for wanting the position: As I've written above, I have been a moderator of several servers but I would like to help you fulfill a wonderful idea (one that I've always wanted to do). I have several ideas that I'd like to share with you to create this ancient world. History has also been a passion of mine for the longest time, mostly within the Roman, Greek and Egyptian eras. In my builds I have tried to instill their techniques using columns, scaffolding, etc.

    Why I should trust you: From my experiences to my reasons of wanting the position, I assure you that I want the best for the server and hope for success. It's your decision whether or not you trust me for the Admin position, but if I do get chosen I'll try my best and use my experience for your server.
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    posted a message on 1.5.1 SMP - 20+ Plugins - Dedicated Server - High Uptime
    Bump. Love the community, I enjoyed every minute spent on the server. :)
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] FiniteLiquid v5.93
    I've fallen in love again, oh geez. Just when I thought my mods couldn't get any cooler, thank you for updating! :)
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    posted a message on SCMowns Server V2 - Minecraft 1.6.4 [New Discord Launched 2020!]
    Wow, I was planning to create my own server and it seems that we share the same ideas. But no need for me to create one if you have one that's going to be better executed. ^_^

    Can't wait to play on this server, I haven't played in one for months but i'm hoping this will change. I'll definitely tell all my friends. Thank you for your work!

    Edit: Too bad it's 50/50 right now :C
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    posted a message on Primitive Mobs v1.1beta - Last Updated 01/01/2018 - 1.12 beta version available!
    This and Atmosmobs? I love you <3

    Edit: If you could bring back a very old project that I fell in love with years ago it would be very gracious of you. It's called Quintessential Creatures, from the 2nd post it seems you were quite a fan. Firehazurd has only made 2 mobs out of his 18 mobs. If you decide not to do this, it's alright, but thank you for your fantastic mods, I look forward to your future achievements ^_^

    Here's a link to the original post in case you were curious: http://www.minecraft...eatures-wipmod/
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    I look forward to playing on this promising server. My ign's gz. :)
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    posted a message on 1.4.6 Survival City/Fresh New Server
    My ign is "gz". Pretty short name, I know. lol
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    posted a message on How do I put a schematic file to a world generator?
    Sorry if I put this in the wrong forum/category, but I was wondering how would I integrate a schematics file into the world generator (Terrain Control) to make it randomly generate. For example if I made an igloo and saved it as a schematic, how would I put that schematic and make it generate with Terrain Control? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01][WIP]Ancient Greece *DISCONTINUED* May 30th.
    Quote from landon9560

    are you ever going to pick this up again? the idea was awesome, why did you stop?

    I would if I knew how to code, I see there is a lot of support for this mod (91.4%). We had to stop because Sivuden, our only coder, had to go somewhere/had school.

    Is this thing still on so is it updated to 1.2.5

    Nope, sorry.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Animated Squid Tentacles
    Wow, I don't know why no one else has done this before, this is pure genius. Another fantastic mod :D
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    posted a message on [VERY Large] Crystallus Empire
    Just a heads up, I uploaded the new map & aerial view. Please try it out and tell me your opinions, I would like to see how your experience goes. Also sorry if I didn't reply to your comment but I thank you for them!
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    Quote from Marimor

    I think it's a very good idea ! ^^

    Thank you!

    Quote from JehZirO

    It might just be me but... I haven't seen any screenshots of MineCraft since I clicked on this post. Perhaps you could include some? The picture included seems like some sort of labelled blended picture made in photoshop or Paint.NET. If it really is just an aerial view maybe you could make it a bit more obvious that it's really from MineCraft with an additional screenshot or others from the surface to add a varying feel to it. Just a suggestion, otherwise... I'm not sure what I'm looking at but good work so far!

    Oh sorry, my laptop's probably one of the crappiest so I can't really take a neat screen shot of a whole mountain without lagging and being tempted to increase the fog.

    Quote from Miss_Jillian

    You sir, have a gift for world-planning. I love your allusions to greek mythology and how the world is laid out; hope to see more out of you! ^_^

    Thank you! :) this will probably just be a small project for now. I guess I could start doing requests but this one's first.

    Quote from Marcellan

    I use worldpainter and I found when I downloaded it the direct download was fine it was hardly complicated.

    Need to say something about the project to I guess looks good unrealistic though but it's minecraft. Minecraft is hardly a realistic game I'll just give you some advice you may have done this already but maybe not I would go and select a region using the select tile tool which you can find when you export it this would just export that specific area allowing you to have a good wander about and look at how its turned out in minercraft as it can look very different therefore when you finally export it properly you won't have any huge errors considering a map of that size can take quite a while to export that would be a bit of a pain especially if you wanted to test how it looked and had to export the whole map again

    Ah, that sounds a bit time intensive! But I will try it. Thank you!

    Quote from Nhbetancourt

    Looks pretty good indeed, may I ask you how you went about learning the world painter client? I have it installed but I can't seem to get the hang of it just yet. Any tips or tricks?

    I actually just took it head on ahha. A tip? Well I guess it would be to just be curious and try out the new buttons. I've only installed it 3 days ago so a lot can be learned from that!
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    posted a message on [VERY Large] Crystallus Empire
    Quote from Tyrinari

    I like the sort of mythological feel the layout it has to it. Like the JRPGs that I use to love.

    Might I ask what you used to make the map? ^.^

    I made it with "World Painter". I dug it up, glad I found it cause the original thread was made a couple years ago but still works great!
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    posted a message on [VERY Large] Crystallus Empire
    Quick Update: Just in case any of you were wondering, I have been working on the map and have just begun building the spawn city located in Olympus. I will post screen shots when finished. Thank you!

    Here's a map i've been working on, not much I can say but that it's still a work in progress. It's going to be, or so as planned, a map for my future server that is also a work in progress. The server will be based on economy, pvp and perhaps factions later on.

    Please note that this is an aerial view of the map, so every pixel here represents a block.

    Basic Information
    Dimensions: 3,968 x 3,968
    Edited with: World Painter
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    How I deal with social awkwardness, tell myself: It's okay, who needs friends anyways.
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