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    : IGN :
    : Age :
    : State / Country :
    United States
    : Language(s) :
    : How did you find The World of Nagura Server? :
    A clan I want to join plays on TWN.
    : Were you referred here by anybody? If so, who? :
    The clan RCA.
    : What interests you to apply for Membership? :
    So I can play with my clanmates.
    : Have you read the Rules & Courtesies thoroughly? :
    : Do you have any Minecraft modifications installed? If so, what? :
    : Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft server? If so, why? :
    : Do you have access to Ventrilo? :
    : What are your expectations for this server? :
    A friendly place to play with clanmates.
    : What qualities do you dislike in a Minecraft server? :
    Moderators ignoring people asking questions.
    : Do you consider yourself mature? :
    : Is there anything else you would like me to know, or ask? :
    Tasty Chunks? Nope. Chuck Testa.
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    posted a message on Please delete this, mods.
    What's your in game name?


    How long have you had minecraft?

    I started playing Minecraft towards the end of Alpha-November.

    What's your real life name?


    What's your gender?


    What's your age?


    Why do you want to join R.C.A.?

    I've been looking for a good PvP clan for a while, and this one seems cool.

    What form of communication do you have? (ex: Skype)

    Skype: TNyland969 | Xfire: Shooter969 | Email: [email protected]

    Are you a registered member of Nagura?

    Not yet; I will register after I submit this.

    Did you read our rules?

    Creepers are Hawt!

    What do you want to do in the R.C.A.?

    I am great at secret operations, keeping people from knowing things, stuff like that, so either an Assasin or a Major, but we'll have to see how it goes.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 rate your maturity. (On MC)

    It depends, if I need to be serious, a definite 10, but if Im just playing, around a 7.

    Which job in the R.C.A. would you like? (Don't try for the General)
    *Note* if you start as a lumberjack, miner, builder, or cave explorer, if you act well, you shall be promoted in aprox 1 month.

    I hope to graduate to Assasin or Major, but we all have to start somewhere, am I right? Miner.

    Edit: Accepted by Nagura.
    Second Edit: I was bored, so I made some signautres. I dont want it to affect my acceptance or denial, just thought I'd do something productive.


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    Guys, if you submitted an app, you are accepted.

    On a side note; Nic, Why dont you let us help build the City? Whenever someone makes a city, its best to have everyone help build it. Also, If you want to promote activity, build it legitimately, so people have jobs.
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    Nuff said.
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    Quote from golken

    you are also only 15

    That is not true.
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    • 1. RP experience- Nearly none. I can catch on quickly though.
    • 2. Profession- Builder or Blacksmith. I can do anything in the game proficiently.
    • 3. Qualities- I've run two servers, and been the leader of a clan for a few months. I have been playing since INFDev, so I know my way around the game.
    • 4. Age- 18
    • 5. IGN- Shooter969
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    posted a message on [1.1.0] [MCPMF] Magic Inventory (SMP) (0.5)
    Loljk, love ya bro.
    (no homo)
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Xtra Ores Mod [v2.9]
    Quote from Hezaru

    This looks great, although there is one graphical error i have seen, you see copper ore is not a copper color, it is a teal color.
    Not trying to insult, just thought I should point it out.

    Here is an example photo.

    Actually, the teal color is oxidation- Oxygen reacting with the copper forming a layer of a teal colored material, similar to rust on iron.

    So copper ore is a orange-brownish color.
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    posted a message on ~Minecraft Empire~ [MCE] RECRUITING
    The hell? Its been a week since I sent in my app.. no one has replied.
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    posted a message on ~Minecraft Empire~ [MCE] RECRUITING
    Forum Name: .:Shooter969:.
    In-game Name: Shooter969
    Age: 15
    Profession you want to start in: Mob Hunting
    Tier you think you should be in: Cant really say... I've never thought of myself as good in just one area.
    Evidence on why you should be in that tier (screenshot): Check my signature.
    Why we should add you: I know how to run a Minecraft clan... I have before. I am willing to help in any way possible.
    Suggestions to make the Empire Better: Have a "Government" profession.
    Anything extra you want to add: This application setup cant really explain me, nor what I believe. The best way to judge me is by how I act. Not what I tell you.
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    Disregard mine. Its taking too long to hear back from you all. I'll just go apply somewhere else.
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    Username: Shooter969
    What position I'm aiming for: Guard
    Why I'll like to join the clan: Looking for a couple of decent people to play Minecraft with.
    What I can do for the clan: Tactics, logistics, anything technical. I'm also good at paperwork.
    If I'll join the server or not: Without a doubt.
    My loction/time zone: US, Eastern coast. Eastern Time.
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    posted a message on FireStrike - [CLAN] [ACTIVE] [SERVER]

    *IGN: Shooter969

    *Division (You'd like): Master Soldier (I understand I'll have to work for it, but you have to have goals.)

    *IRL Name: Thomas

    *Age: 15

    *Why you want to join: Looking for a group of peeps I can play Minecraft with.

    *Why we should accept you: I've been around the PvP field for a while. I've always liked defense more than anything.

    *Skills: Negotiating, planning, building, mining, organizing, keeping members in order. I can do just about anything in Minecraft.

    *Skype?: TNyland969

    *Extra info: Previous clan experience. I've run a server before. Been playing Mincraft since around September of last year.

    *Password: (F***in') Smart (!)
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