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    Hey I have been missing the old glows from 1.7 that all the torches had, and the signs colored letters used to glow too!
    1.8+ removed them and I have been searching everywhere for a mod with no real luck. Found mods to remove coloring from 1.8+ but thats not what I'm looking for.

    Anyone know of a mod that restores the old 1.7 color glows, redstone torch glows, and torch glows? Or anyone willing to make one?

    Please reply with your input on this!

    1.8 lighting:

    Old 1.7 lighting:

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    Quote from neros64

    Would the Windows Xp Mode thing help that I linked to in first post? I don't know how virtual OS affect your performance compared to actually installing it. I had looked into partitioning my hard drive for it but, Microsoft said to install Xp first then Windows 7 as the second OS or your PC will fail which I don't want to do, at least in that order.

    As Stated in my last post, a Virtual OS will go WAY slower than you are getting now. The best you can do would be to use either ur current OS and try to fix it up as much as possible/upgrade RAM is SOOOOO cheap nowdays 20 bucks gets like 2-4GB
    Or downgrade(gulp I HATE VISTA....)
    Quote from neros64

    Already have Optifine installed

    Less memory? Like what would be a good amount then? Half a gigabyte?

    Which one of the Java 7 should I get? Theres the JRE and JDK. I don't know the difference.

    JDK is the best, and for the memory like 256MB would work just fine! if your FPS drops raise to 512MB but 256 would be perfect!
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    Quote from neros64

    Made sure I'm using 64 bit Java when I installed it.

    I have done this and doesn't seem to have any effect.

    To poor, wish that was an option for me.

    Already installed though it doesn't seem to help even with everything off.

    Still using default.

    Reinstall Minecraft(force update)

    then only install Optifine http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/249637-100-optifine-hd-c-fps-boost-hd-textures/

    It can DOUBLE your fps, helps with the freezes too!

    You also should launch Minecraft with less Memory http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/343030-minecraft-speedoptimization-guide-v-22-updated-on-nov-6/ (Scroll down a ways it will help you)

    Also didn't mention, Use Java 7! It will increase FPS too!
    Quote from neros64

    I had tried that were its installed inside of windows and when you boot up it gave you an option of what OS to run. It seemed to be very laggy and/or slow when opening programs and found it difficult to try to install minecraft even with written tutorials (couldn't find video ones oddly).

    Also NEVER run games on an OS running in an OS, Virtual Computers are VERY laggy. Because it has to run BOTH OSes and the virtual one never gets the right drivers since it has to EMULATE a computer.
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    Quote from Defakto227

    You are not correct. Thank you for playing.

    Also not true.


    What version of java were you running before? Which one are you running now?

    You go ahead and try to run a 32bit application on a 64bit computer without enough RAM to run it(even 64bit app uses more than that), it will use more. Yes upgrading java CAN help, but in the end he will HAVE to upgrade, I'm just saying it like it is, with under 3GB ram the 64bit OS will take up anywhere between 40/60% of his total RAM, forcing it to run in the second RAM stick. And if he has PLAIN DDR ram (Single Channel) it WILL greatly reduce his performance.(Noted he has DDR2, but will add if he has 512MB sticks using 4 slots[That is possible in an older computer] it would still have the SAME effect)
    He could try closing almost all background programs to free up more memory, and run minecraft with less memory too. Would help a whole lot, also disabled windows Aero would improve a lot too.

    Quote from neros64

    So I recently upgraded my Operating System from Windows Vista Home Edition 32 bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my desktop. Before upgrade I was averaging about 60 FPS and now I'm getting about 10 FPS. I've already looked everywhere and done everything to try to get higher FPS but, nothing seems to work. Would something like Windows Xp Mode help? Anyone have any suggestions that would help like that?

    Desktop specs:
    AMD Atholon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ Windsor 3.00 Ghz
    2Gb RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Onboard (graphics card recently failed)
    64 bit Java

    Your best options would be to:

    1: Use a 64bit version of java: http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/7u2-b13/jdk-7u2-windows-x64.exe Most computers come pre-installed with only a 32bit version.

    2: Disable all unnecessary background programs/ extra effects in windows.

    3: Consider upgrading both your RAM and Video Card

    4: Also install this mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/249637-100-optifine-hd-c-fps-boost-hd-textures/ Optifine Helps a LOT

    5: Also you CAN try using an 8x texture pack!
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    posted a message on Wow Graphics!
    Added you guys are talking about disabling advanced OpenGL, that DOESN'T disable OpenGL, it only changes the rendering style of OpenGL, actually enabled increases performance! Because it then renders ONLY what you see, instead of everything around you!
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    First You cant turn of OpenGL for Minecraft, its the system that renders it.
    But OpenGL is FAR less buggy than DirectX, Unfortunately Windows does get performance benefits from using DirectX.
    Unlucky you the game is run with Java, and I'm not sure it can even use DirectX. Nor would they want to re-make the game entirely just for windows users to be happy, its not worth the months/years of hard work. OpenGL works just fine why don't you just be HAPPY it runs, also the lag is mostly because the game renders in 'Chunks' meaning all from bedrock to sky loads for your computer near you. Just get a better video card/CPU and you wont have any lag at all, I don't have this issue nor do those who lag usually complain because the game is fun!
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    I used a card, but paypal is the way to go nowdays.
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    posted a message on How well will this Laptop run minecraft?
    Quote from xMistDemon420x

    it will play MC

    get a desktop with mad memory for video recording imo

    Desktops will always be the best choice for gaming/recording, I don't know why people even want to buy laptops anymore.
    I'm still regretting getting my gaming laptop, even though it runs most games at full settings its just barely living. Laptops lifespans suck, specially when gaming with them. I say it runs games at full settings, but I've had to lower my settings little over time because of it getting weaker it seems; In other words Laptops will get slower after the years even, mines only been almost 2 years and now it goes slow and overheats if I'm not careful.

    @ The Guy Who Posted O.o

    I would REALLY consider getting a desktop, or investing a LOT more money if I were you. Getting a computer that's cheap that you think will run for today WONT be able to handle games tomorrow, Desktops are the best because they are upgradable easily.
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    Quote from MindCaged

    Excuse me, I disagree. It depends on the type of RAM, I know that flash drives are rather cheap, but RAM isn't necessarily, especially for older computers.. . .

    ram price only depends on the place you buy from, the type and speed DDR DDR2 and DDR3, faster speeds cost more and most people will promote them first.
    ALso buying big sticks costs a lot more than buying smaller sticks, example using 1-2GB sticks is somewhat cheap if you go with a normal speed. Its not all that expensive nowdays really check newegg

    EDIT- the average computer even the average with XP uses DDR2, which is really the cheapest RAM on the market.
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