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    posted a message on Should you use Mending or Infinity?

    As many others have said it all depends on how you play. If you normally use the bow to hit mid distance targets like up ahead in a cave of covered Forrest then mending is fine. I however prefer infinity as I build very large and open structures. Often I leave large sections unlit and like picking them off to gain easy experience and practice. Then again I also have plenty of traceable books to get as many bows as I need,

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    posted a message on Really long OR Gate?

    Right but I could easily just invert the signal after this circuit to make it so it continued running until they were filled.

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    posted a message on Really long OR Gate?

    So I have a villager trading hall and at the press of a button it begins sending minecarts for more villagers. Once all the spaces are filled however I want it to shut itself off. Each cell has a bit of redstone including a torch sticking out the back creating a 30 or so block long row or redstone torches. I'm thinking this can become a long OR Gate. How can I harness these torches so that they must all be in a like state to receive an output?

    A normal line of dust will die out.

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    posted a message on Proximatic V7 - Celebrating 6 Yrs! [1.11.2 | MCMMO | Towns | Economy | Mobs! | CraftBook | Whitelist | LWC | Dynmap]

    This server is fantastic. Great builds and community.

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    posted a message on 6+ Year Old Commited Server. Open NOW for New Members!

    Application Below!

    Welcome to the Proximatic Server!
    Are you tired of seeing your servers fall apart? Hate having your many hours of work deleted because the owner wasn't committed to running it?
    We are happy to say that we have been around for over 6 years as a server. Keeping our size small and our community tight has allowed us to keep things together for all these years. Our map was recently reset and we don't plan on doing that again for a very long time! If you are ready for a committed server then we look forward to talking to you soon! Spaces are limited so don't delay!
    Look below for the Whitelist application![/b]
    (Or read on to hear about our plugins and such)

    Feel like a god by watching over us on the Dynmap![/b]


    In loving memory of our map from V4. RIP 2010-2011[/i]

    Address is[/b]

    * 24/7 In-House hosting

    * 100% Uptime except when waxing the ram disks for speed

    * Spigot Latest

    * Essentials

    * Mobs enabled

    * Core Protect (Admin)

    * WorldEdit/WorldGaurd (Admin)

    * Permissions Ex

    * LWC

    * QuickShop

    * Spleef

    * MCMMO

    * Hourly back-ups

    * Dynmap


    We got all sorts. If you ever need a full list, just type /warps in-game!
    No rank minimum required. That's right, even you are worth a warp!

    Ever been on a server before? I don't think these will be all that surprising.

    1) No griefing

    2) No being a &$%@-#$!

    3) No whining or being a massive potty mouth.


    In your whitelist application, answer "Have you read the rules" with "Yes" followed by a movie title you think is overated (this will not be used against you)[/i]


    6) Less exploring, more building; There's no point in you being here if all you do is wander around aimlessly. We have a Dynmap[/b]!

    7) Don't interfere with other people building (of course you can ask to help however)

    8) Protect your items yourself, or by using LWC (That doesn't mean stealing is tolerated)

    9) There are no freebies here; If you want an item, either track down a seller, or go out and find it.

    10) Dirt is not a structural load-bearing material. Please to not treat it as such. We like pretty buildings :L

    So would you like to join? Stay a while? Stay 6 years? Because we're perfectly fine with that. [/b][/i]

    Below is a template of the Application, please reply with your information included and we'll get back [/b]to[/b]
    you as soon as we can. Once you are able to come online we encourage
    you to check out a town! If the owner is online you can always ask for a
    plot to start building! Or, if you're the type, venture out on your own
    and make the countryside beautiful![/b]

    In Game Name:


    Location: (Country or Timezone. You don't need to be specific)

    How long have you played MC?:

    What blocks do you commonly use in your building style?:

    Have you read the rules?:

    Any extra notes about yourself:

    Welcome to Proximatic![/b]
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft DYING?

    I tend to consider minecraft less a game then a hobby. It's like knitting or sewing where you take something and turn it into something else. That is where the satisfaction comes from. Of course everyone wants to taste the novelty when everyone starts talking about it but once they decide it's not for them they go away. That's what we have here. It's not dying but has overcome its fad stage.

    Dont cry though. The minecraft movie is on the way. PREPARE FOR THE NOOB SWARMS!

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    posted a message on Proximatic V7 - Celebrating 6 Yrs! [1.11.2 | MCMMO | Towns | Economy | Mobs! | CraftBook | Whitelist | LWC | Dynmap]
    In Game Name: Signeddiamond
    Age: 24
    Location: (Country or Timezone. You don't need to be specific) Pacific Standard
    How long have you played MC?: Literally the day before minecarts were introduced. That would make it a Thursday I suppose...
    What blocks do you commonly use in your building style?: I generally like to go underground with a modest aboveground footprint. So I suppose lots of stone brick plus plenty of Hardened clay to break up the drab shades of grey.
    Have you read the rules?: Yes indeed but I'm a bit of a rebel so... '
    Any extra notes about yourself: I just got off a hiatus from the game about 2 months ago and was on a nice server. However as of late it is riddled with connection problems and nobody cares to fix it. I just want somewhere I can build without worry that my hours of work wont be flushed away. Seems like a good fit?
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    posted a message on Long Lasting 1.11 Whitelist Server! Now Open for Applications!
    Hey all! Welcome to Far Side Vanilla!

    After years with our previous map it was time to start fresh and that we did! With a map only weeks old we have opened back up applications to players ready to settle down.
    Are you tired of frequent map resets that destroy your work?
    Are you done with all the immature members taking up space and your patience?
    Are you ready to settle into a fantastic community and put your stamp on a beautiful new server?
    Are you tired or rhetorical questions? Lets get started then!
    When the map reset to 1.11 a couple weeks back we focused on the basics. Lets get the game playable at a comfortable rate so we could make it amazing. Our spawn is nicely built out with many community farms to get you started on your journey. A high speed enderman farm gets all your equipment up to speed. A painstakingly slabbed nether (sigh, painstakingly...) can get you a beacon in no time with a wither ripper on the way! We have a couple plugins installed such as Core Protect to save you from the griefers and One Player Sleep. Nothing crazy as we love that vanilla feel. Check out some photos below. I'm not that great at them!
    With our reset players online for years decided it was a good time to step away from the game and refresh so we have OPENED APPLICATIONS! We want you!

    So here are the RULES:

    No stealing
    No Griefing
    Pranks are allowed, but no killing or griefing. (unless in one of our PVP arenas)
    No hacking ie. fly, xray, kill aura etc.
    Do not be rude, be friendly to all.
    No advertising
    Try to be older then 16

    The Application To Determine Your Fate:

    • In Game Name:
    • Country:
    • Age:
    • Reason for joining:
    • What can you bring to the server?:
    • How much time can you afford to dedicate towards the server?:

    We have a growing Discord Channel in which we all come together and talk in, share laughs, communicate, tell jokes and have an all around fun time. If you have discord and would like to apply, please leave it in the application! There will be specific details in what you need to include in your Discord details.

    See you soon!
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    posted a message on NEW* 1.11 Minecraft Whitelisted Far Side Vanilla SMP! 16+, Discord, Friendly, Join today!

    Name (or something you would like to be known and called by): Signeddiamond

    • Discord: NA
    • In Game Name: Signeddiamond
    • Country: USA
    • Age: 24
    • Reason for joining: Looking to hop on a nice smaller server to work on.
    • What can you bring to the server?: Redstone farming. I really enjoy large projects that automate themselves.
    • How much time can you afford to dedicate towards the server?: At least hours a day.
    • Most active days?: Yes
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    posted a message on [1.9.2] Diamond Crafters [Semi Vanilla!] ★ [Whitelisted!] ★ [Community Projects] ★

    IGN (In Game Name): Signeddiamond

    Age: 24

    Skype (optional): I prefer not to state this openly.

    How often will you be on: Daily I would think. I like to enjoy my evenings and minecraft always relaxes.

    What do you look for in a server? What keeps you motivated to keep playing? Longevity and size. Often they do not go hand in hand. A nice established stable server often shows the marks of hundreds of players horrible builds. I like building secretly. Huge unseen projects that yield huge returns.

    Any special MC skills: I excell at automation and compaction. I love shoving farms together so that everything works seamlessly.

    Tell me a joke (optional): Knock Knock, who's there, season 5.

    Additional Information (optional): Please refer to the very funny joke above.

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    posted a message on [1.9]Small Server Wanting More players to start up a little community!!

    [b]1. What is your IGN: Signeddiamond
    [/b]2. Why are you interested in joining this server? Just looking for a fun place to play on regularly.[/b]
    3. How often will you play on the server? Daily[/b]
    4. How old are you? (Must be at least 15) 24[/b]
    5. How long have you played Minecraft for? Hmmm, sometime in alpha. Minecarts had just been introduced.[/b]
    6. How do you plan to spend your time on the server? A lot of farming. I really enjoy the process of automation.[/b]
    7. What is your skype? I would prefer not to state this publicly.[/b]
    8.Time Zone? PST[/b]

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    posted a message on *~~~~Elysium~~~~* ~ 18+ ~ Extremely Active!!!
    IGN: Signeddiamond
    Age: 24
    Country: United States
    Motivation to join: Just looking for a fun place to build for the foreseeable future. Last server went bust and single player just isn't the same...
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    posted a message on +=+Survival+=+Whitelidt+=+Small+=+ NBSERVER- SMALL COMMUNITY, NEEDING MORE PLAYERS

    Why are you applying to join NBServer: Because I have been out of the game for a few months and my last server seriously went down hill. just looking for a nice place to build for months.

    • Why do you enjoy playing Vanilla survival: I like building farms and that is really not very fun anywhere but survival. It also tends to make your builds much more impressive.

    • Are you able to provide a few screenshots of your builds in survival?: New computer unfortunately. I really wish I had pics of my last base...

    • How many hours played do you have on your SSP (survival single player) world?: Hmmm, tough question. I don't play a ton on it except for testing. I tend to favor multiplayer.

    • Are you able to use Skype group chat regularly?: Sure, Why not.

    • What other games do you play?: Nothing really.

    • What is your IGN?: Signeddiamond

    • Is there anything you would like to ask me (optional)?: How many times have you seen the film Cool World?
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    posted a message on AngelCraft Looking for New Members || White-listed || Small Based-Community || Mature || Active ||

    Please keep in mind everyone, First impressions are everything to this server.

    Remember to really put your all into the application by answering all the repetitive questions. Its important to know how often you will play and also how often you think you will be playing. I hope this clears up why we asked that twice.

    Photos are important to us. You better have them in your first post or you can consider yourself blacklisted. No reapplication allowed (please refer back to the first line of this post).

    So if you are one of those lucky few please head on over. Fun is only several flaming hoops held by Michael J Fox away!

    This post refers to my experiences with this server owner. Your experience may vary.

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