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Hello my name is Neil, most of the time i try to be upbeat! it works. The reason i dont like sheep is cause i found a texture pack bug where if you install to many it will spawn a mob and crash your game and the worst part is you cant get back on the map. And mine spawned sheep and i SWEAR they're multiplying. I also use a Macbook and i am trying to make a texture pack. Oh yeah, Don't post too many "End of the world is going to happen" or something topics for me D: I'm kinda superstitious. Not like bad luck stuff, But the other kind. If you wanna be my friend, i don't care about age/gender/voice. I Just care if you're nice or not or if i like you for who you are. And no, i'm not trying to get icky. SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

(I can find a ton of errors within the above sentence. Can you find them all?) Youtube <--- My channel

What exactly IS a "Neil"?

You can either look it up on google or something, or i can tell you.

A Neil is a generally crazy person with no control. (Mind you, this is my definition) I sometimes get lonely and talk to my stuffed animals. And i also pretend inanimate objects are animate. Sometimes i talk to my self conscious. I call him Self-Anonyamous.

Neil's personalities


Magical blue bunny

Magical green bunny


Mr. Jenkins

Mr. Thompson


The rules of having a stuffed Animal.

1. Name every single one of your stuffed animals, and remember their names. Every day when you wake up. try naming them until you have it memorized.

2. Care for them. All your stuffed animals have a heart. Play with them sometimes. And sleep with one. Sometimes if you have a favorite one, play a game with it, where it's the king. Or something like that.

3. Visit Neil. He likes it.

Alright, It's time to release my mind about the "PC IS BETTA THAN MAC HREGUDJKH" debate. Personally, I. Do. Not. Care. But, since everyone and their grandma has their panties up in a bunch about it, I think I should say my part on it a second time.

  • Lets do a metaphor. Imagine two people. On has a truck, and one has a scooter. The person with the truck, will think the truck is better since he hasn't tried ANYTHING else but a truck. And the person with the scooter will think the same.

    So starts the argument of "NOE, MAI TRUCK IS BETTA THAN YO SCOOTA."

    Did I mention I use a PC too? I have both, and they pretty much do the same ­.

Tostycraft IP: ITS TOASTY!

Interests Punching trees and killing sheep. Also, murder. And maybe making a song.

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