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    posted a message on [16x][1.7.4] Terraria 1.2 Resource Pack for Minecraft (Terraria, within Minecraft!) [70,000+ Downloads!]
    So, exactly how is this even remotely kosher?

    You're ripping off Terraria's graphics, badly, and shilling both ad.fly links and begging for donations.

    Do something original. Stop sucking.
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    posted a message on it's time to get rid of Ad.fly
    To prevent (unnecessary) TL;DRs I'll keep this short. Regardless of whether or not mod developers and artists get a few pennies here or there simply doesn't matter. Adf.ly doesn't have anyone's interests in mind but their own, and apparently those interests would including delivering thousands of victims into the hands of criminals. It's time for ad.fly links to be banned from the forums.

    Over the last few weeks I've watched things get worse and worse with that lot... The annoying delays were always what they were supposed to be, an annoyance you sat through while you waited for the full-page ad to load. ...and then a few weeks ago we started seeing misleading "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD" links which were not what someone was being directed through adf.ly for. Clearly they were just counting on people who aren't used to ad.fly clicking on those, generating a somewhat bogus referral click, and having to come back a second time to see the actual click-through in the upper right hand corner. The fake download links initially went to some shifty-looking sites, and then later started returning highly questionable executables. The screenful of phony download links should have been enough to result in their summary banning from use all by itself--I'm somewhat surprised to have not seen people carping about the executables. Now, I could go and do a whole detailed investigation, but no one's paying me so screw that this is what you get. I'm now pretty damn convinced they're handing out trojan-ware and malware to visitors. If people were wondering where the 'hacks' that are stealing Minecraft credentials are coming from, well... You don't have to look real far. Ad.fly is staring you right in the face as very likely the responsible party.

    Today they've gone a step further and aren't even showing you a page of phony download links anymore, they just bounce you straight to a "sticky" full-page lead-gen scam ad. They'll likely claim it was a mistake or it was a bad actor buying referrals from them, and that will be a lie.

    Moderators: Ban ad.fly now. This has gone on for too long.

    Artists/Programmers: Stop using ad.fly. The only thing you're doing is delivering victims into the hands of criminals for a handful of nickles.
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    posted a message on What if your local IP address is too long?
    Quote from 8bitben

    I believe he's talking about a port. Try using a colon before the last set of four numbers... i.e.

    In that case 8080 is the port.

    The screenshot he showed doesn't involve colons.
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    posted a message on What if your local IP address is too long?
    Quote from DrPhizyJr

    Hey, I am trying to start a second server on my other router. The thing is, the local IP address is too long to port forward. It is 192.168.*.***. When you port forward you can only do 192.168.1.*.

    What do I do? :blink.gif:

    I want to be snarky and say "You try again when you're more sober" but I suspect this is a actually legitimate question. I'm more disturbed by that no one is even attempting to challenge this. The only way it could realistically be "too long" is if you were using IPv6 addresses instead of IPv4, and well, your fragment of a screenshot shows that's not happening.

    Your local IP can't be too long. It's just not possible. The last octet (the numbers between the dots) is going to be a number between 1 and 254, and even more likely to be between 100 and 254.

    Please post your actual internal 192.168.x.x address instead of trying to mask it with asterisks. Those are what are called 'private addresses' and trust me, no one can reach them unless they're already calling from upstairs (movie reference). I'll even take a moment to predict that it ends in 101, 102, 103, or 104. Then someone can maybe mark up an image telling you what to enter into what box on your router management interface.

    Edit: After thinking a bit about what you might be thinking the IP address is too long for... The leftmost input box (where you see 'Minecra') is literally just decoration--it's not where the IP address goes. You only need to put the last octet of your server's IP address in the rightmost box (in the top line of your screenshot, no less... replace the 100) and you're pretty much done. Also, you only need to worry about TCP but setting 'both' there will work just fine.
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    posted a message on [1.5_02] [Guns] [Planes] MerbosMagic
    Quote from TheEyes

    He also uses a batch installer that doesn't work on Linux.

    He said this in the initial post. It shouldn't come as a great shock to anyone.

    Quote from TheEyes

    Also, it installs mods like Guns that take away the point from MC. Don't be surprised if a bunch of noobs get you killed within 30 seconds.

    This, too, was mentioned by the OP.

    Quote from TheEyes

    Add the low post count and the bad administration = bad.

    Fuddy, fud fud. Not cool.
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    posted a message on Sysv init script v1.0.6 for Linux
    Quote from Vanadium »
    You might wanna use getent passwd | awk ... instead of awk ... /etc/passwd.

    Also getusername does not work, should probably be \$3 == \"$1\" instead of \$1 == \"$3\"

    Not going to use getent because I don't write init scripts that use things from /usr (insert long and complex technical reason no one but me cares about here).

    ...and actually the bigger problem with getusername() is that I was in a hurry ("Haste makes for embarrassing bugs.") and had a big ol' "| head -n 1" on the wrong side of the quote marks, which was making awk a little snippy. Both problems now fixed. Thanks for mentioning that.
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    posted a message on Sysv init script v1.0.6 for Linux
    Quote from deepr00t »
    The config file listed is a bit different than the one needed. This may be simple for everyone but for those who didn't catch it:

    ...actually that's pretty much the reason I didn't ship it with a config file and mentioned in the docs that if you do want a config file to modify you can run `$scriptname config` and it'll just give you one, like so:
    [email protected]:~$ /etc/rc.d/rc.minecraft dumpconfig
    # Minecraft server configuration
    # Date: Mon Apr 25 12:50:58 CDT 2011

    Quote from deepr00t »
    Thanks so much for this helpful piece of code.

    You're quite welcome.
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    posted a message on BETA 1.5 Glitch
    It's an old bug. The code tries to check the spaces where the bed is to see if it's lit, but winds up checking the voxel behind the head of the bed instead. If that's a bit of solid wall, it tends to be dark which means you get monsters.

    Move the the bed away from the wall already.
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    posted a message on Sysv init script v1.0.6 for Linux
    The format (such that it is) is just the usual name=value pair thing. It's simply sourced by bash as the first thing it does. I put dumpconfig in there specifically so people could just `./rc.minecraft dumpconfig > ~/.minecraft.conf` and go from there if they chose to be all belt & suspenders about it.

    Here's the relevant segment of code:
    set_defaults() {
      # If the system is just starting, this might not be populated yet.
      USER=${USER:-`getusername $UID`}
      # Note: Unix usernames should not exceed eight characters in length
      # for reasons which are mostly historical, so 'minecraft' is a bad
      # choice and definitely unsuitable as a default.
      if [ $UID -eq 0 ]; then
        if [ $MC_USER != $USER ]; then
          # Technical/security considerations make this impractical at best.
          die "Non-root users may not specify a different MC_USER."
      [[ $MC_USER == "root" ]] && die "The server should never run as root!"
      if ! userexists $MC_USER; then 
        die "The '$MC_USER' role account does not exist."

    Working from the bottom up where it would have emitted that error, it looks like MC_USER must somehow be unset. That's kinda odd considering how many things are being done to avoid that. That bit got called because userexists() clearly failed (and it's basically some window-dressing for awk). It should be nearly impossible for MC_USER to be unset, because just above that both branches of the non-root check start off by setting it to something which at the least should wind up being $USER. Going all the way up to the top of that, there's 'USER=${USER:-`getusername $UID`}' which is definitely a "bash-ism" and part of the reason why the bang magic line is "#!/bin/bash" and not "#!/bin/sh". $UID always gets set in bash (but not in dash or sh!), but getusername doesn't do any sanity checks on it's arguments so if you pass it null, it probably ain't going to work right and will also return zilch.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that I need to add a hook that checks to make sure people are actually using bash, and not typing 'sh /etc/rc.d/rc.minecraft start' or something similar. Ubuntu (I noticed this yesterday actually heh) has an actual sh-sh that is called when you invoke it as sh, and the thing won't work that way. Bash has a lot of extentions to make life considerably easier (like ${name:-value}) for setting variables as defaults without having to do a bunch of eye-burning if checks. So... in short... Bash isn't sh, and I've got no intention of rewriting this to satisfy sh-purists. That would be madness--practically every linux machine out there larger than a sandwich bag has bash on it, usually as the default shell.

    Anyway, run the thing with just `./rc.minecraft` and see if the same thing happens.
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    posted a message on Sysv init script v1.0.6 for Linux
    PRE-EMPTIVE TL;DR: Now requires 100% moar bash.

    Most of the text below is straight from the README file that's included in the tarball.

    # Minecraft Beta SMP Server startup script
    # Version 1.0.6, released April 25th, 2011
    # (c) 2010-2011 Dagmar d'Surreal
    # Released under the terms of the GNU GPL 2.0.
    # Run the script with the argument 'licence' to read the licence.

    # Props to Relliktsohg for being the reason this uses screen instead of tee
    # and nohup--I am not used to daemons which have a console you'd care to see.

    First things first... This is a SysV init script which just happens to have added functionality so that it can be invoked directly by a plain user account to spawn a singular instance of the server. It will never be given extra
    features to back up your files, download new versions, do your laundry, or anything else that is far better handled by any other script written by an administrator for those specific purposes. It starts the server, it gracefully stops the server, and it does it well. By the way, even if you think your server isn't using "sysv init" it probably is using sysv init (yes, that's directed at some Slackware users--it's been sysv for awhile now) and thusly this script will work just fine.

    The script uses GNU screen to wrapper the server, and requires a non-root account in order to work. Don't complain about it not letting you run the thing as root, either. Doing so is astonishingly bad practice. If you're the actual administrator, role user accounts cost you nothing and keep the game (or whatever lucky hacker found a vulnerability in it) from eating your server alive. The default username for this is 'miner', but never fear, it can easily be configured to use some other username. If you run it as a "regular" user, it will simply assume that this is the user it's supposed to use. If you think this was done so that it could be started using crond instead of init, you'd be completely right (yes, you can invoke it as `minecraft.sh start` as many times as you like, it will generally refuse to start a second instance of the server). If you run the script as root, it can and will drop privs when it changes uids to launch screen & Minecraft.

    As with most init scripts, there is very little configuration to be done, but some intelligence has been coded in to make it relatively painless. When invoked by root, the script first looks in /etc/init and then in /etc for the
    configuration file (minecraft.conf). You do not need to edit the init script to make changes to the configuration, nor should you--scripts and configuration data are supposed to stay separated. If you run it as a regular user, it looks in ~/.minecraft.conf for it's configuration. To speed things along, you can invoke it as `minecraft.sh dumpconfig` and it'll just tell you what it's worked out between any configuration data and the defaults. A configuration file is entirely optional if you're cool with the defaults. If there's something very wrong, don't expect dumpconfig to do anything but complain about it.

    There are a grand total of five configuration items you might need to set, and they're documented in the README that ships with the tarball. Their defaults are the user 'miner' (easy one to guess at this point), their home directory, 1GB, twenty seconds, and "if it's actually present". What those are the defaults for is left as an exercise to people who actually read documentation.

    Hey0's server mod is no longer supported. CraftBukkit has now taken it's place.

    TL;DR version: "It makes it Just Work(tm)."

    Version 1.0.5: http://pawsforconcern.org/minecraft-init.tar.bz2

    Version 1.0.6 - Fixed a really annoying bug with getusername() reported by Vanadium on the forums where I had some args swapped, and one unreported where I had things which are not awk-ese being passed to awk, breaking teh everythings. This should work now even when one's distro is too lazy to set $USER.
    Version 1.0.5a - Added a hook to check for BASH_VERSION since about half a dozen people have reported having problems running the script when they invoke it through a "plain sh". Not that this is wholly unreasonable since for ages most linux distros just symlinked /bin/sh to /bin/bash and called it a day--now that some are installing a more limited shell, it's causing some problems for 'em.
    Version 1.0.5 - Converted hMod checks to bukkit checks. The obvious variable is now BUKKIT_MOD. If u can haz bukkit. BTW guys, ln -s > mv. Changed the default GRACE_TIME from sixty seconds to twenty (because I can't be bothered to wait that long). This isn't necessarily a change but a reminder that the sanity checks are done BEFORE everything else, so if you try dumpconfig and haven't created the role user yet, it'll just complain about that.
    Version 1.0.4 - Fixed cases where the user's homedir wasn't being found properly because bash is picky about when it thinks ~ is special. Also spotted a glaring lack of a $ in get_configuration. Raised the delay on startup to two seconds (for slow machines).
    Version 1.0.3 - Caught a case where USER might not be populated during init. Added a 1s delay and an explicit server up check after trying to start the server because we're basically taking it on faith that screen did anything at all. Fixed a typo that was causing joe accounts to be told they couldn't use their own uid.
    Version 1.0.2 - Bugfix release. Corrected an issue where MC_DIR could be ignored. Renamed script from mc.sh to minecraft.sh. Fixed an edge case where java not being in the $PATH could cause a failed start. Still no backdoor at least.
    Version 1.0 - Initial release. Probably no bugs. Lacks any sort of backdoor.

    Post Scriptum: I wrote this thing because I've been seeing a lot of wooly stuff in how servers are handled going on lately (one guy was kill -9'ing things *shudder*). I'd have had it out sooner, but darn me for having a day job. It doesn't have the magic hooks in it to make Ubuntu and Fedora know what to do with it right away, but... I don't think this is really going to hold up moderately competent admins for long. If someone's wedged those lines into a shell script for both platforms before and wants to send me a patch, that would be pretty cool.
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    posted a message on Winter Easter Egg
    I'll give you one hint.

    Hexadecimal does not include the letter 'y'.

    It's not an easter egg.

    ...although I'm glad that "IceIceBaby" is as bad as this thread got.
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    posted a message on Weather?
    I just assume he's planning on putting them back at some point. Falling snow was pretty.
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    posted a message on What is this and is it new this patch?
    Considering how incredibly rare they were before it's no wonder he'd never seen one until now.
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    posted a message on is this a glitch?
    IIRC wheat growth is directly tied to the amount of light, so... add more torches (or preferably glowstone from the nether since also IIRC it's brighter than torches).

    Generally I just make sure no livestock can get in there and jump up and down on it and come back later to a full crop.
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    posted a message on [REQ] potassium nitrate
    Quote from lolkuro »
    (And for cake's sake kids don't even attempt to make that.)

    Yeah, good luck on that one being followed.
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