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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    Quote from Azdorine

    How do you ever put up with all this?

    Many of us don't have to.

    1. BTW forums. Sargunster is a pretty awesome guy.
    2. MCF ignore list. I've deleted dozens of posters from my sight from this thread alone. Just deleted another one a few seconds ago.
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    In regards to support for this thread, there are a ridiculous number of users in this thread and in this entire forum who don't read instructions for a mod or even anything in the first post except the download link, and then jump in saying something bright like, "Minecraft broke after I installed this mod. Why?" Respect works both ways, and many of these people(not all!) are being disrespectful by consuming the creator's time with support requests, ignoring instructions, refusing to search for solutions on their own, posting incomplete information or even nothing at all, and demanding solutions to problems that users have created themselves.

    Quote from PizzaSHARK

    Installing mods manually becomes an enormous chore when you're installing a large number of mods, especially if an error crops up that's indicating an issue with load order. You have to revert back to your virgin Minecraft.jar and then load each and every mod manually, testing Minecraft after each one until you figure out where the error's coming from. Knowing Java or Minecraft's coding helps out a lot here by reducing the amount of steps you need until you iron out the wrinkles, but it's still an enormous pain in the ass.

    Difficulty of multiple manual mod installation in Minecraft is subjective. It's not hard, but it can become tedious if you increase the number of mods. Just dumping all the mods in the .jar is doing it wrong, yes. There are a number of methods to minimize errors the first time. Manual installation in most cases amounts to reading instructions, making backups, simple file and folder manipulation, occasional text editing(configs, etc.), and archive tool use. Many solutions to most problems can be found using search engines. If all of that is how you define a pain in the ass, well then, you're entitled to that opinion. Knowledge of java and/or Minecraft code is not a necessity for manual installation. I have neither.

    edit: Looks like I was essentially ninja'd by one of the creators. Heh
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    Quote from SnO_Opzzzz

    Probably it's been asked 100 times already, but can we know why you cant make a config file so we can disable biomes?

    You're close, but 100 times was passed some time ago.

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    Quote from JojHeywood

    There's already a mod for Coral Reefs what hasn't been updated since 1.7.3, but a user named Coupon22 has been un-officially supporting the mod (And other un-supported mods) up till 1.1. He's stated that until the modAPI comes out he won't be updating any of the mods he's been supporting.

    To summerise: A mod like this already exists, but you won't be able to get your mits on an updated version until 1.3.

    Another user has picked up that particular mod, and it's been updated since 1.2.3. Current version updated to 1.2.4. Thread for Coral Reefs mod is here.
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    Mojang absolutely needs to improve the performance. I used to run far & fancy with 20+ mods including smooth lighting and minimaps as well as a 32 x 32 texture pack with 40-50 fps in Alpha. I'm lucky to get 30 fps now(normal and fancy), and that's only after using mods like Optifine, running on a RAMdisk, customizing heapsize and java priority, and disabling weather.

    Go ahead and repeat the invalid "Get a better computer." argument, minecraftforums fanboys. Minecraft is now a release version game. Until and unless minimum system requirements are officially posted by Mojang, I'll continue to dismiss and ignore that nonsense.
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    posted a message on Mojang is the most innefficient developer in existance.
    Quote from JrvUnleashed

    I have NEVER seen a developer code this slowly. It's unbelievable.

    Have you ever heard of 3D Realms?
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    posted a message on Finally the Nether has a use!
    The Nether has been extremely useful for almost an entire year now for fast travel, which is what it was designed for. Hopefully the addition of bridges and roads will help some players get a clue. The Nether isn't really a destination; it's like a freeway or railroad to get you to your destination on the surface much faster. It was never supposed to be a hospitable environment.

    It would be nice if those blocks resist ghast fireballs.
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    posted a message on The magically appearing nether portal
    The portals are behaving exactly as they should. All you have to do is make a portal in the Nether that is in the correct location. Stand inside the portal in your castle, press F3, and divide the X and Z coordinates by 8. Travel to that location in the Nether, and construct a portal there. It will link back to the portal in your castle. Try to construct your Nether portal close to the same elevation(Y coordinate), and for convenience, try to construct it so you enter and exit facing the same direction.
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    posted a message on Default avatars for users with no avatars
    What is the point of adding a default avatar to everyone who has none? If they are all the same, how is that any better than or different from having none at all? It just wastes bandwidth streaming all these identical images and adds needless clutter. I've already set a new filter to block mine from display.
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    posted a message on You just fell in lava and died. What do you do?
    I make regular backups of my saves. If lava kills me and burns my stuff, I just load a previous save. I guess that's similar to option # 4.
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