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    Quote from ShinyMew1256

    Metallurgy is not updated yet to 1.7.2. You are going to have to wait for the update or use an older mc version.

    This is the site I got the 1.7.2. Latest version too.
    Dashboard [Jenkins]
    Quote from Shadowclaimer

    I don't know which Git you're talking about o.O we don't have any release up on TeamMetallurgy.


    Regardless, I'd like to take this time to announce that Glassmaker (of ExtraTIC fame) will be taking over development of Metallurgy. I'll be moving on to other projects that I'll be discussing more of in the future.

    He can be found on Twitter @JeanGlassmaker, he'll be making a new post as of 1.7 for Metallurgy.

    Could you give a link to this guy? it would be much appreciated.
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