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    You know i realy loved beeing able to walk in a server whitout a player pushing me around. I hate ppl pushing me around. i know this was a thing back in the days because i was there. I asume you read all the post so pleasse consider redeeming that change.

    It will be a problem on every server

    I also dont like how if you are on a diffrent version, you can a texturepack from previous versions. like you could before.

    you know, the texturepack only texturing what it has changed. but you are not forced not to use it.


    I meant to say, in the latest snapshot you cant use outdated versions of a texturepack

    what is the command? For the scoreboard thingy?

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.7.10 cofhcore minecraft crash
    yeah i have the same problem. I am trying to install all the mods for flyboys. But everytime i start minecraft. minecraft just crashes. i have confirmed it is CoFHcore too because when i try to open minecraft without CoFH minecraft goes totaly fine. Hope someone has the answer.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2]~Hamsterrific V0.2.0~ Pet hamsters for your minecraft world! Now with Hamster Balls!
    Is there any spesific biomes they spawn in ? :steve_wink:
    Like i use Biomes'O Plenty and i have been looking alot for hamster's in my world :Bacon: :steve_shocked: And i still havent found any hamster :steve_tearful: I would be very happy if you could maybe make them have a spesific randomnes regardless of what biome :////:
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