About Me
I am really into programming, and things like that.  Im age 15, but, I can program in java, C++, c#, and I can also write in HTML, css, and basic javascript.

Im best at java, as I can make GUI, with buttons and such, as well as java Applets.

I'm also amazing at a program called gamemaker.  Allough it does have drag and drop scripting, I program mostly using GML, the code.  I can make 3D games, which it doesn't directly support, and I'm experianced in utilizing it's featuers.

Check out:
Its the site for a game I made in gamemaker(It's a WIP), and I wrote it in HTML
Interests I like programming, and gaming, and programing games. I still do have a life, an like hanging with my friends.

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Minecraft Mister_Hobo or Zubilly

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Skype csga5000