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    You're pulling .33 FPS in a demonstration video. There is nothing to say at all.
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    If you guys STILL want an exact number for whatever reason, make a monostable circuit, a clock, and AND them together.Have the monostable circuit shut off after 64 clock ticks.

    Or, you just have your dispensers hooked up to an always on clock and use a lever. Getting 60-70 drops instead of 64 won't kill you.
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    posted a message on Redstone Activating Booster oddly
    I have a problem with booster tracks being activated from odd redstone placement.

    This is the cross section: Flower = redstone torch, shroom = redstone that forms a line with other unshown redstone, glass = air, picture = rail.

    :cobblestone: :RFlower:
    :cobblestone: :RedShroom:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    :Glass: :Glass:
    :cobblestone: :Frame:

    I know for a fact that this did not happen in 1.6.6, as this piticular problem didn't exist when I tested the design.

    It's not a glitch, as I can reproduce this result in different places.

    Is wire able to power downwards through an air block now?
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    Quote from FreeFell

    @Alive: The problem is that he wants a specific number

    Four clicks and a press of a single key beats sitting around waiting on a dispenser.

    This guy wants a specific number only because Etho wanted one. He also knows nothing about redstone and asks anon to think for him. I gave him a workable dispenser system that would give you a "quick kit" within ten seconds tops. Two of my dispensers have a full armour suit, compass, map, clock, sword, four soups, half a stack of both mushrooms, half a stack of wood and a quarter stack coal, which only take 20 seconds to dispense.

    Also, my dispenser system makes the waiting disappear. In my last picture I had one hand over F2 and the other over my mouse and pressed both as close together as I'm able to and each dispenser still shot out two iron bars.
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    Make a one clock with repeaters and send the output through a wire that goes underneath two dispenser. (Or one, or 4 in partial + symbol, missing the top piece) Place a block on top of the dispensers and add a lever. Start one clock, pull lever, receive shitloads of items. Flip lever again, stop dispensers.

    The one clock will break every time you save the game, so you'll need to create a restart mechanism or reset it manually everytime you want to start playing that world again. I created a two part system to 100% reset the one clock at the push of a button.

    As bulky and difficult as this sounds, once you have the one clock set up, you can hook up a HUGE number of dispensers without any additional circuitry. All you have to do is run wire DIRECTLY underneath the dispensers.

    My dispensers look exactly like Mr_Fishy's avatar when dispensing.

    What my setup looks like

    What the wiring looks like, with the reset button in view

    This was taken less than a second after flipping the lever

    The one clock with piston/edge detector reset.
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    posted a message on Wishing For NAND
    I say dear chap, NAND gates are far too complicated for basic wiring needs. OR, NOT, and NOR are already easy and intuitive to make, allowing users to play around with various combinations and learn for themselves. Limiting redstone to one basic gate makes it impossible to create redstone devices without a basic understanding of boolean algebra.
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    posted a message on What do Redstoners use to Record there Stuff?
    Try asking in the videos forum

    Quote from "RULES" »
    What to post here:
    - Circuit designs
    - Serious discussion on Redstone-related topics
    - Help with working with Redstone
    - Specific projects, pics, and videos DIRECTLY related to Redstone

    I also think a better question you could ask would go along the lines of this:

    "Hey guys what video software is good to pirate"

    That Is All.
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    posted a message on Subtractor
    Quote from jhart15467

    ok here's the final product, it's a monster to say the least....

    image cut

    if you notice any mistakes in my circuitry please let me know...primarily that 3 input or gate and the and gates leading into it

    Your circuitry......
    So large.........................
    so uncompacted
    it hurts.
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    Obviously my tone of voice. No creeper can resist.
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    posted a message on World Recovery Thread - I'll Fix Broken/Missing Worlds!
    Hey voordal, I don't want to take up your time, so I would like to do the fix myself. I have a save file that Minecraft couldn't detect after a crash. I fixed that problem, deleted a chunk that regenerated (but didn't create a new one), reset my spawn and my player position.

    My problem now is that I get 3-4 FPS on the save. How could I fix this issue? Your OP states you can likely fix this, but I would like to learn how myself.


    More than a few chunks regenerated actually. Much of the terrain is similar, but many changes have occurred and I can't recall what is new and what is not. I've deleted chunks that were very out of place, But I'm still unable to regenerate them.
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    posted a message on Order-sensitive RSNOR Combo Lock
    Quote from draemn

    Right... I was able to create a basic RS NOR latch, but I really don't get all the circuits thing :sad.gif:

    Anyone want to come on my server and help me with setting up a combo lock? I tried to read the tutorial, but I just gave up :tongue.gif:

    Have the SET input of one RS NOR latch connect to the one adjacent to the next RS NOR latch.

    That way every dependent RS NOR can't change states until the one in front of it changes.
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    posted a message on Toggleable clock?
    Have the lever leading to a NOT gate that is part of the clock.
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    posted a message on Dry Dock Glitch
    Quote from Dynamiix



    If you set up multiple one wide paths with water flowing in them you will have something to keep your boats still, but getting them out is a pain. Try hatches, two of them over water should make a nice controllable gate that stays out of the way.
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    i believe the old behavior was that both was would collide, but the intended behavior is that neither way collides.

    Thanks, I've got a nifty chest cart storage system that only works north/south and I wouldn't want to bother making a complete one if it breaks in 1.7

    If anyone else has more information please post.
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    Quote from Yuni

    You're all oblivious. 1.6 introduced a bug where newly generated maps, even when using a seed which had clay, will no longer generate any clay. Try it.

    False, clay can only generate where the coordinates x=z AND the conditions are right for it. Old terrain generation has the normal amount.

    If you want to find clay I'd suggest waiting for 1.7 before setting out exploring, you can only find clay in four diagonal directions in 1.6
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