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    posted a message on new biome, Ruined city/villages.
    these are found in any biome and range from small 2-5 hut village to large 35-40 city. these are abandoned and no mobs spawn the exept execive amouts of passive mobs.there are chests, furnaces, and crafting tables. the chests can have anything in them, exept the rarer chests are buried, hidden, or hard to get.

    also, if ocean exploring is your thing, a sunken ship can be found from a small washed up dingy(wash up on known and unknown beaches) with a small chest with common items (string, sulfer, catcuses, Ect.) to huge prate shipsin open ocean(does not wash up but does spawn in known and uknown waters.) with chests,furnaces, ect. the chest have the smame concept in abandoned city chests.

    thanks for voting! please comment.
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