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    Quote from Bullfrog9143

    I find this amusing... and yes, my computer will, hopefully *crosses fingers*, be back to me by the 12th of December. Hopefully.

    Thanks for saying this, I was thinking you were offline the whole time without a reason. Now I know better ;)
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    Quote from Bullfrog9143

    Update of Progress So Far:

    We have interviewed two people: Keith269 and iPlay2build
    We have accepted applications from two people and their interviews are being scheduled: Syiet and Marc1510
    If these four are accepted, we still have 6 positions available (assuming they are accepted.

    I contacted you on Skype but we do have some time differences. At what time are you going to be online?
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    Name: Marc
    IGN: Marc1510
    Age: 19

    Skype: I do have, but don't want to put here.

    Do you have a mic?: Yes, a build in, but good quality.

    What reasons do you have for applying?: I've been playing on a Minecraft server for a few months, but it shutdown a few weeks ago. It was a nice server of around 5 people and we were having fun all the time. After that server shutdown I've been playing single player, but a community is missing. Nothing is happening in my own world and it gets boring really fast. That's why I want to join a server again, to communicate with people, to play games together.

    What time periods will you play on the server?: Depends on my school, but I'll play a fair bit.
    What is your previous server history?: I've been playing on DerpCraft (as said above) but it got shutdown. I've also played on other small servers but the admins didn't want to pay for the server anymore so they also got shutdown.

    What time zone are you in?: The Netherlands. Currently UTC+2h
    What servers do you currently play on?: None survival servers, but I'm playing on for example Hypixel's minigame server.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since the first halloween update.
    What is your favorite feature in Minecraft?: Ways of building several structures and of course redstone.
    What is your Minecraft skillset?: Redstone, buildings, having fun. Most of the times I'm building above ground, that's my favorite kind of builds.
    Will you be willing to participate in server events?: Of course! Those are always fun!
    Do you mind being on video on Youtube?: I don't mind.
    What is the average wind-speed velocity of a swallow?: Depends on the kind of swallow and the weight and wing-span.
    Why?: Because I've just read an article about it.

    Something else: I also like that you guys are already playing on UHC mode and with hard difficulty. Just normal Minecraft is way too easy. Are you going to run on snapshots also?
    Edit: Also in what timezone are you? It would be nice to be in the same timezone.
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    Minecraft Username
    : Marc1510

    : 18

    How long have you played Minecraft
    : Since beta 1.5 (I think a bit earlier)

    How often can you play on our server
    : Once I can, I think in the weekends a few hours a day, also when I have spare time I'll play on working days.

    Why do you want to join / what you will do (Detail helps)
    : I'm searching a vanilla snapshot server which isn't full of kids. I found this server, and I think I'll have to give it a chance to look at it. I also think a server would get me more into Minecraft again, I played a lot on my SP world but it's getting boring when there aren't any others with who you can play.

    Have you been banned before, and if so why?
    : No, I've only banned myself on my own server once to test what other people would have seen.

    Anything else you want to add (Optional)
    : I'm a good builder and enjoy to play with others, such as mining trips together or build a structure with others. I do live in The Netherlands, but that wouldn't matter for a server. I hope you guys give me a chance to check out the server!
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    Quote from Sasuke082594

    Only two people out of this forum? This topic needs more attention. Lol

    I bought it myself earlier, for my brother I did buy it for .10 cents.
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    Quote from Yama_kachi

    (sorry for my bad english I'm French)

    Hi every one !

    Today , I present you my modern city on MPE inspired by Keralis

    Pictures :

    Download :

    I worked a lot to do this city and I hope you'll like it !

    I "optimised" the map with the Texture Pack Soartex FanVer , the city is prettier with this pack ;)

    Make comments please and Enjoy ! :)


    Made the images work... This is looking much better!
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    posted a message on What’s a good phone for Minecraft fan?
    For Android ( I prefer that most):
    I would take the LG Nexus 4, straight updates from Google so the newest Android updates and it's a high-end phone with a good screen. You can also use the PocketInveditor easily.
    On iOS:
    There's only 1 phone there, it's a lot more expensive than an Android phone but then take the iPhone 5.
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    I also want it! I always have to use the PC for editing my inventory, which is very slow to do...
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    This looks very good!
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    Checked the map again, can't believe we've already build 3/4 year! It's a shame we can't extend the map... Should we start a new one for extension of this map?
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    Are you still continueing this? I really want this map...
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    Can anyone look for this? Because it's still wanted...
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    Quote from Sasuke082594

    Has someone reported it?

    Yes, it's the second bug in the list on the bug reporter.
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    Quote from citricsquid

    I've added a link to this to the top of this forum section so that it's easier for everyone to find.

    Where did you add it? I can't seem to find it.

    Edit: Nevermind, found it. Maybe it would be as sticky topic more visible.
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