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    posted a message on Cursed Gems!
    Introducing the "Cursed Gems" Mod!

    This mod will add a variety of new ores, armor, items and tools into Minecraft! It will also add armor for Vanilla things (Flint, emerald, glass, etc)...

    Current gems:



    Black Sapphire

    Sky Blue Topaz

    Pink Opal

    If you'd like to (please do :( ) you can do the textures for the armor, tools, ores, and the gem itself! I will give full credit to ANY of the people who make the textures I use. If you have any questions: ask :) if you have any suggestions: ask :)

    Thats all. Bai!
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    posted a message on New Mod Creator! (MEEEE)
    Hai! I recently found a way to mod for MC, and wanted some ideas, because i never stick to mine. Im working on the Beyonce Mod, so... YEAH! I dont know how to mobs/buildings but... i can do:



    Items (Food and things for crafting)



    Yeay! Please give me some ideas, because I'd love to work on them! Also, Im not good with the artsy-fartsy kinda stuff, so im gonna post something later about my upcoming mod (I'll link it here, too...) and you can do some art :D
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    posted a message on What mob makes you turn and run?
    Spiders scare me waaay to much... flyin around like they own the whole god dang world -_- :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: :Spider: JUST LOOK AT THE SCARYNESS!
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    posted a message on Ancient Roman Mod Ideas!
    This is a REALLY cool idea! I actually am thinking about using it :D Although, I cant do the citizens and mobs part :( I will, however, try to do the tools, and armor! I cant do spears (Im kind of making myself out to be terrible at this :nssnss: by Drazile12 :nssnss: by Drazile12 :nssnss: by Drazile12 :nssnss: by Drazile12 I will link it if i ever finish it (Probably by monday...)
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    posted a message on Introducing... Geaxite-- A Miantie Xbox Server!
    IMPORTANT: PLEASE Check this post weekly, as every sunday it may be updated. Also, i can not run a 24/7 server, so it will run (almost) every saturday, from 4-5 EST. ***RIGHT NOW, MY GOLD HAS RUN OUT AND WILL NOT BE BACK FOR A FEW DAYS. I APOLIGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE***

    I love Mianite, and wanted to make my own; Xbox version. I wanted to have my own Gods and temples and things :P Here is a list of the Gods (3):

    Heranite(Dianite)- The Goddess of pure evil, and mischeif.
    Xeanite(Mianite)- The God of all good and pure.
    Geaxite(Ianite)- The God of neutrality and justice.
    ***If you cannot decide on a God-- here is a test to help: Link Removed

    Application Form (Copy & Paste if needed):
    Chosen God:
    I Pledge to not *grief, steal, or kill unless it is a **Purge. I will stay ***loyal to my God. (Insert Gamertag)

    *Griefing, unlike stealing and killing, is punishable by Perma-Ban.
    **Purges occur every other week.
    ***Loyalty is really not punishable. If you want to change, feel free to message the owner of the server
    ****Please, do not use a Kinect as your mic; its echoey and annoying, sorry.
    •••There will ALWAYS be an open party for freechatting, which I will be making sure no harrasment occurs****.
    If you hav any suggestions feel free to suggest :) Im open to anyting :)

    RULES (sorry i dont want to have any but...):
    •NO Griefing. This is punishable by ban and will only be tolerated when told by Gods.
    •NO Stealing or Killing, unless purge; than disregard this rule.
    •Please have fun
    •If you are absent from the world, three+ weeks in a row, I have to delete you from Geaxite, because there is no point of having you )You can message me and come back, but ya know...)
    •NO CHEATING. This means duplication, hacks, etc. I will ban you for life. FOR LIIIIIIIFE.

    I will TP you to your chosen deity's temple, to which you will spoken to. After talking to them, we will leave the world and will not come back till the next Saturday.
    Play nice, fair, and equally.

    Please guys; try it :) I REALLY want to do this becuz eim hev nu frindds ekcept mei memm :-(
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    posted a message on Lightsabers?
    Hello. I am wondering, is there a resource pack that adds lighsabers instead of swords? I know there "are", but I mean ones that are ONLY the lightsabers... is there one? If there is, link it or something. Thanks :DSWORD: :DSWORD: :DSWORD: :DSWORD: :DSWORD: :DSWORD: :DSWORD: :DSWORD: :DSWORD: :DSWORD: :DSWORD: :DSWORD:
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    posted a message on AlternaCraft - Default textures with a twist! (fan update)
    AWESOME! Possibly one of the best suttle tp i have seen in a while. I hope everyone enjoys it. At some point ill get it; do not worry. ;) :) ;)
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    posted a message on The Realm of Mianite (Xbox 360)
    Hai... erm, so my gamertag is TERRORF1RMER

    i would choose dianite but i know its most popular so i want MIANITE!
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    posted a message on Xbox 360 Prison Server, Ranks, Guards. Hosted Almost Everyday! (NOT a Mini Game; Items will be saved) Fast Friending
    Hai! Im not going to give you my age but thats because of privacy. I have no mic (hoping to get one for christmas). My gamertag is: TERRORF1RMER Hopefully i can join <#

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    posted a message on Possible Multi-Survival?
    :brick: Would anyone want to do a surv with me on Xbox 360?? Message me on Xbox: TERRORF1RMER

    Thanks guys :D

    - Im lonely D:
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