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    Welcome to Industrial Technology or iTECH for short.
    We are a Tekkit survival server.

    The main idea of the story is that North Korea bombed the
    world and now the survivors must, well, survive.

    Admins will protect homes so players can't grief or raid them.

    Server IP:


    No Chat Spam
    No Entering Other Players Homes
    No Cheating/Hacking
    Keep Swearking to a Minimum
    No Complaining
    No PvP
    No Griefing
    No Xray
    To Get Your Code take the
    Number of letters, numbers, and
    symbols in your name and add them
    together. Then take the first and
    last letters of your in game name
    and put them
    after the number. So PK_Noob would
    look like this, 7PB.

    Whitelist App
    Time Zone:

    Nukes, TNT, Mining Lasers, and iTNT are banned!
    This is to stop griefing because Log Block can't roll back these items damage.
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