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    Spectral Pvp
    This is a 1.9 minecraft pvp map that me and my friend 64thunder have put a lot of time and effort into. It uses the spectral arrow mechanic. You are put into a arena blind and you have to pvp your friends. You have 3 lives (XP Levels) to prove that you are a worthy pvper.
    How to Play:
    1. Find friends and upload the map to a server.
    2. Press one of the buttons on each side of the lobby
    3. Have fun pvping.

    Important Notices:
    1. Make sure command blocks are enabled.
    2. Make sure you are using the latest 1.9 snapshot
    3. If you find a bug put it in the comments and i will make sure to fix it.
    How to Install:
    1. Extract the file world from Spectral Pvp.zip
    2. Go into your server files
    3. Replace the file world with the new world file (this will delete the previous world)
    4. Enable command blocks in server.properties
    5. Start the server and have fun!

    Extra Info:
    Go subscribe to 64thunder and 2002DarkFire on planetminecraft.
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