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    Alpha Omega
    (Ver. 3.3)
    ::Updated 7/20/2011::

    **Looking for skilled builders to work with. Send me a message here or email mccommap(|AT|)gmail.com**



    Map Contains:

    |City Zoo| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Movie Theater| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Tree Farm Skyscraper| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Apartment Complex| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Luxury Condos| <Screenshots>

    |Collapsing Demolition Building| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |City Park| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Art Museum| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Shopping Tower| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Blocks Museum| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Griefer's Orgasm Tower| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Contemporary Monument| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Water Fountain| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |EarthQuake Biome Research Facility|
    <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Subway Station| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Lava Storage Facility| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Library| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Dog Shelter| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>

    |Creeper-Coaster (WIP)| <Video Tour> <Screenshots>


    Awarded the 5 :Diamond: !Perfect Map! Rating by Reteckz Reviews!

    Video Review of Map 3.0 found . (By: PoisonBite)
    Video Review Of Map 2.7 found (By: Aiken8889)


    Want to get involved? Have a building idea? Let me know!
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    It's a town and I believe there's some sort of cooperation behind it. The buildings have but one purpose, to be grand! And so they are. A small country boy from Stockholm like me, do get that anxious feeling of being too far from Kansas. Then ”they” give me the oppurtunity to pull a lever, a building comes down and takes my computer with it. Before that I noticed that the city planners hadn't planned much. If it's a free space, build. No need of street signs, everyone should go around ooooh-ing and aaaah-ing. Roads without bridges gives a hint of WIP, which actually would please me, as I don't grade WIP:s. Still, the soul is missing, the order isn't there, so I give it an 8/10.

    But you do have a lot of downloads, so why bother reviewing it....

    GREAT review. Very articulate. I appreciate what you've done, thank you for your time. 4 :Diamond: 's for you sir!
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    Amusement Park + Creeper-Coaster



    - A full 4 minutes of non-stop action entertainment.

    - 60+ block tall hallow creeper

    - A big beating TNT heart inside the creeper

    - Eyes that pop in and out using pistons

    - A Massive scary creeper cave **FULL** of hissing creepers!

    - A fully automated experience with timed launching, music, sound effects, and explosions!


    Road system for amusement park. (With subway station from city)

    Road system for amusement park at night. (With subway station from city)

    Road system, at night, close up.

    Subway station to/from city.

    Creeper-Coaster minecart boarding house.

    After you pull that switch in the back, you have about 10 seconds to board the coaster. There is a "noteblock countdown" so you can hear when the carts are about to leave.

    View from minecart, exiting boarding house.

    First part of the coaster ride. Sound effect plays as you hit corners.

    More of the track.

    Giant hallow creeper. Track leads to the top of his head and your cart drops down inside of the creeper. Note the eyes, they pop in and out.

    Eyes extended. They pop in and out every second or two.

    Creeper at night.

    The ride and roads from an angle.

    Brain, inside creeper head.

    Creeper heart. Finally, we know why he explodes! He loves us too much!

    At night, another angle.
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    Lava Storage Facility



    - Stores 560 lava source blocks

    - You cannot be harmed by the lava, but you can extract it very easily. (Unless you dump the bucket on yourself)

    - In case of an emergency leak, the entire facility (all 4 floors) can instantly be shut down. This is controlled with pistons that hold blocks between the water above the lava. Pulling the switch pulls the blocks, releasing the water down onto the lava.


    External View of the front entrance.

    From up high at night.

    Up high, at night, from angle.

    Front entrance.

    First floor hallway. Lava storage access on left/right and emergency shutdown valve ahead.

    First floor Area 1 lava storage area.

    Notice you can target the lava without injury. Can literally jump against the lava without getting hurt.

    Emergency shutdown valve room. (Red Lights help guide employee)

    The actual shutdown switch.

    One of the many piston rooms. Notice the pistons are always engaged, holding the blocks that separate the water from the lava.

    More of the piston room.

    Before pulling the switch to shut the lava down.

    After pulling the switch, all lava is turned into obsidian.

    More after-switch is pulled.

    After switch pulled, from inside.

    Pull the switch again and the water retracts, leaving only obsidian behind.
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    Lava Storage Facility


    A Lava Storage Facility featured in the Alpha-Omega map.


    - Holds over 400 lava source blocks

    -Access to lava is completely safe

    - An emergency shutdown switch is on the first floor and engages pistons throughout the building which release water onto the lava turning all the lava into obsidian, instantly.

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    Quote from WizardNombie



    He'll update when everything he requires is done. That is, if he needs MCP.

    Anyway, just leave it and be patient.

    Quote from cheez117

    Hey how about those noobs spamming the heck out of this fourm maybe read the intro? and everything was updated left and right. appearntly they dont know about it or how ANY mod works when it has to be updated >.< maybe someone should start a reply that then next person adds and so on so those spammers can read that there working on the update?

    Quote from teamdillinger

    JFC, people need to RELAX. Modding takes time. Updates take time. Stfu and go do something productive.

    Hey, thanks for your meaningful contribution to this thread. I really needed you and the other 20 naysayers to remind me that common sense is not common. Your time, effort, and good will towards the gaming community will not go unnoticed. That is all.
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