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    posted a message on Disastrous Single Player Flaw in 1.8 -- Has this happened to you?

    Addressing the "It's too late" Argument:

    Not only is that a stupid excuse (Mojang should have prepared for this as soon as they knew what they were going to do in 1.8) but has nothing to do with the solution presented by the OP...

    Separating files into older and newer version does not require a "1.7.11".

    If you wanted to warn people not to open their worlds in a newer version, that's impossible, but if they locked maps to only the version they were made in, you could do that in a new patch; separate the saves into a folder for each update, and the ones that don't have a time stamp go in a different folder. Then you have to manually change which version you can open a map in, making it nearly impossible to make that mistake. it doesnt take that much imagination to come up with an idea to fix this.

    It may seem over complicated, but is it really worth losing thousands of hours of work because the devs were too lazy to make a fix?

    I don't think so.

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    posted a message on [1.8] *Tomato Land* In need of Builders, Moderators and Idea Designers!

    Directly from notepad:

    Builder: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Minecraft Name: UniversalAnarchy

    Building Experience: Have played minecraft since 1.3 and love to build houses, redstone, and adventure maps.
    I also have done pixel art, and sculptures, and am fairly skilled in that area, but not as good.

    Reason for wanting to help:I love building things in minecraft, but it is hard to share them with such a big
    community if you arent popular, and you don't get to share it Live either. i want to be able to see others using
    what i make, and to talk to them as well :)

    Picture of something built in minecraft(if applicable):

    RollerCoasterAnother view of the RollercoasterPixel Outside view of a houseInside of the house, facing the door.Inside of a house, View from the front door,Very old game i made, mob battle, Redstone for Mob battle

    May have been a little much, but i want to show the full range of my work. :)

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    posted a message on [1.7.2-1.7.10] The Galaxy PVP Network-IP:mc.galaxypvp.co [Survival Games,Skyblock,Factions,KitPVP]

    Yeah, i used to love playing on this server, but now the IP wont work, did it change again, or is mc.galaxypvp.co not right?

    P.S umm, non of your links work :(

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    posted a message on Obsidian breaks arrows
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»
    The only problem is, what happens if you used an Infinity bow to fire the arrows or a skeleton shot them? Instant infinite arrow farm; these arrows would have to be treated differently, just as you can't pick up arrows fired from Infinity bows or skeletons.

    "would have to be treated differently"
    if they already are, then im sure it would not be hard to make these like so.

    this is a great idea SUPPORT!!!

    why get rid of farms? you need TONS of resources to build one, and i doubt more the 1/4 of the minecraft community knows how to make one with NO external help.
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    posted a message on Uses For Useless Items!
    it's not as much a wishlist as it is a pointless topic that has already been said and is, well

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    posted a message on Uses For Useless Items!
    Quote from jackfiredragon»
    There are some items in Minecraft that have no good reason to exist. For example: the poisoned potato. This item's only purpose is to poison yourself, basically. This and rotten flesh are crappy emergency foods, and therefore they need a better use. Near-pointless items, textures, mobs, particles, and sounds need uses! Any suggestions for these items? (besides what I have)

    • Rotten Flesh: Brewing reagent
    • Poisoned Potato: Brewing reagent
    • Clownfish: Brewing reagent
    • Rubies (unimplemented item): Material for armor, tools, and a sword, or maybe trade them with villagers
    • Quiver (unimplemented item)
    • Ghast's Affectionate Scream (unimplemented sound): tamable ghasts?
    • Footprints (unused feature): footprints in snow and sand?
    • Blindness (used in servers only): blindness potions?
    • Health boost (used in servers only): Armor enchantment?
    • Saturation (unused effect, with the possible exception of servers): Improved healing potion?
    • Purple arrow (unimplemented entity): Poison arrows?

    you need to explain what the first three will make with a potion, emeralds were a replacement for rubies (re textured) and we don't need a new teir of armor unless it has a special use, you need to explain what the quiver does, tamable ghasts are WAY OP, that would be good for a mod though. you can make footprints using red stone, you can't make in game items multi-player exclusive, but that would be a good potion (except it doesn't work on mobs) health boost/saturation is unobtainable in survival for a reason, and can be achieved in creative. we already have fire aspect arrows, anything worse is useless, and anything better is OP.

    some of these have potential, but others aren't in the game for a reason.
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    posted a message on More Enchantments in minecraft
    This is a wishlist, 6 different enchantments listed on hear with no in depth explanations, the first to are just like fire aspect, but not as good, speed and night vision are overpowered and/or annoying, you didn't even say what item pieces you could get these on, and explosive arrows is WAY OP. also, dodge doesn't even make any sense. i doubt you read the forum suggestion rules, and even if you did, your just posting a list of enchantments you "hope" will be put in the game, and barely telling us what they are.

    P.S: all of these can be achieved with red stone and/or potions.
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    posted a message on Professional Class PvP (PcPVP)
    Before i even download: take some snapshots of your map, and use photo websites to upload them to your post, so that people can see what they are downloading

    2. instead of telling people how to solve problems, fix them yourself. as "death" class, if you spawn in a wall, then change the t.p coordinates so that doesn't happen. because going into creative is kind of annoying to fix someone elses game.

    hope this helps.
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    posted a message on The Mob Arena
    Videos don't work, no download
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    posted a message on ([Full Alpha]) Super Hardcore Jump Hero! [!Requires latest snapshots!]
    Also, note to everyone, the description page will get a Total Revamp when we transfer over to the Maps section. for now, we will stay here!

    Were so close to 2.0 thank you for all the support!!!
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    posted a message on EPIC AWESOME CASTLE MUST SEE!!!
    this is a HUGE castle I have spent about a year working on! I hope you all enjoy. here are a few screenshots:

    As you can see it is awesome. and I hope you al will enjoy it!

    Downloadlinkhere: http://www.mediafire.com/download/no98dknicakg19f/Epic_Castle.rar
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    posted a message on ([Full Alpha]) Super Hardcore Jump Hero! [!Requires latest snapshots!]

    What is S H J H?

    Super Hardcore Jump Hero is a mini game that I have created with the tools introduced in the 1.8 Mine craft Snapshots. It is a Competitive or single player parkour map with special abilities and 4 unique maps. Using my knowledge of Redstone (thanks to Seth bling on YouTube) and my inspiration of parkour from Geometry Dash, I made this. In this game you are timed on one of the 4 maps of your choosing to make it through the course. There are checkpoints along the way to give you more time, but if you run out you are dead. The first one to the end of the course wins!

    What features are in SHJH?

    There are many aspects in the game that make it more fun and interesting using the features from the 1.8 snapshots. THIS GAME IS UNPLAYABLE UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE SNAPSHOT.

    There are 4 maps:

    -Forest run: a beginning map that has a forest/plains theme with little bits of ruined architecture that have been overrun with weeds.Pictures:

    -Jungle Caves: a complicated map that is for people who have a little experience. Run through a jungle assorted with small caves from one side of small hills to the other. Pictures:

    -Volcano: now were underground, in the bottom of an active volcano to caves in the underground, all the way to a stronghold, with no end portal? Pictures:

    -Nether run: because what’s a parkour map without hell? Run and jump through this EXTREMELY HARD level for expert Parkour heroes!


    There are also abilities that are obtained by stepping on a colored block:



    You will start in the lobby, were there is a quick guide. You can see the blocks for yourself in there. On the upper floor there are four rooms, of which only one is available in alpha testing. Sorry, stay tuned for the beta release! You can then pick the map you wish to play; there is a room for each map, containing a small cut of what the terrain is. There is a button for each of the maps. Click on it and you will be teleported to the start of the map. There is a start line that is a line of lapis, a line of quartz, and then another line of lapis. Run across the LINE! You die if you run out of time!!!


    -No breaking or placing blocks

    -no cheats, hacks, mods, or amateurs

    -if you find any game exploits, report them in the comments, THIS IS WHAT ALPHA TESTING IS FOR GUYS! And also don’t take advantage of them you cheaters out there.

    -please only positive or constructive feedback, I will ignore people who simply say “This map sucks” or “you r stupid”. Just no.

    -I understand only one map is open, this is alpha testing, I am not releasing the whole thing at once, don’t say in the comments stuff like “k dis map is so stupid cause there is only 1 map. Ur stupid” or, and I quote from those evil YouTube ragers: “ARE YOU STUPID YOU FAG UR SO STUPID IDIOT STUPID BRAIN, UR A FAG LIKE U DONT GET ITS STUPID FAGIT HEAB”, I mean really, just really, I copy pasted that on here!

    -have fun; don’t ruin a friendship because “MOMMY THEY CHEATED!!!”


    1.0 ALPHA pre-release

    -“Forest run” is open, with Most ability types used

    -Full Lobby open

    -fully working redstone

    1.1 ALPHA pre-release

    -Added tele-pads

    -added tele-pad description.

    -Fixed stairs with quartz under them killing you, by changing the material under stairs.

    -NOTE: There IS PvP during race time!

    1.2 ALPHA pre-release

    -fixed timer not resetting after death
    -plugged up water in Forest run that caused players not to die when they fall
    -fixed spawning in creative mode
    -reset Timer bar so that my name won't show up
    -made it so that particles do not show anymore
    -started working on the Jungle Caves map, but it won't be available until the full alpha update comes. see you soon!

    1.3 ALPHA pre-release!
    -now, level difficulties are shown by banners, Green= Easy, Yellow = Medium, red = hard!
    -because of this, snapshot 14w31a is required to use the game!
    -Still working on the Jungle map, here is a few sneak peak pics:

    -More Sneak peek coming in Alpha 1.4! keep on checking for updates!

    Alpha 1.4 Pre-release
    -added a full blown Block guide, with some "sneak peak" blocks from later maps
    -added new blocks
    -fixed typos in this very place
    -I lied about sneak peak pictures! sorry, there will be some in 1.5! I just didn't work on the jungle map itself!
    -Will be adding a Survey soon!

    Alpha 1.5 Pre-release
    -added a secret obtainable in a little!
    -added a secret in the Jungle Caves map!
    -changed some stuff in the block guide
    -added redstone for new abilities
    -changed an ability in the block guide room
    -jungle map finished: but i have to do some other checks on it before i release it. expect a harder map than forest!
    -fixed more typos in the description
    -NOTE: guys, feel free to give me feed-back just dont be a troll about it!
    -fixed spawning in creative mode (again)
    -reset the scoreboard (because my name is ugly apparently) :)
    -Set spawn to the Start area instead of next to the block guide... my bad :)
    -Sneak peak photo I promised:

    FULL ALPHA 2.0!!!!!
    We finally made it to full alpha, we aren't releasing it to maps yet (that's for beta) but this is pretty big!!!
    -Jungle map
    -new abilities
    -Difficulty: medium
    -fixed typo on Jungle Caves sign
    -Jungle Caves now accessible with the button to teleport you to the start!

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/70jpq69c59cs2jp/Super_Hardcore_jump_hero!_Alpha_2.0!!.rar

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    posted a message on [Park][Puzz][Adv]Obstacle Course (Played By Bodil40, JeromeASF, And BajanCanadian)!
    DONT DOWNLAOD MAP. this is all a lie, it is just a stupid 30 second parkour course and not what is shown in the description. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!
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    posted a message on [Park][Puzz][Adv]Obstacle Course (Played By Bodil40, JeromeASF, And BajanCanadian)!

    Looks SO COOL!!!! totally downloading it up.
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    posted a message on Vanilla Minecraft Server [1.7.4] [Small Community] [16+] [Whitelisted] [Mindcrack]
    Hello, here is my application to this server (By the way, it sounds Great!)

    1.) I am 12.
    2.)i have played it for about 3 years but have been involved in it (playing on friends accounts, or reading forums/watching videos) for about 4.
    3.)I do not have a skype, but i hope to get one soon!
    4.)I love survival servers, and like to build creations that everyone can enjoy or use. I also like redstone, and love being in a community, especially in my favorite game.
    5.)I can bring creations, and funny stories/a good conversation. I can also be a big part of a community. i will not hesitate to do things for the community
    6.)I can definitely comply to these rules.
    7.)JPCAuthor, but i may be changing it soon (since Minecraft will support name changes in the future) to MCAnarchy. i like it better, i will update this post if this happens.
    8.) I would love to donate, unfortunately i cannot. the age says it all.
    9.) feed back on your post: you skipped the number Six!
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