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    READ ABOVE ^^^^^

    ------------ :chestfront: :chestfront: :chestfront:TRICKERY :chestfront: :chestfront: :chestfront: ---------------
    trickery is to make a enemy to be tricked and will attack his annoying freinds
    :SSSS: :Skeleton: :Spider: :Zombie: they will be confused and fight their friends!
    trickery will also be used to kill a mob and you'll get more of their drops
    and differ drops like a music disc and/or some gold/diamond!
    also this needs only one element dust...earth the most complecated element in the 4 of them!
    The trickery will use earth but you must smelt the dust into pure dust to get PURE ELEMENTAL DUST
    its a nice one i suppose.

    ------------------ :VV: :Water: :Leaves:SPELL WEAVING :Leaves: :Water: :VV: ---------------

    this will let you put 2-4 differ spells together and it can mix tele+fire areal damage would =to fire teleportation!
    awesome differ combinations will enhance you MAGICAL SKILLS!!!
    get differ combinations to find them all and master the art of MAGIC!

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    read the one above me^^^^^^

    ------- :Bench: :Bench: :Bench: ALCHEMISTS TABLE! :Bench: :Bench: :Bench: -----------
    the alchemists table will have a 4x4 square gui it will have a vail with steam comming out of it and a lquid of some sort
    that vail will be behind the little -> [] thing that is right by the whole thing...ANYWAY, :SSSS: go away creeper.
    ------- :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: SPELL LIST!!! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: -----------
    fire elemental dust + wind elemental dust = a ghast fire ball (red and white)

    watter elemental dust +wind elemental dust =a blue Ghast fire ball (but blue and duse not do as much damage as fire elemental)

    earth elemental dust + wind elemental dust = a green ghast fire ball ( but green and duse not deal much damage at all)

    wind elemental dust = a pure white ghast fire ball ( very weak spell)

    earth elemental dust +fire elemental dust +watter elemental dust + wind elemental dust = teleportation (like i said needs way points)

    watter elemental dust+ earth elemental dust + lava bucket= summoning a ghast ( needs a ghast soul witch you get from killing a ghast)

    earth elemental dust+ fire elemental dust+fire elemental dust +lava bucket+wind elemental dust+earth elemental dust=Fire area damage

    earth elemental dust+fire elemental dust+fire elemental dust+wind elemental dust+wind elemental dust+earth elemental dust+lava bucket +watter elemental dust=Summoning stone much like the ghast summon but differ things are needed still need a soul from the animal or the enemy to make your "pet"

    there are going to be more spells in the future or if you post an idea of a nice spell that would sound cool ill try to get some one to make the mod!
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    in this mod request i would like for you to add the following:
    ------ :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :VV: :VV: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: --------
    :White: [] :White: ... .. :White: :White: :White:
    :White: :White: :White: ... .. :White: :White: :White:
    :White: :White: :White: ... .. :White: [] :White:
    top robes ^^^^ bottom robes^^^
    robes will increase the magic look to all the things and will make attacks more powerfull
    ...................................................[the robes can be dyed to look differ].............................................
    the rpg feel will make players feel more..mystic when they play minecraft with the mod on
    ------ :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Water: :Water: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: ------
    there will be four elements from a ore called the ELEMENTAL *ques awesome music*
    first elemental
    :VV: :VV: FIRE :VV: :VV:
    fire can be used in a varity of spells and will be used quite often ores of fire can be found in the lava level [witch i believe its level 10-16,not too sure] fire elemental ore will look like a redstone ore block on fire.. :VV: :Lava: :VV:
    fire elemental ore drops 5-10 raw ore fragments that will be "crafted" into 4 fire elemental dust.
    :Water: :Water: WATTER :Water: :Water:
    watter will be on the level of 10-16 again but its ore will look like lapiz luzy ore but glowing with watter spweing out of it!!watter spells will be used to refill buckets and attacks.watter elemental ore will also drop 5-10 raw ore and will also be "crafted" into watter elemental dust
    :grass: :grass: EARTH :grass: :grass:
    earth elemental spells will consist of a very complecated formula to "craft" the spell
    earth elemental ore will be found at 10-16 again and will be broken down into dust the same way too.
    ]" title="-<->" /> ]" title="-<->" /> WIND ]" title="-<->" /> ]" title="-<->" />
    wind elemental dust will be the most inportant of all the elementals it will be in allmost all of the formulas for the spells wind will be broken down the same way also.
    :RedShroom: :RedShroom: SPELL BOOKS :RedShroom: :RedShroom:
    the spell book will have all the formulas like the alchemy formulas too.. :log: :Frame: :log:
    all of the spell's formulas and the way to find it is inside the book....... :Flint: :Frame: :Flint:
    the spell book will help you to not keep looking at the forum to see the- :log: :Frame: :log:
    ------- :Red: :Red: :Red: :////: :////: :Red: :Red: :Red: --------
    healing will be a spell formula BUT it will be a big game changer in servival mode when players can heal there selves fast without food, the whole healing thing will heal in a bubble of light.. [] [] []
    the "healing torch" is a nifty little thing that heals your harts/half a hart per-- :RedShroom: :--+: :RedShroom:
    second that your in the area of the light to be healed the torch will also-------- :////: :////: :////:
    repair up to half of your armor on you and only on you.
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    okay ,okay GOSH! ...Okay!!!..eh..maby later..pineappel
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    posted a message on Is there a tool...
    well there's zan's minimap mod to show lighted areas but thats not what the mod is used for its for a sense of direction
    and you can still look at the map to show lighted areas though..any way.. :iapprove: Notch loves you :Notch:
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    Oh yeah post too :tongue.gif: :Notch: add ideas tell meh stuff.. you know..Notch duse.. :iapprove: you..you can still post..plz..
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    posted a message on MINECRAFT MAGIC MOD IDEA READ ME NOW!!
    ok look at the one above me...i mean it!!!
    ------ :VV: :VV: :Lava: :Lava: :VV: :VV: -------
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    hey so i was thinking abot all thes mods..and it hit me minecraft needs magic..yeah ive seen lots of magic mods but heres what i think there needs to be:
    :White: [] :White: it can also be colored to be a colored robe also magic ores your most likely annoied
    :White: :White: :White: about it but its a good idea. :goldore: :ironore: :mossystone: :DORE: you know
    :White: :White: :White: but differ colors for em' each. also the ore can only be found at rock bottom,but you get
    5-10 ores per block and you have to craft the ores into dust to be usable and each ore makes 4 magic dust ..like redstone :SSSS: and lapis lusie or how ever you spell it :iapprove: yeah and this :GP: will be crafted for spells.
    the 4 ores will be, fire :VV: ,watter :Water: , earth :soil: ,and wind ]" title="-<->" /> , these ores will be trune into dust and such.. :GP: ..the attack spells like fire+wind= a ghast fire ball that you cast with your tree punching fists to distroy ..gah spelling..the most evil piggy :Pig:. and watter+wind= a blue fire ball witch <lol> will be watter..aperintly
    and wind= well..a white fire ball that duse less dammage as fire and watter.earth will be the same as watter and fire but green fire balls..Then we have a tele spell to tele to your awesome city..i sopose its awesome anyway..you use waypoints to get to place to place you place a sign saying [waypoint 1] or like waypoint 2..3..4..ect. also summoning ghasts fire+ earth= the portal but you have to have a soul that will drop from the ghasts make sense you have to kill a ghast to summon it from the dead.and confuseion is earth+gunpowder+air it will confuse the enemy and kill its freindssssss.... :SSSS: ...

    The spell book will be cool like you craft it like [] :Coal: []
    this and it will be awesome and youll love it... :Frame: :Frame: :Frame:
    .. yeah the book will carry all the well spells... [] :chestfront: []
    really the :Frame: means books and the :chestfront: means a ...nevermined.. the :Coal: means a gunpowder..dont know why i didnt put :GP: instead of :Coal: ...the book will be like the painterly pack book but red with a black/red glowing symbol on its cover. staffs and wands will be most likely to be put in the mod..idk how to mod so if you would be so kind to make it i would love to see the mod up and running..runes will..ugh runecraft has nuthing to do with this..its more of an ..what is it called.....ugh boring..runes will enhace the blade of and axe,spade,hoe,sword, or pick and it will glow the colour of the element {red,white,blue,green} you know it

    alchemy wood :Logs^: be awesome like trun iron into gold like fire+fire+watter+iron=like gold and turn flint into diamond like fire+fire+lava bucket+ flint= like diamond :Diamond: :Diamond: . and the alcimist's table { correct me if its not the right way to spell it :iapprove: } the alcimist's table will be made with..well you make up that part but its gonna be 4x4 table crafting space:) the gui will have like a vail with it bubbeling stuff in it behinde the pick up new item thingy...if you will be awesome to get the mod made ill give you 10000000000+ diamonds!!! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    so thats what ill like to see!
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