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    The Institution

    You need to downgrade to Minecraft Version 1.8 for the map to work properly!! (Theres plenty of tutorials on youtube for it) I will not update the map anymore.(redstone, ladders and glowstone)

    STATISTICS: 6000+ downloads! Thanks so much :biggrin.gif:
    WARNING: This map contains harsh language and crude humor. But it's Awesome!
    :Coal: READ: Please rate, share and comment if you liked this map. If anybody would like to make a video, a Let's Play or something like that, I will love you forever! :smile.gif:
    Hello there! My name is MAPOPA. This is my twisted, epic and crazy map, "The Institution". It's a very challenging map that really will test your survival and puzzle skills in the game of Minecraft.

    :Coal: FEATURES:
    • There are 15+ Different Endings + Scoring System (polls)
    • 8 Secret Easter Egg's hidden around the map. Try to find them!
    • Play on Singleplayer or Multiplayer (Recommend up to 3 Players)
    • It's a Big and long Map, Play as Long as You Want!
    • Big Structures, Many Areas and Funny Jokes :smile.gif:
    • Think, Survive and Slay Monsters!
    :Coal: STORY:
    You are Mr. jackson a "mental" patient that has been put in an Institution. But something is horribly wrong, you are NOT supposed to be here. The secret organization WKO is collaberating with the doctors, what are they doing in the Labratories? Escape The Institution!
    :Coal: RULES:
    These are the rules for the map. there is also Rules in the spawn, but if you forget, here they are!
    1. PLACE ONLY: Stone Pressure Plates, Torches & Water Blocks!
    2. DESTROY ONLY: Stone Pressure Plates & Items that can be Right-Clicked (Chests, Workbenches, Furnaces etc)
    3. You can use Saplings & Bonemeal if there is a sign in the area with the word CAPOLESTO.
    4. Only Burn Leaves and Logs!
    5. Play on Survival or Hardcore Mode without any NPC's
    6. Craft and use whatever you get in chests. Read Rule 1 & 2
    7. Play on a gamemode ABOVE Peaceful.
    8. No cheats, mods or editors that give you a Advantage. Teleporting in Multiplayer is Allowed
    This is a adf.ly link, please just wait 5 seconds for the many hours I spent making this map :smile.gif:
    .zip file | 1.8 Version | Compatible with Minecraft 1.0.0+
    :Coal: VIDEOS:
    This video is by UberHaxorNova and SeamusPKC :smile.gif: Really cool, im so happy they are playing it :biggrin.gif:
    :Coal: ADDITIONAL:
    I would recommend using the Default or the Faithful 32x Texture Pack for this map.
    No mods are required.
    If you die with items necessary to proceed, suicide is the best option (and then re-download).
    If you are seriously stuck somewhere and have no clue where to go, PM me for help. If you have any other questions please comment so I can answer :smile.gif:
    :Coal: REVIEWS:
    Quote from zerox56

    OK 3rd review


    - One house in the empty city has a really small glass maze (2 blocks high) But if you stand in the corner near where the chest is and jump. You can open it without going all the way towards it.
    - Didn't notice any more aside from a few blocks from walls removed


    - good puzzles
    - big map
    - Multpiple endings (from short to long gameplay)
    - Challenging puzzles

    I have to apologize for the last 2 reviews. Kinda feel bad about that. But I get the map now. You have multiple endings. Well.. kind of. You can go to then end within 5 min or an hour. So it's actually a hard map. I think this is the hardest puzzle map I've seen

    So I reccomend adding a scoring system. If you have like 10 items. You went to the portal directly. 100 items you went all around the map. It's an idea.


    10/10 Really good puzzle map that is worth your time. don't go to the ending fast. Go as far as you can

    Now I gotte add something to the other reviews that this one is really up-to-date.

    Oh and this needs way more downloads and views.
    Quote from _Oxymoron_

    The Institution - 10

    This map was truly amazing. i haven't seen one like this. this map is the perfect adventure map, there is so much to do in this adventure map that you HAVE to play it multiple times just to know if you made the right decision. also not only is there not just one "thanks for playing" sign but there are 15! different ways to finish this map, which is awesome! i also loved the vulgarity of the signs :cool.gif:. i give MAPOPA all the credit in the world for making this map, its truly a great map which i highly recommend. i finished this map with 7 endings and i plan on finishing them all.

    Story - 10 great story, havent seen a story with someone in a mental hospital trying to find out who he is and how to escape and what not. also the length of the story was very impressive, with also the multiple endings make the storyline and the map even better.

    Creativity - 9 very thought out, very original. i really liked how you go into the map craft a flint and steel and you were able to go back into the near beginning of the map and use it for the nether portal. so what i mean by this is that he requires you to backtrack.

    Unique - 10 very unique in so many ways. being able to destroy stuff that you can right click was so clever. also only being able to bone meal items that have a CAPOLESTO sign next to them was strange, but brilliant.

    Entertainment - 10 hours of entertainment fit into a single map, that is as much as i can say.

    click http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/698694-advpuzzle-❖-the-institution-❖-181/page__mode__show for a link to the map


    General: I think this map is hard and challenging to begin with, but once you get a hang of it, it much more fun and enjoy-full. The rules are clear, but sometimes the directions aren't, which I think is kinda good, because it is up to you to find the exit.

    Looks: I don't think the main buildings, offices etc. are masterpieces, they are just clean and simple. But the big stuff (Hueport City, Bidome, Watctower etc.) is simply awesome! I like the clean design with not many different blocks or colors.

    Puzzles: I think the Quests and Puzzles are super-fun! Quests are hard but rewarding, and the Ultimate Goal always gives you something to work against. On to the Puzzles. The Noclip part was a nightmare, but Ponyland wasn't bad. Everything is so different! I like it alot, it switches up your regular map with the same old stuff repeatetly, it's simply fantastic!

    Story and Originality: Story is awesome very original with a Mental Institution as a base for a map. But there is so much more to the story! I don't want to spoil anything though. originality is completely out-of-this-world! Rude signs make a lot of giggles and much variety makes this my favorite map to date!

    Score: I think this map truly deserves 10/10 points, for all it's creativity and awesome-ness!


    The Institution by MAPOPA

    To be honest, this map was surprising, and I'm not yet sure whether that's in a good way or not. It is a good map. It just caters to a very specific game-type. I have only played through a minuscule amount of the map, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to start over and play again. It has many, many different endings, which makes it very unique. See the map thread for more specific information. The creator made a very clever, very engaging, and very special map. The story-line is overused, a 'mental' patient needs to escape (in fact, the name The Institution has been used before), but presents it in such a way as to be good and original. You choose where you end and how you play. There is a satisfying amount of puzzles, from a lava room held up only by signs to classic door-jumpers. There is fighting, though only if you choose to fight - most of it is if you happen to be outside.

    One of the many puzzles you'll face (if you so choose):

    Sign Errors:
    Rules -
    "1. Put only out stone..."
    Should be "Place only stone..."

    "5. Play in survival mode and no npc villages spawning..."
    It's already decided when you download it, and it should be "Play in survival mode with no npc villages spawning..."

    "8. No mods that gives you..."
    Should be "No mods that give you..."

    "10. Endermen destroys blocks..."
    Isn't really a 'rule' and should be "Endermen destroy blocks..."

    Other -
    Cart in beginning:
    "This rail leads to you..."
    Should be "This rail leads you to..."

    Some minor annoyances include misspelled signs or bad grammar, but the great jokes and references more than make up for it and give it a personality of it's own. There are also some path issues. You can easily get stuck if you place down your stone pressure plate, and forget to provide a way out, and some areas like the spawn involve moving through water, which can become tedious. The whole point of the game play does not come from rewards or fancy architecture (a majority of the map is simply iron blocks), but concentrates on your final objective: escape, however you are able to within the confines of the rules. If you want a "choose your own adventure" type of map, with little complex plot but yet a great story (somehow, it's managed!), this is great. It's just not my cup of tea. The replay-ability also makes it great if you like it. You can just choose a new role and continue the adventure. There are fifteen [?] different ways to end the map.

    + Original Idea
    + Variety of Puzzles
    + Replay-able
    + Clever Story
    + Simple Mechanics

    - Unoriginal Plot
    - Sign Issues
    - Repetitive Design

    Final Rating: 8.5/10 Great

    If you want a map that you can play again and again and choose what you want to, this is a perfect map. For people like me who prefer a single, complex story-line, or outright sandbox survival, it's not great. The iron can be an eyesore, and going back and forth in your toilets may get in the way of enjoying the map. But the design is so great and original, you can't help but recommend it to everyone to, at the very least, try it.

    Quote from Nico
    The Institute by MAPOPA - 9/10
    I think I may belong in there because I found this map to be very hard, but you know me :tongue.gif: Anyways, this map is very cleverly made with some very interesting challenges, and I really enjoyed what I played, but like I said, I thought it was very hard. I think I managed to beat the map once though, although from what understand there are 3 different ways to escape. I'd definitely check it out, especially if you're looking for a challenge.
    Pros: It's a unique map, and requires you to think rather than complete premade puzzles, if that made any sense... The puzzles that were in it were unique. It looks nice. It's challenging, which is good if you're looking for one.
    Cons: I think it's a bit too hard, but it's probably meant to be hard, or I'm just not very good.
    I'd check it out, see if you're better than me :tongue.gif:


    :Coal: SUPPORT!: You are a God if you would support this map, it really means a lot! And if your a hardcore fan, use this signature banner:


    Please Remember to Comment your Opinion and if you liked the Map, press that little + in the corner :smile.gif:

    And congratulations to ZeldaJH for finding the secret message first!

    Thanks! :biggrin.gif:

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    Quote from Vernix

    Really well-made map. Original and fun, applause! :smile.gif:

    Thank you! :biggrin.gif:
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    WOW! Will check :biggrin.gif:

    EDIT: Plz add a .Zip file :smile.gif:
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    BTW everybody! I have added some sort of a scoring system according to where on the map you escaped :smile.gif:

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    Really good maps, they actually look a like, compared to most others.. :smile.gif:
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    Quote from EndaKminecraft

    is this 1.7.3 ??

    It is capable of 1.7.3 and 1.9 too. But i strongly recommend 1.8.1 for the moment :smile.gif:
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    Quote from _Matt09_

    I'll be sure to have a go :smile.gif: Is it ok if we use the same name as yours? We dont know it it will stay 'The Intitution' but just in case we'd better have your permission. Is it ok? :smile.gif:

    Sure dude, go ahead! :biggrin.gif: (but it would be really awesome if you had a tiny link to my map or something) :biggrin.gif:
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    Epic, I have made a map with the same name :tongue.gif: I have a link in the signature if you wanna check it out :wink.gif:
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    Please try my map. It has 15+ Endings, 8 hidden easter eggs and numerous puzzles. it is big, so you will have much fun stuff to explore! Thanks a lot. Link in my Signature :smile.gif:
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    how can you have 500 Dl's when this topic has 100 views?
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