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    Lead, similar to iron but the sword swings slower though it does a bit more damage. Armor is just a darker color. Tools work the same but the axe has the same effect as the sword when using it for attack. It should also be a bit more rare than Iron, maybe put it a bit deeper or make the veins smaller.

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    I had an idea about a year or two ago for a third furnace upgrade called a Kiln. It would be used to smelt things like netherack, clay, clay blocks, cobble, sand and etc. much faster. I feel as though it would add a lot to the game along with a new block to build with, while I do understand the stone mason already has a block to attach to I still feel as though the kiln would be an awesome addition to the base game. Also I would probably have the crafting recipe be something like a furnace in the middle with brick blocks on all sides.

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