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    posted a message on The Celestial Knight's (TCK) [WarPulse] [minecraft clan] [roleplay] [War] [Recruiting] [PVP] [Streaming]

    (IGN) in game username: _Slimeh_

    Age: Im 12

    TimeZone: UTC+8:00

    How long have you been playing Minecraft for?: Umm around mid-September in 2016

    How did you hear about us?: I found out from this thread!

    What other Clans have you been in (if any): Nope

    What interests you about this clan?: Im trying to find a clan with a warm and welcoming yet serious and fun community to join and to meet new friends!

    What are you skilled at in Minecraft?: Im pretty good with the sword and also im decent in building.

    Do you have TeamSpeak? (this is a requirement): Yep

    Have you read the rules?: Yep, Astraea

    Would you wear an official or approved clan skin?: Yep

    What do you expect from The Celestial Knights?: To meet new friends and have fun with everyone.

    What do you think we expect from you?: To be responsible and mature.

    One random thing about you: I like pizza :D

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    posted a message on Undertale Roleplay recruitment!

    Minecraft Username: _Slimeh_

    Have You worked on a roleplay before? (1-2 Sentences): Nope! But I love watching roleplays so I know how it works, I watch SamGladiator on youtube!

    Do you know of Undertale or have you played it? If you have not play it how much do you know about it?: (1 Sentences): Yep! I watched the whole playthrough from the channel Jinbop.

    Why would you like to apply for this roleplay?: I would like to apply for this roleplay because I would like to try something new since I really love Undertale and Minecraft since Undertale is very different from other games and so is minecraft so I would like to see what would happen if you put two things together since it might be hard to have every detail of the game on minecraft! And i would also like to meet new friends that also like the game undertale and minecraft!

    What 2 roles would you most like in the roleplay?: I would like either Alphys or Temmie! :3

    Your skype: m.m-hope

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    posted a message on ~~~~~LOOKING FOR MODERATORS~~~~~~~

    Name: Melody

    IGN: _Slimeh_

    Skype: m.m-hope

    Age:(no age requirement) Im 12

    What will you bring to the server? : I''m very creative so I could help the building team with ideas since I was a builder on a server before and also I could help with designing a forums page for the server. I'm also a very kind and gentle person in general so I can help players that are having a hard time or if they are in fights causing others to have a bad time on the server. I am also very organised so I could help with organised the server (eg, amount of players, blocks and reports (marking them down etc.) if its a faction server helping with prices in the shop etc.)

    Why should I pick you? : I think you should pick me because I have had experience in working with different people with different learning styles since at school I was put into a group with 3 boys and are all really silly (not being sexist or anything) for like 2 months and I was able to cope with their way of learning. I am also already on summer so I could dedicate my time into helping the server. As I said i'm a kind and gentle person so I can also bring a little laughter to the team if everyone is gloomy or just sad.

    A player is fly hacking in the spleef and he is spamming the chat laughing at the other players, what do you do?: First I would record them hacking so then I would have proof then ban them for a month for hacking and maybe ask a higher ranked staff if I could ban that player for a little longer for being rude to players. If possible maybe apologise to the players that were laughed at.

    Another staff member is bossing you around, what do you do?: If what they are asking me to do is in help of the server I wouldn't mind doing it but if it's just being rude or mean as I said I would record it as proof and send it to a higher ranked staff to consider what do to with that staff member.

    A staff member is abusing their powers by messing with players, what do you do?: I would record them as proof and ask them to stop if they don't I would send the proof to another higher ranked staff as they might have more experience than I do and ask them to help me consider a fair punishment.

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity

    Have a nice day! :)

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    posted a message on Psycho Guild - [Faction and Kit PvP] [Recruiting!] [Join Nao]


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    posted a message on Reign of Royalty | New | Recruiting | Shotbow | Hypixel | Towny | Building
    IGN: PsychoSlime
    Name(Optional): Melody
    Age(Optional): 12 almost 13
    Timezone: UTC+08:00
    Skype: m.m-hope
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    posted a message on STAFF NEEDED

    Name: Melody

    Minecraft Username: PsychoSlime

    Age: 12 in 3 months 13

    Skype : m.m-hope

    I would like to RP or Act :)

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    posted a message on Psycho Guild - [Faction and Kit PvP] [Recruiting!] [Join Nao]
    Quote from Whitetundra»

    Name/IGN: Whitetundra

    Skype: Whitetundra

    Job: PVPer

    Why do u wanna join: Just looking for a community i can play together with :) Playing with a group of friends is better than playing alone!

    How active are you: Quite action, 3hours 4hours a day. :) Add me !

    Accepted, and added xD[/b]
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    posted a message on - - - - WolvesCraft - - - - DESPERATLY Need Dedicated Admin and dedicated builders, mods, and helpers.

    IGN: PsychoSlime
    Experience: I was mod on Phoenix Network and a Admin on a server that I left since they don't have a stable staff team
    Position You Want: Helper/Mod/Admin (I don't mind)
    Will you donate?(Optional): Yes, if it has a warm and welcoming staff team and if its interesting (Your description of your server seems interesting so maybe!)
    How long will you be on the server?: Umm on a school day 1-3 hours and on the weekends 1-6 hours
    Builds: Optional (Not the best but I could help)
    Did you join the website?: Yep!
    Age: 12 in 3 months 13 (I may seem young but I have had lot of responsibility experiences since I baby sit my baby cousin which is 4 on weekends and Ive been on the LSSC "Lower School Student Council" and i'm used to helping out friends and classmates when they have any problem)

    Have a nice day! :)

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    posted a message on Hiring Helper, Mod, Builder, and Developer

    In-Game Name: PsychoSlime

    Skype: m.m-hope

    Reason: I would like to join a community that is warm and welcoming to new players and I would like to join because I want to be apart of a team that would help each other out. Lastly I want to join because I want to be warm and nice to new players so they could have as much fun as we do!

    Position: Mod

    Proof/Past Experience related to the position: Right now i'm not in any staff team because I decided to leave since they don't have a sustainable staff team. Ill try to find one of my application I submitted in the past and got accepted asap!

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    posted a message on Psycho Guild - [Faction and Kit PvP] [Recruiting!] [Join Nao]
    Quote from n1ck1901»

    Name/IGN: n1ck1901/Imperial_Legatus (alt)

    Skype: n1ck1901

    Job: PvPer

    Why do u wanna join: I have been trying to find a cool clan to join and just have a good time with. I also want to be part of an organized group that is actually active and work together.

    How active are you: How active do you need me to be? I have few obligations outside of school, and CS:GO.

    Accepted! Ill add u on skype right now!
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    posted a message on Psycho Guild - [Faction and Kit PvP] [Recruiting!] [Join Nao]

    Hello! Welcome to the Psycho Guild we are a faction and pvp team that likes to have fun and would love to dominate a faction server! Right now we are recruiting some guild members since we are kinda a new team so here are the jobs you could apply for! This is a pretty unique team because not everyone has to be good at pvp you could be in this guild and learn how to pvp or you could do other jobs that could help our pvpers!


    Miner (The person who mines material for us)

    Builder (The person who helps create a sustainable base)

    Pvper (The person who attacks and defends)

    Farmer (The person who feeds us)

    Explorer (The person who explores new lands)


    1. Might have to change their name and add Psycho into it (We are still thinking about it)

    2. Must have skype (We won't call much)


    1. mc-central.net

    2. minetime.com

    You could request servers to dominate once you joined





    Why do u wanna join:

    How active are you:

    We would chose a representative from each team/job asap

    If you have any questions feel free to send me a private msg

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    posted a message on STILL 10 SLOTS! New survival village realm!!! Lets create a new village...
    • Your in game name: Lxyric_
    • Your Age: 12
    • Experience (How long have you been playing minecraft for?): Since 1.7.8 ish
    • Building Skills ( Are you a good builder?): Yep! Ive been builder of other servers before.
    • Command Block Knowledge: Not the best but would love to learn more about it.
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    posted a message on DAC CITY CLAN now recruiting smp SERVER WITH /GIVE WANTED

    In Game Name: Lxyric_

    job: MailGirl/Woman/Man/Potato/Unicorn ^-^

    Why do you wanna join?: I want to join a small community that likes the same thing as me!

    DID YOU READ THE ENTIRE POST? Be Truth full or be banned: Yes, I read everything.

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    posted a message on : Yandere Highschool RP :
    Quote from ShinloaHarima»

    Mc Name: Lucy_FairyTail_

    Rp Age: ???

    Rp Name: Lotte Heartstream Cloudakua

    RP Character info: She's the new student and she's cute, kind, loving, AWESOME COOK!, charming, talented but hates dancing, & also did I mention she hates pervs?

    What I wanna be: The new kid after 6 days of the school year starting!

    Skype: Don't have 1

    Sorry but you have not been accepted. Skype is required

    UPDATED (Plz check the original post)

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    posted a message on : Yandere Highschool RP :
    Quote from Wrishnak»
    Mc Name: ZeeNio
    Your Age (Character): 16
    Character Name: Yukine - (yuki)
    Info about your character: is slightly shy. But if you tick him off he unleashes hell on earth.
    What you would like to be: A student mainly.
    Skype Name: (if u r not comfortable revealing this information publicly PM me) laanix1994

    Quote from DonSlips»

    Mc Name: [b]DonSlips[/b]
    Your Age (Character): [b]34[/b]
    Character Name: [b]Tom Lee[/b]

    Info about your character: Tom, or Mr Lee as he is known, is a new psychology teacher at the school. He is kind of a slob and doesn't really give a damn about anything. Students are generally drawn to this as he has a very relaxed teaching style, although he also loves his work and genuinely cares for his students. The only big problem with Tom is that he has Bipolar Disorder, which he takes medication for.

    What you would like to be: [b]Teacher of Psychology[/b]
    Skype Name: [b]jacobk911[/b]

    Mc Name: RedvsGaming
    Your Age (Character): 50
    Character Name: John the science teacher
    Info about your character: John or known as Mr. John he's a crazy teacher with his experiments and causes crazy stuff to happen like explosions and all that cool science stuff. Did i mention he's a bit insane?
    What you would like to be: Teacher of Science

    skype: reddollasgaming

    Quote from Angel11224»
    Mc Name: Jessica39
    Your Age (Character): 17
    Character Name: Jessica
    Info about your character: She Is Very Friendly And Love To Hang Out With Everyone She Also Love To Stand Up To People And Also Has A Problem Where She Always Starts A Word With A Cap For The First Letter And Also She Will Stand Up For Anyone That Is Getting Bullied She Loves To Help Anyone And Also She Gets Very Sad When Ever Someone Talks About Mom Or Dad Because Her Died When She Was 5 Years Old
    What you would like to be: Because I Love Role Playing I Want To Become Better At it And Also Why I Want To Join Is Because Everyone Is So KAWAII!
    Skype Name: (if u r not comfortable revealing this information publicly PM me) Jessicasmith3939

    Mc Name: BluePrincess108

    Age (Character): 17

    Character Name: Cameron

    Info about Character: She's cool sweet kind Loves her family she's Friendly and loves to play with animals she likes to stand up for people that are being bullied.

    What you would like to be: Student

    Gender: Female

    Quote from CielPlayzMc»
    Application Form)
    Mc Name: CielPlayzMc
    Your Age (Character): 17
    Character Name: Ciel
    Info about your character: Ciel is A friendly Guy. He is constantly bullied though but treats the bullies as friends
    What you would like to be: Student
    Skype Name: XanderClyde

    If this is accepted tell me on Skype please.

    Accepted! I will contact you guys asap! My skype is m.m-hope just so you know and the other yandere's skype is irocklikecrazyppl, and we have created a group chat for the rp and u guys will be added to it soon! ^-^[/b]
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