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    posted a message on Looking 4 Experienced Players to join our small Vanilla Server.
    • Your Discord tag = Evil | Silver#1030
    • Your Minecraft in-game name = Luxyyyyyy
    • Youtube Channel/Stream (if you have one) = NON
    • Your age = (14) to be 15
    • Your favorite flavor of Oreo (Deal-Breaker) = Chocolate Hazelnut
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    posted a message on TrouvailleMC - Vanilla | Easy applications | 1.18

    What's your Discord tag? Evil | Silver#1030

    What's your Minecraft username? Luxyyyyyy

    How old are you? 14

    Why do you want to join this server? i like smp servers and im looking to join one

    What's your playing style? exploring and mostly like wars and all

    Tell us a bit about yourself? i like um idk roleplay kinda things ??

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