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    IP: play.minecraftforever.com
    Website: http://minecraftforever.com/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/6DkS7ra

    Minecraft Forever is a fun and very active semi-vanilla survival server! We are looking for more friendly players to join us for a fun no-grief survival experience! If you're looking for a new survival server to call your home, come check us out.

    Features Include:

    • Fresh Over World & Nether (Never Resets)
    • The End resets monthly
    • A Server Ran By Experienced and Professional Devs / Admins
    • Keep Inventory is On
    • Long-Term Server!
    • Player ran economy with Auction House
    • Player Warps
    • Mob Arena, PvP Arenas and MORE!
    • Land Claim System With A Lot Of Options
    • Gain Free Ranks, unlock useful permissions & features as you go!
    • Active Discord and Community
    • /rtp to teleport to a random spot on the map
    • Teleport to friends and play with them! /tpa
    • Server Events: Gift Card Giveaways, Holiday Celebrations, Fireworks Show, Competitions, Races, PvP and MORE!

    We hope you'll come check us out and play with us!

    Screenshot #1 - Dragon Manor!
    Screenshot #2 - Bumper Cars!
    Screenshot #3 - Trial and Public Execution

    "Love this server! There are many active players of all ages and play styles. Very little drama, ever, and everyone is friendly, players and staff alike."
    - HermitGamer0716

    "Really having a good time on this server, just started recently, but having lots of fun. Nice people too."
    - ItsTaylor69

    "Great staff, they are very kind and devoted to making the server an enjoyable place and the time they spend on it really pays off as this server has been a fantastic experience for me!"
    - DrummingRasberry


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    In Game Name:
    Your Age:
    Why Do You Want To Play On Our Server?

    2. You can IMMEDIATELY join the server with

    IP: play.minecraftforever.com

    3. When I am online I'll give you a Titan Crate Key!
    Titan Crates contain some of the RAREST and hardest to get items in the game!
    We will give you one crate key as our welcome gift to YOU!


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    Server IP play.minecraftforever.com
    Discord https://discord.gg/6DkS7ra

    Minecraft Survival 1.16.3 Java
    We are looking for more friendly and active players for our Survival Server!
    This is a very active server with A LOT to offer!
    Are you looking for a new survival server to call home? Check us out!

    * Large Nether and Overworld that NEVER WIPES!
    * Active Discord and Friendly Players
    * Player ran economy with auction house
    * Unique and customizable land claims
    * No grief survival experience
    * Quests, Duels and lots to achieve!
    * Multiple server wide community events every week!

    Come say hi!

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