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    Lutronic's Pixel Art Mod (PAM)

    Lutronic's Pixel Art Mod (PAM) allows you to convert pictures into Minecraft pixel arts. All you have to do is to install the PAM and copy any picture in your "minecraft/mods/Pixel Art Mod" folder.


    Download 1.7.x and 1.8

    download Forge

    place pictures in your minecraft world
    1. copy a .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe or gif file in your "minecraft/mods/Pixel Art Mod" folder
    2. right-click the "Place Pictures" you can find in the new creative tab tools
    3. a window opens
    4. select a picture from the upper left combo box
    5. click the "place" button
    6. a second window pops up click "yes" to continue and place the picture or "cancel" to cancel
    7. wait a few seconds till the window disappears
    8. open your minecraft world - finished

    How does the PAM works?
    The PAM read a picture, selected a pixel, calculate the optical similar block and place the block into your minecraft world. PAM can use different between 180 blocks.

    Minecraft maximal building height ist around 250 blocks, thereby you should not use pictures that a higher than 250 pixels. Otherwise PAM cut of the upper border.

    PAM is still working in progress!
    In future updates PAM provides a bunch of new features like mirror horizontally, mirror vertically, turn or place pictures on the ground. Furthermore I'm working on a feature that includes more than 250 new colors instead of the current 180.

    I hope you like my mod.

    You are not allowed to create pixel arts with PAM and post in the "projects" faction on planetminecraft because this would be against the planetminecraft rules.

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