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    This is a great idea, but I would add a feature that adds benefit to using higher-tier minecart-systems to balance out the fact that your weight system is taking away from vanilla gameplay. It might be tedious to have to construct a long rail-system at every mining site, so I think it needs some reward rather than just adding back transferring that you took away. At the same time, it would push people to form networks of rails which is interesting in multiplayer (where towns can co-operate to connect together), or for transportation systems.

    Also, it discourages exploration of caves outside of where you setup the initial railway system, unless you make rails simple/easy to place down, which could be another feature. Maybe you can click point A and point B (down a staircase) and it will automatically construct a railway path, say down a staircase. If you do this, I'd make it easy to remove a railway as well. Maybe it's also less resources to craft long railway systems in the later stage, but still keeping the immersion of heavy labor early on.

    You would sacrifice:

    (a) time/energy early on

    (b) tediousness, some annoyance when exploring (either making more trips or sacrifice items).

    //Although, if you make it easier to get from point A to B, maybe this isn't a huge problem (they would still have to scout out

    Of course, if you're going for immersion and player restrictions which make them think and re-value items, then this could be a plus. I know there are mod-packs which have you starting out chopping what, etc. But in the middle/later game everything always gets lightyears more efficient and you see progression better.

    You would gain (in additional features if you like them):

    (a) accessibility/convenience (in placing the railway systems)

    (b) expansion (be able to make longer paths with less resources or time/energy, later on if you want, especially for exploration)

    Then there's implicit benefits of railway networks/trade routes. A player might otherwise not bother forming railways at all, but now their gameplay is pushed to be more organized and planning out paths, which I could see being fun if other things are revolved around these systems.

    Now that I think about it, in terms of moving items, this is kind of the purpose of pipe-systems in Tekkit. So if you go this "route" (muahaha comedy genius), I feel like it's best to push in the direction of player-transportation (in addition to item-transporting) which I don't believe pipe-systems have. If there's better transportation available, however, people might like to use pipes in the modpack + another transportation method instead of railways.

    Some random ideas:

    -Carts that move packs of mobs?

    -larger inventory to move large batches at once (tekkit pipes are more constant, slow/ single item at a time)

    -an upgrade where ores smelt on the way to its destination or for cheaper

    -a weird idea: carts that sprinkle seeds/vegetation on both sides of the rail, and by making it loop back around you can make it sprinkle water for crops to grow or harvest??

    There's probably mods that do these random things better, but it would make reward if gameplay is centered around railways systems.


    If you just want a weight system alone (on vanilla items, to give more balance or make it harder/immersive), you might be able to rock with making/finding this a plug-in instead of a mod. When I had a server maybe 5 years ago, we had a plug-in that someone else made to make it more immersive. Armor/tools also added weight (so people sacrifice weight before equipping full-diamond gear/tools).

    These are just my untied thoughts. I'm sure there's a million ways to go about this.

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    posted a message on Are there any RPG servers with community interactive story/events/lore?

    I'd be willing to settle for an over-arching storyline which changes gameplay on the server through events (maybe boss fights or dungeons open up, mob apocalypse, different things spawn), but am really searching for stories that are more driven by the player-base's response to events (it matters if they "win or lose" the event, theirs choices affect direction of story + more gameplay) or player-driven events that get logged in history (maybe two community-managed kingdoms went to war, or one tamed a legendary mob on their side).

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    posted a message on I port forwarded and friends can join server but I can't??

    I did this and the computer not hosting it won't connect with the IP. Could this be relating to the fact that they're on the same network??

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    posted a message on I port forwarded and friends can join server but I can't??

    Hello, I am trying to host a modded server off of my old laptop and play the actual game on my PC. I port forwarded, got everything set up and ran the server on the laptop. The world and mods load fine and my friend can join (in another household/different IP). However, I cannot connect to the server off of my PC, which is on the same wifi/network as the laptop running the server. It just says "Can't connect to server" and every once in awhile the checkmark will appear, but I still can't join (see image).

    Any reason as to why everybody (outside my household) can join except for other computers using the same wifi/network? Any responses are appreciated, it's probably something simple and I apologize as I am not well affiliated with all of these computer terms.

    Notes (not sure if these matter):

    -I have 2 computers on my network: the laptop connected wirelessly and my PC connected through an Ethernet cable

    -I am hosting the server off of the laptop (can't connect using the IP address with my PC)

    -using "localhost" works on the laptop to connect, not the PC

    -The modpack is Age of Engineering (should not matter) and I have made sure I am using the same modpack version on my PC as the one the server is using

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