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    posted a message on No Crossplay for Java?!

    When you had the fire-breathing ender dragons update, it became clear that the original version was going to stay separate.

    However, I always suspected that they would stay separate since you can make your own skins and the fact that there are so many client-side mods available to the Java version. Client-side mods don't port; you're never going to play modded classics like the Aether, the Twilight Forest, Agrarian Skies, or Tekkit on your console because the mods would have to be recoded, which isn't going to happen both because Microsoft doesn't want their proprietary code to be susceptible to hacking and because the modding community is entirely voluntary. Mod authors have no obligation to write their code all over again in a different language on top of a different framework just for you, and Microsoft is under no obligation to share its code, especially when there's already a semi-open-source version available.

    I mean, why do you think they're flirting with the idea of a "community version" of Minecraft? The vast majority of Minecraft Java's content was created by the players. That includes not just mods, but also readily portable save files/maps, re-textures, server management tools, graphic & audio overhauls, skins, development API suites, command-block chains, all created voluntarily and at no cost to the user or the creator.

    Microsoft official will not put nearly as much work into the game as the players did because the sheer volume of content is far too much for them to provide without hiking the prices way up. The Java version may not be the one selling right now, but it has a treasure trove of community-made content that Microsoft just can't support.

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    posted a message on Is there a mod that allows you to choose which items to pick up instead of picking of everything off the ground at once?

    This is just the kind of small tweak that would work as a suggestion for the vanilla game. It fits the profile of a gamerule command and of possible use as a mapmaking utility.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Donators permission
    What's the server? Any server IP or links to it?
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    posted a message on Shemp's Spanner 1.3.3
    A lot of this looks like it could actually be added to vanilla Minecraft. The pick-block adjusted for survival mode, the creative-mode NBT-data editor with ctrl+middleclick, and furnace carts approaching a player in a minecart are especially ingenious simple tweaks, and I'm sure the latter two could make it into a future vanilla version if they came to Mojang's attention.

    I personally understand your motives, too, having worked with Java for years now but wanting to wait until the official API is out before I try modding Minecraft, mostly because I don't want to have to learn one way just to wind up having to relearn the same thing but with a different class structure. The wait's been a pain, brother, I know, but you're already coming up with some pretty good ideas.

    That said, dropper + string could probably just be dropper + bow, and the dispenser could revert back to a dropper with a pair of shears.
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    posted a message on First thing that confused you in a new world?
    Crafting anything bigger than that 2x2 inventory crafting grid.

    I still have my first world, no biomes, centered myself around a sand pit in the middle of a forest. I got a hold of wood and made a crafting table, placed it down, just kind of looked at it for a bit, then went on my way not knowing how I was supposed to make anything in that little 2x2 crafting grid in your inventory. I tried out dirt, feathers, crafting tables, sticks, not much seemed to work out for me. Then, I made a breakthrough when I filled my crafting grid with sand. My first house: sandstone.

    The Pueblo natives would be proud.
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    posted a message on NHCC: Vanilla whitelisted Mindcrack styled server looking to invite some new players!
    Minecraft IGN: Lunus_Dimensi
    1. ‚ÄčAge: 21
    2. Skype: [blue.bull]
    3. Country: USA
    4. What experience do you have with minecraft: I started in beta 1.5, before consistent biomes, before maps, before tall grass and pistons, back when you could clear a forest by lighting one fire. I actually haven't played much vanilla since release version 1.5, though.
    5. How long have you been playing on minecraft servers: Since I bought the game (to join some friends on an old private server).
    6. What made you apply for this server: The server I enjoyed the most was a medium-sized vanilla server. We built a dummy town near the spawn to occupy griefers and saved the real fun for a town off in the distance, where some of my best survival builds sprang up. That server is long gone by now, but I hope to get back into the game by joining the one type of server I've enjoyed the most: this one.
    7. How active will you be on the server: I'll probably be on at odd times, but you can count on me being on each day.
    8. Why should the server accept you: I've got a clean history with a decent post count here. Free handouts bug me, and I like to establish myself by myself. Don't expect me to ask for a lot of help. Once I have a good enough setup, I usually wind up with a lot of runoff, which I don't mind donating to the community. One small melon farm is enough to feed a town~
    9. Whats your strong point in minecraft: Being eclectic; I wind up doing a lot of different little projects in Minecraft. Redstone contraptions, water rides, secret rooms, subway systems, and public farms have all come from me finding new things to do in Minecraft.
    10. What do you bring to the table/What can you do for the server: Aside from the above, I actually make the effort to farm animals instead of just killing them, I'll make use of people's spare redstone, and I tend to share the little tricks I stumble onto. After a long enough time, making a public farm and a railroad transportation system is actually pretty standard for me.
    Please post some screenshots of the server or a link to a Web site documenting the server. I have a Skype account with a microphone, but I'm understandably a bit unsure about a one-post anonymous server ad account.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Team CoFH Mods - Thermal Expansion
    Quote from muzaboz

    How to open the strongbox access your friend? (limited access mode)

    ^ Bump for this question right here. Google has no answers for using the "restricted" mode, and the current wiki page for the strongbox is just empty space.
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    posted a message on Why I quit playing minecraft.
    Quote from phucreepers
    PopuliMinisturm, please keep your assumptions and arrogance to yourself.

    Actually, she hit the nail on the head.

    Quote from PopuliMinistrum
    if you are gonna say creepers keep spawning right behind you, make sure first that the game doesn't have a rule saying mobs can't spawn within a certain amount of blocks of you

    Mobs can't spawn right there behind you unless the settings have been modified. A cracked client, a mod, or a griefer (if you're on a multiplayer server) could be responsible. It's odd that there are only creepers spawning, no? If there's truth to it, they're probably spawning on top of your house and camping out only to wind up falling into your house. They'll stick around after nighttime is over since they don't burn up in the day, and if there's a pressure plate outside of any of your doors, the door can open up for them to wander into. Also, they'll spawn in any dark part of a room, no matter how well-lit the rest of the room is.

    If you really want someone on it, zip up the map and upload it somewhere, posting the coordinates where you're having an issue. If it's reproducible, you have a case for a bugfix, which they do for every update. There's no reason to quit the game for good when any real issues get taken care of within the month.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Server Up and running. Looking For Mature Player's
    Is there a reason my application on the first page didn't go through..?
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    posted a message on Nomad |%100 Vanilla | SMP | Whitelist | Mature | Mindcrack Like |

    IGN: Lunus_Dimensi

    Skype: lunusdimensi

    Age: 20

    Country you reside in: United States, east

    How long have you played Minecraft: since Beta 1.5

    What kind of minecrafter are you?(Builder, adventurer or redstoner): Utilitarian; good with redstone and usually only building big to support expansion and the acquisition of new goods (like a railway station to a desert/forest border to make wood and sand more accessible). In survival, I spend more time adventuring through caves and only work much with redstone when I have a lot of it at my disposal.

    What would you do If you lost interest in your current build?: Leave a "VACANCY" sign on it.

    Do you get along with people easily?: Yes. I really don't mind people using my mines and farms as long as they don't ruin their maintenance. I crack the occasional joke and avoid provoking people, and if someone doesn't want to get along with me, I know how to drop the subject.

    What has your biggest project been?: A vanilla hidden subway with a deeply hidden storage room, dummy entrances/waypoints, and waterslide exits.

    Why do you want to join this server?: It's vanilla, it's a good size, and from the amount of bans that have supposedly happened, it's actually well-maintained by the admin.

    Who is your favourite Minecrafter?: Trottimus

    Do you have a Youtube channel?: Not one that I use often. I do have 150 subscribers for "KazmirRunik" even though I'm kind of confused as to why.

    Tell me a joke: I think animal testing is a horrible idea. They get all nervous and give silly answers.

    About yourself: I'm a physics major, a math tutor, a bit of a programmer, and I play around with guitar. In Minecraft, my biggest builds tend to pop up in survival mode and in multiplayer, and I play more often when I've got a 24/7 multiplayer server to go into. When I make my first house, it's always carved into the ground. I don't mind having my face seen or my voice heard, so if there's room in the Skype call, go ahead and invite me to the party~
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    posted a message on OpenCraft Tekkit Survival - No Whitelist
    I haven't seen anyone else go in. You might want to post it on the Technic pack forums and mention that it's a 24/7 server.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Server Up and running. Looking For Mature Player's
    IGN: Lunus_Dimensi
    Age: 19
    How long you played Minecraft: Beta 1.5
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    posted a message on Do you like the new "Amplified" world type?
    I actually went in just to look for the (lag) spikes.


    It actually doesn't lag that much if you just walk around exploring instead of flying at breakneck speeds like a falcon on happy pills.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] [Vanilla gameplay!] Simple Vanilla, Simple Survival! [New thread!]
    - IGN: Lunus_Dimensi

    - What do you want to do on the server?: I'd like to collaborate in making a hidden or far-off settlement. It works out well since new players (potential griefers) have their chance to be tested/tempted around the spawn before they're allowed to know where the actual goodies are.

    - Have you ever been banned before on servers?(We want the honest truth.): Yes, temporarily, for chopping down the only tree that the server had generated for miles. Huge biomes can be a nuisance :P

    - Why do you want to play?: It's been a while since I was a member of a server community, and I've had fun with it before. Also, after having managed my own private server, unnecessary server plugins bug me.

    - Do you agree to the rules? I agree enough to punch a cow and cook it with delicious steak sauce :Bacon:
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    posted a message on # CREATIVE | NO WHITELIST | 30 SLOTS # ** 24/7 Server
    I'm pretty sure someone just came in and issued bans for no reason.
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