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    Quote from Ibake

    Hi, my ign was ibakebabies and well.... I pot spammed people in safezones and I got a 7 day temp ban for it and I wanted to say I am sorry and I wont do it again. But it appears some people want some revenge and want there armour back so this guy named Lukesoccer decides to pot spam me in a safezone. If you could please take action on this because I couldnt belive that they would do the same thing that I did since you get a 7 day temp ban. Note: If your wandering why I have stacked potions, those were from when I pot spammed people a week ago and I just got back on after being temp banned. As you can see xhawk and lukesoccer were both pot spamming me and if your wondering I didnt mean to switch to those stacked potions and I just panicked. I also have another pic of him throwing pots at me

    Ibake came back from a ban and he began to spam pot me in safezone. In anger I went and got damage pots and retalited. It began a damage pot war in safezone. I mainly was doing in self defense and anger of this player.
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